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10 Korean Dramas You Might Have Missed in 2020

Kworld Now Dec 31
With so many new Korean dramas coming out, it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Here are 10 Korean dramas in 2020 that you might have missed.

The School Nurse Files

Ahn Eun Young is a school nurse, gifted with supernatural powers that she has to use in order to protect her high school students from malevolent forces that only she can see. Jung Yu Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk star in this romantic comedy about monster-fighting while navigating a relationship. You can stream The School Nurse Files right now on Netflix.

The Uncanny Counter

A group of demon hunters poses as employees of a noodle shop in an effort to eradicate evil spirits plaguing their home. So Mun is the youngest member of the “Counter” hunter group because he possesses super strength and fighting skills. Together, the group has the utmost task of protecting Korea. You can stream The Uncanny Counter now on Netflix.

The Good Detective

Detective Gang Do Chang is a man of virtue and talent who uses personal connections to solve cases. Oh Ji Hyuk is a recent graduate of the Korean National Police University who prefers using his sharp wits and insights. The unlikely duo has to put aside their differences to put criminals behind bars.

18 Again

Who wouldn’t want a second chance to be 18 again?  Hong Dae Young’s mediocre life is given a fresh start when he finds himself in the body of an 18-year-old. With the new chance, Dae Young looks for ways to reconnect with his family.


Dong Baek suddenly gains the ability to see a person’s memory simply by touching them when he was in high school. He decides to use his ability to help solve crimes, but it comes with a catch. Wit a serial killer on the loose, Dong Baek has to choose between doing what’s right or facing deadly consequences. You can stream Memorist now on Viki.

Crash Landing on You

While on a paragliding trip, heiress Yoon Se Ri is forced to crash into North Korea. Army officer Ri Jung Hyuk decides to keep her hidden in his home. Over time, the pair learn about each other’s pasts while being introduced to new experiences like falling in love. Crash Landing on You is available now on Netflix.


Kang Ki Beom is an elite agent. One day he comes home to find his wife murdered and he is the primary suspect. With both his eyeballs cut out, he is approached by NIS to become a member Rugal. With a set of new eyes, he sets off to track down criminal organizations to get his revenge.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Go Ra Ra is a bright pianist who lost everything when her father passes away. She gets into a car accident with Sun Woo Joon and breaks both her arms. Feeling guilty, Woo Joon takes on the responsibility of becoming her caretaker. The two slowly develops feeling for each other as they navigate adult life. You can stream this right now on Netflix.

Sweet Home

Based on a Korean webtoon, Sweet Home is a gory Korean drama about monsters preying on humans and humans turning into monsters. The trapped tenants of an apartment complex must work together to defeat the looming threats outside and inside their building. Sweet Home is available right now on Netflix.

Diary of a Prosecutor

This story centers around the mundane routine of overworked prosecutors in Seoul. There is bound to be chaos with different personalities working in one office. But can an unlikely pair put away their differences to make the world a better place?

Which Korean dramas in 2020 have you missed? Also, check out our Korean drama list from 2019.