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Like many origin stories, that of Shim Chang Yang or Royyal Dog and his passion for graffiti art started because of a girl. Now, Royyal Dog is known for his art murals that depict visions of multiculturalism through spray paintings of black women in traditional Korean pieces of clothing. Royyal Dog pays homage to his love for hip-hop music with his Los Angeles piece entitled “Peace to You” that displays the famous musician Rihanna wearing a hanbok in front of a background of Korean flowers that represent both the strength of the Korean culture and that of Rihanna’s journey to becoming a music and culture icon. Royyal Dog has received recognition in Korea that has brought about multiple collaborations with brands, sports teams, and organizations. In 2017 Royyal Dog worked with Under Armour Korea to create and feature one of his murals in association with the release of NBA star Stephen Curry’s new shoes, the CURRY 3ZER0. 2017 remained a pivotal year for Royyal Dog as he also worked with the Samsung Lions, a South Korean baseball team and Hyundai Motors Korea and moved on to work with Hyundai Motors UK the following year. Royyal Dog has also produced artwork for the Blue House and has collaborated with Korea Tourism Organization to paint murals that speak to his dreams of peace and vision for multiculturalism. As for future goals, Royyal Dog plans to work more in America to gain recognition for his art on a global scale. “Piece to You” and other works of art by Royyal Dog can be found on his instagram account, @royyaldog.


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