Hat Season: What to Look For in Korean Fall Fashion 2020


When watching your favorite K-dramas or even watching a music video, fashion is always at the forefront. Fashion is important in Korean culture from head to toe, which includes accessories. One accessory that completes an outfit is the hat. People underestimate what a hat can do for an outfit, especially now that’s it’s fall.

Check out these five trendy hats to add to your wardrobe this fall!


The Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is a casual hat with a wide, sloping brim. The fabric can be simple and casual, ranging in several types. However, thicker materials are essential for the fall. Some are wearing corduroy to fuzzy material, which really enhances an outfit.


Hyuna wearing a bucket hat.

Photo was taken from @hyunah_aa Instagram account.


The Beret

A beret is a round, flat hat that is usually made of felt, wool, or woven materials. Use of heavier materials for the fall, like wool, corduroy, velvet, and leather are also common.


A woman wearing a beret with matching beige trousers.

Photo was taken from @whatsgoodkoreablog Instagram account.


The Newsboy Hat

The newsboy cap is similar to a flat cap, but it has a rounder and fuller back with a button on top. Newsboy caps, especially for the fall and winter, tend to use heavier materials as well. They share a lot of the same materials as the beret listed above.


RM wearing a beige newsboy cap.

Photo was taken from @namjoonsstyle Instagram account.


The Baseball Cap

The baseball cap has always been a popular hat, especially for more casual looks. It has a large visor and an adjustable strap to fit different head sizes. The material won’t change much for the fall, but one trend that is common in Korea is having little hoops on the visor for an edgier feel.


Seulgi wearing a baseball cap in a chair.

Photo was taken from @hi_sseulgi Instagram account.


The Beanie

Beanies always make an appearance in the fall or winter since they are naturally warm. They are close fitting and sit on the back of the head. These are usually knitted or crocheted, but some are baggy, fluffy, or colorful. It all depends on the overall look.


Hendery from Wayv wearing a black beanie.

Photo was taken from @i_m_hendery Instagram account.


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To learn more about Korean fashion, check out KworldNow.


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