6 2021 Korean Fall Fashion Trends You Should Follow To Be A Fashionista

2021 Korean fall fashion

The article I know all of y’all are waiting for – the 2021 Korean fall fashion trends. Turning a new leaf (pun intended), we can now say goodbye to the sweats and sunburn summer has given us, and say hello to the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, and along with it, the 2021 Korean fall fashion.

Fall in South Korea

In Korea, September to November is the autumn time. The temperature lies around 19-21°C (66-70 °F), with the highest hitting 22 °C (72 °F) only. Perfect temperature, this is the best time to travel there as the weather is nice and cool, and with beautiful foliage. In this wonderful weather, you would want to look just as stunning too. So the Koreans start to whip out their jackets, long socks and sweaters – the best 2021 Korean fall fashion trend – ready to look all cute in this breezy, comfy season. 

Trench Coat

Whenever the colder weather comes, you would almost always see Koreans wear trench coats instead of a jacket to warm them up, like Jin from BTS. So, of course it is included in the 2021 Korean fall fashion too! As they not only look trendy but also can repel the raindrops. 


Beige with brown/black buttons, and cross-cross line pattern in dark grey color – they are the most popular types of trench coats in Korea. The fabric ranges from wool, cotton to the fancy cashmere, choose depending on your preference.

Where to wear it?

Honestly you can wear a trench coat pretty much anywhere anytime 2021, from a casual day out with friends to a wedding – feeling chilly? Just throw on a trench coat! Raining? Throw on a trench coat! Forgot to pack new clothes for a camping trip? Throw on a trench coat! Not going to lie, you might look like a pervert but you can still technically go out without getting arrested.

How to rock this Korean Fall Fashion Trend? 

The best thing about trench coats is you can pair it with anything and you’ll still look stylish and cool! It’s perfect for lazy people like you and me who don’t like struggling with what to wear every morning. Because even if you go out in a garbage bag, you would still look fine by topping it with a trench coat. However, if you’re not THAT broke, I would suggest something cute underneath. 

A turtleneck sweatshirt (or a hoodie if you’re going for a baggy look) and skinny jeans underneath and pair it with a pair of boots. If you liked dresses, you could swap those jeans with a skirt or put on a dress underneath with over-knee boots/socks, or stockings:

Like in the Netflix original drama, Hospital Playlist, we can see almost every character on here is wearing a turtle neck beneath their trench coats. And they look so sharp and happy about it (the fact that they’re all smiling so much lol). Also, the fact that the doctors are all wearing it does that mean wearing trench coats are not only the 2021 Korean fall fashion trend, but also the reason why doctors are rarely sick?? Just kidding haha. But my point is trench coats on one hand, make you look good, on the other hand, help keep you warm and cozy.

Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun are also wearing trench coats on this scene in the Korean dramaThe King: Eternal Monarch. Here, Go Eun is pairing the dark brown trench coat with a white V-neck sweater beneath and baggy pants.

You can also wear a polo shirt tucked into a pair of pants underneath the trench coat, which is a very well-liked way of wearing a trench coat for many Korean guys. 

Knitted Clothing

In the 30th Seoul Music Awards (2021), BTS sweeps away 6 trophies. Except for the obvious trophies that stand out in this picture they took right after the event, the pretty sweaters and cardigans four of them are wearing also catches our eyes. Knitted clothings are another 2021 Korean fall fashion trend you should look out for! Fall is also known as the Sweater Weather. Every time I see the leaves on trees turn yellow and red, all I want to do is wrap myself up with something soft and comfy and drink a cup of hot cocoa. It also gives you a kind of lazy, relaxed vibes.


Of course sweaters are the key item for this 2021 Korean fall fashion trend. And also cardigans and vests for tops. Koreans also love wearing scarves and hats, so when the colder part of autumn approaches, they take out their knitted scarves too.

Where to wear it?

You can wear knitted clothing in any casual occasions, or even to semi-professional places, like an office, when you have to wear a cardigan because of the freezing air-conditioner. Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel like cardigans can make us look extra gentle and approachable in public. So if you’re trying to make a good first impression, like on a first date, you can consider wearing knitted clothing like a cute cardigan as well. 

How to rock this 2021 Korean Fall Fashion Trend? 

For knitted sweaters, you can pair them with skinny jeans, ankle boots and a scarf if you’re still feeling cold. For cardigans, I personally like pairing them with either a skater dress or a fitted, crop top with mini skirt, along with a pair of stockings. Or maybe eve just a normal long-sleeved shirt with a pair of jeans.

Jung So-min from Monthly Magazine Home is wearing a knitted cardigan here. To match her turquoise cardigan, she’s wearing a white knitted sweater underneath it, and paired all that with a long, eggshell-white skirt. She looks absolutely adorable with this outfit!

Chunky Sneakers

If you want to “grow” a few inches tall, these are the right shoes for you. The next 2021 Korean fall fashion trend we cannot dismiss is the chunky sneakers! Like platform shoes, they have an obvious thick sole and it ranges from 1 to 4 inches (3-10cm). Chunky shoes and boots have been popular in South Korea for a long time, and it is still going strong as one of the 2021 Korean fall fashion trends. 

Where to wear it?

You can wear chunky sneakers in any casual activity, such as hanging out with friends or going to school. Imagine going to a concert and not being able to see your idol because you’re too short or people in front of you are too tall. With these chunky sneakers, this problem can be solved!  Being taller can even give you more confidence! Catwalk to work and show off those legs!

How to rock this 2021 Korean Fall Fashion Trend? 

Pair them with any bottom! A skirt, dress, jeans or shorts with stockings and you’re good to go! 

Korean singer mononym Hyuna is known for her obsession for big, chunky shoes. You can steal her look here by pairing an oversized sweater and shoulder bag with your chunky sneakers! She’s looking so chic as always!

Two-layered Shirts

Well, you know, one shirt can’t possibly keep us warm anymore, so why not throw on another one? There’s no need for jackets anymore people! Just kidding. But trendy two-layered shirts have been trendy in Korea for awhile, it is of course also included as one of the 2021 Korean fall fashion trends.


As the name suggested, “two-layered”, that means you have to wear two shirts. There are still different types you can try on, for example, a vest with undershirt, a baggy shirt on top of a tight long-sleeved shirt, or the classic one, a long-sleeved shirt (small) on top of a long-sleeved button-up shirt. 

Where to wear it?

Like the previous 2021 Korean fall fashion trend – chunky shoes – you can wear this fit to any casual event! If you like dancing, two-layered shirts would be the right fit for hip-hops or breakdancing. 

How to rock this 2021 Korean Fall Fashion Trend? 

If you are going for a more hip-hop/”I-don’t-care” look, you can wear a pair of baggy pants and sneakers that rock this look. However, if you’re going for a cute and sweet look, go ahead and pair it with a skirt, long socks, along with a pair of boots. Or you can also pair it with ripped jeans and sneakers if you don’t like skirts. 

But if you’re going for a more comfy and layback look, you can consider wearing a plain white shirt underneath a argyle sweater, like what So Min is wearing on this scene (also from Monthly Magazine Home) – this style is HOT in South Korea now.

Ankle-length Pants

These pants are the kind of pants that end right above your ankles, thus revealing them. They’re an especially common clothing item to wear in Korea during spring and autumn. Ankle-length pants are comfortable and affordable – how can you not add ‘em to your pants collection as one of the 2021 Korean fall fashion?!


Ankle-length jeans, track pants and straight-cut pants (also pretty popular in Korea) are some of the most-worn types of ankle-length pants around Korea this year. 

Where to wear it?

Like chunky sneakers, you can wear ankle length pants in any casual or semi-casual situation. School, dates, picnics, beaches … you name it! It makes you look super breezy and chill. You can also wear ankle length track pants to the gym or for a run.

How to rock this 2021 Korean Fall Fashion Trend? 

These types of pants are easy to match! As you can pair them up with both fitted or loose tops. Light colored tops would go with light colored pants and dark colored ones would go with pants with darker tones. For the shoes, they look great with sandals, slippers or sneakers.

Blackpink member Jennie is wearing a pair of corduroy ankle length pants here. With a black sweater tucked into the pants and coverse sneakers, this is such a cute look!

Button-up Dress

The last (but definitely not least) 2021 Korean fall fashion trend on the list is the button-up dress! Simple and elegant, a button-up dress would be a nice addition to your wardrobe. It’s popularity has been increasing in recent years and it’s become a very common outfit in major cities in Korea, such as Seoul. 


This sort of dress has a wide range of styles and types. It can go from being long and flowy to something more formal, and look more like a suit jacket. The latter one is worn more during colder seasons, like fall. 

Where to wear it?

Button-up dresses are a great choice for casual or semi-professional activities. You can wear it to your typical day out, a class presentation, a date, a semi-formal interview, or even to a wedding. The list is long. 

How to rock this 2021 Korean Fall Fashion Trend? 

You don’t have to wear anything else underneath when you’re wearing the button-up dress. Because the material is usually quite warm. So it is perfect for lazy people because you don’t even need to think much in the morning! Just put this on and you’re good to go!  But if you aren’t comfortable with wearing nothing underneath, you can wear a blouse too. And pair it with high heels or boot heels with a long strapped handbag. 

Here, Korean actress Park Min-young is wearing an all-black button up dress. It is formal, yet very on trend.

Which 2021 Fall Fashion Trend Caught Your Eyes?

If you want to know more fashion trends other than the 2021 Korean fall fashion trends, feel free to check out our fashion blog page or watch the video below!

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