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Ga Doo-Ri’s Sushi Restaurant is a mini series that stars Lee Joo Bin and Hyuk as the main characters. This drama revolves around Ga Doo Ri and Cha Woo Bin. Ga Doo Ri is heartbroken because her boyfriend cheated on her. She opens her restaurant and becomes a dating expert. Cha Woo Bin, the male lead becomes her mysterious neighbor. He doesn’t care about others opinions, in short lives his own life. So, want to know what will happen between them, then watch this funny drama. It premiered on June 9, 2020, ended on July 16, 2020, with a total of 12 episodes. You can watch all 12 episodes of this web drama on Seezn or Youtube today!

Main lead and their characters in Ga Doo-Ri’s Sushi Restaurant

Lee Joo Bin as Ga Doo-Ri

She is a woman who is truly professional. After being cheated, she moves on and becomes a successful restaurant owner. Knows how to socialize and also helps people in need. In addition, becomes a dating expert through her tarot card reading.

Female lead of the drama

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Hyuk as Cha Woo Bin

He is a mysterious man and becomes Ga Doo-Ri’s next-door neighbor. He is an introvert who doesn’t tolerate shits. Doesn’t care about others opinions and lives his own life.

Male Lead of the drama

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Why you should watch Ga Doo-Ri’s Sushi Restaurant?

Love between two different individuals in the drama

It showcases love between two opposite individuals. Ga Doo Ri’s who is outspoken and sociable and on the other hand Cha Woo Bin is introverted. He doesn’t like anyone interfering in his personal life, but he also has his other side. This side will be treat to watch in the drama.

This drama teaches you to be hopeful and believe in destiny

Ga Doo Ri who was heartbroken, again finds hope in her new love life. How both subsequently overcome their clash and fall in love with each other, one has to watch this drama. One often feels that life is not going the way they wanted or planned, but destiny has other plans. That sudden change sometimes gives you new hope in life. Therefore, this show teaches you to be optimistic in your life.

Moreover, you will also see other comical characters in the drama. So rom-com lovers don’t waste your time, go and watch this drama!!

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