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Korean Fashion Websites to Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe

Korean fashion websites are one of the most reliable and fashionable ways to revamp your summer wardrobe to be up to date on the newest Korean trends. So, do you love fashion? Do you love getting a freshly updated summer wardrobe? Are you aware of websites where you can get both? This article will tell you the Korean fashion websites that will help you revamp your summer wardrobe. So, let’s begin!


Top Korean Fashion Websites of 2020



Kim So-hee created Stylenanda, one of the most known Korean fashion brands, in 2004. It is an online reseller of secondhand Korean fashion. Some of the best products on Stylenanda are the accessories and outerwear. The outerwear features unique blazers and fashionable trenches. Any outfit is imaginable with Stylenanda’s variety of Korean fashion. Compared to other websites, Stylenanda is a little more expensive. However, the quality is worth the money. Stylenanda was awarded the Grand Prize in customer satisfaction for two years. Check out Stylenanda’s User Guide for more information about shipping, returns, and more.


Minseok Bang founded Mixx Mixx in 2009 for people interested in “creative writings, paintings, pictures, and music.” Mixx Mixx has  2.5 million customer visits every month. Therefore, Bang’s company is a powerful online Korean fashion website. The name Mixx Mixx reflects their products. You can find a mixture of clothes that blend the past, present, and future with art and passion. Mixx Mixx offers vintage items and modern trendy Korean fashion for women. They also help new designers by introducing future-oriented designers on their website. With a general 7-10 business day lead-time Mixx Mixx ships all over the world. Check out their User Guide for more info about shipping, returns, and more.


 KOODING is arguably one of the best Korean fashion websites. KOODING’s team is “compiled of a melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds, and stories.” Moreover, KOODING focuses on selling the latest trends to women, men, and kids. Women can always find the latest styles, like picnic-off dresses, on KOODING. Are you looking for men’s high neck jackets? How about a new pair of Supreme joggers? Men can find them on KOODING. Prices can vary from $20 to around $100. To clarify, KOODING sells original and other brands on their site. KOODING offers a wide range of sizes. Shipping also varies based on location. Check out KOODING’s User Guide for more specific info on returns and shipping. Also, check out their Frequently Asked Questions page for info.


Chuu is one of the most user-friendly Korean fashion websites on this list. Their cute concept focuses on simple navigation and trendy clothes. With Chuu’s exciting variety, it is easy to find any style your into at the moment. Go for sporty, casual, professional, or party in a click! Chuu offers more than just its feature strawberry clothes. You can also browse hundreds of bags, accessories, and jewelry. Chuu is one of the more affordable Korean fashion websites to date. With items anywhere from $5 to $80, Chuu ships trendy Korean fashion worldwide. Check out Chuu’s User Guide for more specific info on returns and shipping, especially if you are ordering footwear.

In conclusion, Korean fashion is diverse. It thrives on mixing past with the present, all while inspiring towards the future. Patterns, texture, colors are Korea’s playground. Don’t be afraid to dive headfirst into the world of Korean fashion. Have fun revamping your summer wardrobe with some new pieces!

Honorable Mentions:

So, what are some of the best and safest online Korean clothing stores? Reliable Korean online stores are available. Some of the best include those featured on this list Kooding, Chuu, Mixx Mixx, and Stylenanda. Other sites include KakuuBasicMocoBlingNaning 9, and Imvely. To clarify, they all offer diverse and unique styles for women, men, and kids.

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