Korean Food in Korea vs Korean Food in America


Korean food in Korea vs Korean food in America, what makes the food different from country to country? To start, dishes made in Korea are usually made with whole ingredients and spices. In America, it is common to use a lot more of preservatives. Even though the dishes may be the same, depending on the country, the outcome can be different. In other words, eating a common dish in Korea may taste different from eating that same dish in America.

Korean dishes

  1. Kimchi – fermented cabbage, usually eaten as a side dish during meals
  2. Korean fried chicken
  3. Jajangmyeon – noodles in a black bean sauce
  4. Bibimbap – rice with meat and vegetables

How these dishes are made/taste in Korea

  • Kimchi
    • To start, the process of making kimchi is very hands on. The sauce has to be made, the cabbage needs to be washed, and then the sauce needs to be put onto the cabbage in a specific method.
    • Kimchi in Korea is a whole new level of spicy. Sometimes it is so spicy you cannot taste any of the sauces flavor. In other words, have a bowl of rice ready when eating this side dish and be careful.
  • Korean fried chicken
    • Firstly, it may sound like any other ordinary chicken, but it is not. The chicken is perfectly fried, and is not greasy at all.
    • Secondly, the taste is out of this world. The chicken can come in a variety of flavors. There are a range of spices/flavors for you to choose from. Be careful when choosing the spiciness level because heat in Korea is different!
  • Jajangmyeon
    • Firstly, this dish consists of noodles, vegetables, and meat or seafood in a black bean sauce. Depending on where you are and your taste preferences you can choose meat or seafood. In Korea, a majority of the time, this dish is made with seafood.
    • Secondly, this dish has an earthy flavor. The black bean sauce makes it taste delicious and healthy.
  • Bibimbap
    • Lastly, we have bibimbap. This dish has rice, vegetables, meat, and an egg in it. In Korea, the dish is usually in a stone pot. The rice they use is also purple and not white.
    • When eating this dish in Korea, you can expect a lot more vegetables than meat. The dish overall is has a lot of whole ingredients, and it not very seasoned.

How these dishes taste/made in America

  • Kimchi
    • Firstly, when eating kimchi in America, the taste can vary. A lot of times when you are eating out at a restaurant the kimchi will taste authentic, but still different from eating it in Korea. You can find kimchi at restaurants and also in jars.
    • Secondly, the taste is much greater in kimchi in America. You can taste the flavor of the sauce, and sometimes it is almost sweet. It is still spicy, but has an abundance of flavor.
  • Korean fried chicken
    • Firstly, this dish is a staple in Korea. In America, in order to get the most authentic version of Korean fried chicken, you need to go to a Korean restaurant. The chicken almost tastes like it has been air fried
    • Secondly, the chicken is delicious, but there are not as many varieties of flavors to choose from. In other words, the chicken in America still tastes great and has a lot of flavor, but it does not compare to getting it in Korea.
  • Jajangmyeon
    • Firstly, Americans prepare this dish the same as in Korea, but America definitely adds a lot of preservatives to give it more flavor.
    • Secondly, in America, instead of using seafood we use meat in the sauce. The ingredients that we add into the sauce also give it a sweeter taste. In Korea, the sauce is earthy tasting, but in America it is sweet and light.
  • Bibimbap
    • To begin, bibimbap is the dish that tastes the most different depending on where you eat it. In America, the dish is has white rice, vegetables, and way more meat.
    • Lastly, the meat has a lot of seasoning added to it. In Korea, the meat does not taste like it has seasoning, and it tastes a lot more healthy.

Eating food in Korea vs eating food in America

To begin, Korean food in Korea vs Korean food in America, is a little different, so when eating out it will be a little different too. When eating out in Korea, you can order your main dish, but a bunch of side dishes called banchan (반찬 )come along with it. While, in America, if you go to a Korean restaurant you will receive side dishes, but not as nearly as many as you do in Korea.

Prices differences between Korean dishes in Korea and Korean dishes in America

The price differences of these dishes from Korea to America are drastic. You can eat the same dishes in each country, but the prices are completely different. For example:

  • Kimchi – side dish/usually home made
  • Fried chicken – in Korea ranges from $10-15, in America ranges from $18-20 depending on how many pieces you want
  • Jajangmyeon – in Korea $3, America $10
  • Bimibap – in Korea $3, America $12


In conclusion, Korean food in Korea vs Korean food in America definitely have similarities and differences. But, good thing it is possible to make and enjoy these dishes in Korea and in America. The overall process of making the dishes are relatively the same, but Americans seem to add extra ingredients for seasoning purposes. The price differences are pretty drastic, but it makes sense that they are cheaper in their country of origin. In other words, these dishes are staples in Korea and you should try them at least once. Whenever you have spare time make them or try them at home, and if you ever have the chance to travel to Korea, try them there too and compare!

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