Chip In

Chip in

Chip In is a 2020 Korean drama that revolves around a painter who is diagnosed with a terminal disease. How his family’s members’ inner greed comes out when he shares his will and testimony. Will they be able to over come their greed and selfish needs? Will the rich painter be able to share his will? So, to find out, watch this family thriller drama on Rakuten Viki. It aired between July 22, 2020 – August 13, 2020. It stars Oh Na Ra and Kim Hye Joon in this drama.

Main Cast and their characters of Chip In

Nam Moon-Chul as Yoo In-Ho

The Painter

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Yoon In-Ho is a famous painter, who is diagnosed with terminal disease. He plans to share the will on his 58th birthday that causes his family members’ greediness. Unknown to him there is some mental battle happening amongst his family members for his will.

Oh Na Ra as Kim Ji-Hye

The former mistress

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Kim Ji-Hye is Yoon In-Ho’s former mistress and also his only daughter’s mother. Whether she is after the wealth or not, you have to watch this drama.

Kim Hye-jun as Yoo Bit-Na

Daughter of the painter

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Yoo Bit-Na is the only child and daughter of Yoo In-Ho. She is an ambitious student and she is the only one who is not after the wealth unlike others. She seeks to find out the truth after a shocking event. Even though, she is the daughter of a rich man, she pays her expenses by herself.

Why Chip In should be in everybody’s watchlist?

Those who loves thriller, murder mystery drama would love Chip In. It explores human greed and selfish needs. It will keep you on the edge of your seat as you would also be solving the crime in the drama. In addition, it has unpredictable and mysterious characters. Sometimes you would be guessing wrong person as a murder or the reason for the painter’s death. Above all, it shows you the reality of people of today’s time. People care more about the wealth than emotions and bonding. Therefore, mystery drama lovers, don’t waste your time, go and watch this drama.

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