5 Fun 2021 Summer Fashion Trends in Korea


Through the blazing heat, came hot summer fashion trends in Korea. From elegant puff sleeves to trendy sneakers, let’s review five fun 2021 Korean fashion trends from this past summer!

Summer Fashion in Korea

Jeju Island in the Summer

From June to August, the temperature in Seoul, South Korea averages from 23-30 degrees Celsius (73-86 degrees Fahrenheit). During this time of year, it’s not a surprise to see rain on the radar, with high percentages of humidity. With this kind of weather in mind, many people in Korea adapt to the climate, while presenting stunning styles. Although there are many different kinds of looks, some include streetwear, feminine cottage core, and casual minimalistic styles. Check out “Korean Fashion Websites to Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe” to find some of these summer fashion trends online!

Puff Sleeves

For the past couple of years, puff sleeves have made their way into the spotlight. Puff sleeve tops and dresses can either be subtle or noticeable, depending on the style you’re going for. Many tops and dresses with this particular style are made of cotton, which is light and breathable for those scorching summer days. Puff sleeves are also made of polyester, since its soft and stretchy material is comfortable during this season. Under the cottage core category, this summer fashion trend will offer cute and feminine characteristics. Whether it’s for a more casual or formal look, puff sleeves are a cute and trendy way to add some flare to your outfit!

summer fashion trends styled by BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Go Woori

Images from @sooyaaa__ and @rainbowoori on Instagram

Just like BLACKPINK’s Jisoo (left), a cropped puff sleeve top will pair nicely with light washed, high-waisted jeans. But on a hot day, high-waisted shorts might be the best way to go! With a top like Jisoo’s, it can easily become a casual or formal look based on the bottoms of your choice.

On the other hand, a subtle—yet elegant—puff sleeve just like Go Woo Ri’s (right) light green dress takes on a more casual style. It not only offers a chic and feminine look, but it’s also a great way to show off a cottage core style without too much effort! This summer fashion trend can be found on YesStyle and Kooding in a variety of different styles and colors. 

Where Can You Wear this Summer Fashion Trend?

This outfit can easily be styled formally or casually, since this summer fashion trend is so versatile! An outfit like Jisoo’s would be great to wear on a first date, or even if you’re hanging out with friends. However, if you pair a puff sleeved top with dress pants, this outfit would be better for a formal occasion. In that case, this outfit would be more suitable for a company dinner or something along those lines! 

A cute puff sleeve dress like Go Woo Ri’s would be great for both a casual or formal occasion. Depending on the length of a dress’ skirt, it can also determine just how casual it is. With a skirt anywhere below the knee, this kind of style would be more suitable for a wedding guest. If the skirt is knee length or a bit higher, this dress would be perfect for some coffee at a café or a picnic!

Loose-Fitted Dresses

Loose-fitted dresses are a great option to stay cool, especially during those warmer months of the year.  This summer fashion trend in Korea can be combined with other styles, such as puff sleeves or even buttons. For a breathable, yet stylish appearance, many of these dresses are made of cotton or linen. While many are straight and shapeless, others may be smock or ruffled dresses. But of course, those shapeless dresses can always be paired with a cute belt for a more feminine silhouette. Similarly to the puff sleeve trend, loose-fitted dresses can be categorized under the feminine cottage core style, or a casual minimalistic style.

summer fashion trends from Lee Miji and Pyo Ye Jin

Images from @m___sz and @yjiinp on Instagram

Korean influencer, Lee Miji (left), effortlessly displays her smock loose-fitted dress, which pairs nicely with minimalistic jewelry and sandals. Just as her picture suggests, this outfit is a great one for a summer day near the sea! Because of this simplistic style, it also takes on a more casual look. Similarly, Pyo Ye Jin (right) wears a tiered smock dress, with minimal jewelry and accessories, yet she appears effortlessly stunning! A summer fashion trend, like loose-fitted dresses, can be found on Kooding here in a range of colors! 

Where Can You Wear this Summer Fashion Trend?

On those hot summer days, loose-fitted dresses are a great addition to your closet. Because these dresses are less form-fitting, they’re worn more casually. So, this type of outfit would be great to wear to the beach or to a picnic! As Lee Miji and Pyo Ye Jin have demonstrated, minimal accessories can still make this summer fashion trend look amazing and feel comfortable, too.

Buttoned Blouses

Just like the other summer fashion trends I’ve discussed so far, buttoned blouses are also very versatile. From collars, V-necks, to square necklines, there are so many different ways to wear this style. Although this is a trend in 2021, buttoned blouses are known to be a classic, depending on how you decide to wear it!

A lot of the time—especially with collared blouses—these buttoned blouses are made of either cotton or linen. However, many of these blouses are also made of soft polyester. Similarly to the puff sleeve trend, these buttoned blouses can be worn casually or formally, depending on the bottoms of your choice! This summer fashion trend is a great way to show off your feminine cottage core or casual minimalistic styles.

A buttoned blouse like BLACKPINK’s Rosé (left) is an excellent way to achieve a cute and carefree look. Paired with light washed, high-waisted jeans, this square neckline top will instantly make you look even more charismatic. Even with a pair of high-waisted shorts, this summer outfit will certainly keep you on top of the trends.

Rosé’s style here is considered more casual, whereas Park Min Young (right) displays a more formal and mature look with her collared blouse. Tucked into a pair of khaki colored pants, Park Min Young takes on a chic, yet minimalistic look. But with a pair of high-waisted shorts, this look can easily become more casual and just as stylish. So, because this summer fashion trend is so versatile, you have a lot of freedom to express your own personal style!

You can find a variety of different buttoned blouses in many colors on YesStyle, Kooding, and Stylenanda!

Where Can You Wear this Summer Fashion Trend?

Whether it’s a square neck buttoned blouse like Rosé’s, or a collared one like Park Min Young’s, this style can be worn almost anywhere. An outfit like Rosé’s can be worn to a casual gathering with friends, or on a nice stroll in the park. Pairing this buttoned blouse with a long skirt will also look cute for a picnic or wedding! You can even mix and match with some jewelry, like necklaces and earrings to achieve an elegant, yet effortless look! 

With Park Min Young’s more sophisticated outfit, a formal occasion would be fitting. This type of buttoned blouse, paired with dress pants, would be perfect for a company dinner or a job interview. If you’re pairing this blouse with some shorts, it’ll be a super cute outfit for a day by the sea!

Hair Accessories

With all of these summer fashion trends, hair accessories are one of the best ways to top it all off. Of course, there are a variety of hair accessories out there to add some flare to your outfits. Lately, baseball caps and headbands have made their way into the spotlight and can be paired with many styles. From streetwear, feminine cottage core, to a casual minimalistic look, caps can become the perfect addition to your outfit.

Another popular accessory from this past summer were headbands, which come in a variety of shades, patterns, and fabrics. While some are made of satin and silk, others are made of cotton or polyester. Lately, headbands with a knot on the top offer a chic and innocent style. This summer fashion trend is definitely an elegant way to appear more put together—so these are certainly a must-have!

Park Min Young and Kim Min Ju's summer fashion trends.

Images from @rachel_mypark and @minn.__.ju on Instagram

Baseball Caps

Are you a hat person? I definitely wasn’t one at first! But, I decided to try it out after seeing how popular this summer fashion trend was. Park Min Young’s (left) elegant, yet casual appearance is a perfect example of how well cottage core pairs with a casual look. Her orange baseball cap introduces a casual aspect to her outfit, even with her formal puff sleeve dress. With her orange cap and her dress’ pink blossoms, Park Min Young sure knows how to model this summer fashion trend!


Kim Min Ju (right) also offers an elegant appearance with her satin headband. Whether you have long or short hair, this cute summer fashion trend could be the one for you! Her headband not only appears effortless, but it’s also a great way to keep your hair out of the way. Kim Min Ju’s adorable off the shoulder top with a cream colored headband gives her a dainty appearance. For a gentle and charming look, a headband like hers can pair nicely with other outfits. 

Wondering where you can find these gorgeous hair accessories? 

Baseball caps like Park Min Young’s can be found on YesStyle, Kooding, and Stylenanda.

Headbands like Kim Min Ju’s can be found on YesStyle, Kooding, and Stylenanda.

Will This Match Your Outfit?

These hair accessories are truly cute additions to your summer outfits! But here’s the most important question: will this match your outfit? Although baseball caps were once commonly known to match a t-shirt and some shorts, it definitely matches most outfits! Not only are caps super stylish, but they’re also a great way to protect your face from dangerous UV rays. In 2021, it’s quite trendy to wear a cap with dresses and skirts—just like Park Min Young. So, if you’re deciding whether or not a cap will match your outfit, it’s likely that it will!

But what about headbands? If you’re going for a grunge or streetwear look, then this summer fashion trend might not be the best accessory. Instead, headbands like Kim Min Ju’s will suit any kind of cottage core or minimalistic outfits. This could either be any kind of dress, or even a t-shirt tucked into jeans—a headband will ~tie~ everything together. 


As for shoes, sneakers are extremely versatile when it comes to a variety of styles. In more recent years, flatter sneakers—like Converse, Adidas, and Filas—have become more mainstream. This summer fashion trend is one that can match almost any outfit you choose. From dresses, skirts, jeans, to shorts, flat sneakers will add a casual, yet trendy appearance. So, if you’ve been wanting to wear a new dress, try pairing it with some sneakers for a cute and casual look!

Lee Miji, Park Youna, and BLACKPINK's Jennie's summer fashion trends.

Images from @m___sz, @youna_1997, and @jennierubyjane on Instagram

On the far left, Lee Miji displays a cute puff sleeve dress with a pair of white sneakers. In fact, her outfit is a great example of how dresses and sneakers can be paired together. If she were to wear a pair of sandals or heels, this outfit would become more formal. But with her Air Force 1 Nike sneakers, her outfit offers a casual and simple appearance.

With a casual minimalistic style, Park Youna (middle) sports her trendy Converse with a plain pair of shorts and a buttoned blouse. Although her outfit is on the simplistic side, her Converse adds a hit of personality and trendiness. Even her sneakers can pair well with any style, especially streetwear.

Similarly, BLACKPINK’s Jennie (far right) styles a satin cropped tank top with dark washed, high-waisted jeans, and a pair of white sneakers. Though her outfit is already casual with her jeans, the white sneakers accentuate the rest of her outfit even more. So, if you’re wondering what outfits your pair of flat sneakers might match, the answer is: any outfit.

Which 2021 Summer Fashion Trend Was Your Favorite?

Out of the five summer fashion trends from 2021 in Korea, which one was your favorite? The elegant puff sleeves? Or perhaps the baseball caps? Summer is coming to a close, but it’s still fun to see how these amazing summer fashion trends were worn by celebrities and influencers. Judging by its popularity, we could possibly see some of these styles again next year! 

If you enjoyed reading this blog about summer fashion trends and want to learn more, then check out the video below or read our blog on “11 Clothes to Avoid in Korean Fashion.” And don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter!

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