Korean Idols Acting Out Popular Korean Dramas!


Korean idols acting out popular Korean dramas, if you are a fan of either of these topics, then this blog is for you. Many idols participate in creating and reenacting popular Korean dramas. When idols go on variety shows, it is common for them to reenact popular dramas. In other cases, the idols will film scenes of a drama and release it on their own video networks. In conclusion, get ready to see some great parodies below!

Big Bang acting out popular K drama Secret Garden

Popular band Big Bang recorded and showed their own version of the drama Secret Garden at a concert. The drama is about a not so wealthy stuntwoman and a wealthy CEO falling in love with her. The main characters are Gil Raim and Kim Joowon. The female is Raim and is played by G-drago. The male is Joowon and is played by TOP. In Big Bang’s version of the drama, Raim is a dancer instead of a stuntwoman. Their version does a great job of keeping a lot of things from the drama authentic. TOP is still a CEO.

Korean idols acting out popular Korean dramas

TOP starts to like G-dragon, but he is not sure why. In the end, he starts to pursue G-dragon anyway. They reenact the iconic sit up scene from the drama. G-dragon holds down TOP’s legs as he does sit ups. Moving on, G-dragon and TOP reenact the foam kiss scene. G-dragon gets foam on his lips from coffee, like Raim did, and Joowon (TOP) kisses it off. To make their parody even more exciting, G-dragon and TOP magically start switching bodies after drinking something during a storm. Secret Garden involves Raim and Jowoon switching bodies throughout the drama, and TOP and G-dragon did an excellent job at making that happen.

Korean idols acting out popular Korean dramas

In conclusion, Big Bang did a great job of keeping the scenes very true to the actual drama. The outfits they use are almost identical to the actors. It is very funny and their acting is very good as well.

Monsta X acting out multiple popular Korean dramas

Monsta X created and filmed a parody of three different dramas. The name of it is “The Temptation of the Wife of Heirs Over Flowers.” The took scenes from the dramas The Temptation of Wife, The Heirs, and Boys Over Flowers. All of the dramas have very similar plots and Monsta X did an incredible job of tying all of the dramas together. The plots include a rich guy, a poor girl, and usually a mean mother.

They incorporated many things from The Heirs such as Shownu being rich, and Kihyun being a poor girl. Shownu also happens to be engaged to Dodo, who Hyungwon plays. Shownu may have a fiancé, but he has feelings for Kihyun.

Korean idols acting out popular Korean dramas

For Boys Over Flowers, the members play rich group, F4. Kihyun and his friend were eating ice cream and they wanted Kihyun to lick it off of Shownu’s shoe, like Gu Jun Pyo did to main character Geum Jandi.

Korean idols acting out Popular Korean dramas


In order to include things from Temptation of Wife, they have Wonho who studied makeup abroad like character Goo Eun-jae. I.M. plays the mother who wants Kihyun to break up with her son, Shownu because he has a fiancé, Dodo. This action upsets Kihyun and then him and Wonho start talking about revenge. In order to get revenge, Kihyun is hired as Shownu and Dodo’s (Hyungwon) housekeeper.

Korean idols acting out popular Korean dramas

Korean idols acting out popular Korean dramas

Korean idols acting out popular Korean dramas

Korean idols Winner acting out popular Korean drama

Want to see some more Korean idols acting out popular Korean dramas? Then watch Winner do parody of popular drama Reply 1988. In the drama, there are a group of five friends, there is one girl and four boys. They all live in the same neighborhood. They had many similarities in the drama such as one friend, Cho Teok, who Jinu plays, is a popular Go player. Ryu Dongryong who Seunghoon plays loves to sing and dance. Two of the friends happen to like the girl friend, Dukseon, and she does not know who to choose between. Overall, the original drama and Winner’s rendition, follows the five friends and their lives.

SHINee reenacting a K drama

SHINee filmed their own unique rendition of Boys Over Flowers, and called it “SHINee Over Flowers.” This drama is about a poor girl, Geum Jandi, getting into a rich school. She is targeted and bullied by the most popular people at the school, F4. In the end, one of the members of F4, Gu Jun Pyo, starts falling in love with her. SHINee incorporated minor things that happened in the drama, but a lot of it was different.

For example, they called their group S4 instead of F4. Onew plays Geum Jandi and is still seen as a poor transfer student at an elite/upper class high school.Minho plays Gu Jun Pyo, and is still the successor of Shinhwa group. The rest of them are all rich and a part of famous families, and are very popular at school. The four of them tease Onew for being poor and drop money in his hands. But, like Geum Jandi, Onew stands up to them and does not let them get to her. Onew hits them and as he hits him they start to like him.

After a while Onew realizes S4 isn’t that bad. They include their own unique parts to the drama by making Onew take his wig off at the end, and they all realize he is not actually a girl. In conclusion, it is very entertaining and definitely worth a watch!


In conclusion, it makes me really happy seeing a lot of Korean idols acting out popular Korean dramas. The dramas that they all picked are monumental and they did a great job of sticking to the basis of the drama. The outfits they picked for their videos are so similar to the original that is scary. If you love these idols and these dramas, then make sure to watch these parodies!

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