Korean Saunas and Skin-Care

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A trip to one of many Korean saunas is a perfect cure for built-up stress. The Korean sauna is one example of spas that help the mind as well as the body. A jjimjilbang is a staple in Korean culture following its emphasis on skincare and self-care. Therefore making it one of the most popular self-care options in South Korea.

What are jjimjilbangs?

Saunas are international. There are onsens in Japan, banyas in Russia, or hammams in Turkey. The relaxing sauna rooms have been a global craze for generations as people love spending time in spas.

These Korean saunas are 24-hour, gender-segregated bathhouses. The Korean word for the sauna, jjimjilbang (찜질방), comes from the root jjimjil (찜질) which means “a heated bath.” The admission price varies between W6,000 and W14,000. This depends on the location and time of day.

These jjimjilbang’s have their own “sauna culture” surrounding them. Each Korean sauna trip contains a trip to the locker room, public shower, hot tub, and scrubbing area. Many also feature massage areas and the most popular area, the steam rooms. Each area is gender-specific and separate for women and men. There is a common area, though, for both genders to meet. The common room is a place to relax, sleep, or eat. You can also detox in a dry sauna if you want to escape the sweat-inducing steam rooms.

Here are some tips on how to start your spa day. When you are ready to soak in the curative hot tubs, you will prepare yourself in the locker room. This is where you will strip and shower before entering the water. This is to keep the spa as sanitary as possible. To maximize your time in the bath, you are welcome to bring skincare products of your personal choice, but some saunas provide their own products.

What are the benefits of Korean saunas?

Most users of Korean saunas use them for weekly visitations. Clients claim that these visits are mostly for deep cleansing and muscle pain treatments. This is for a healthier body after stressful weeks at work. Trips to the sauna can also improve your heart and mind.

However, the most beneficial result of trips to a jjimjilbang is skin-centric. Some Korean saunas have specialized rooms made of salt rocks. As natural preservatives, salt rocks help the skin become porous. This better rejuvenates the skin barrier. Pine salt is another option that focuses on anti-aging. It does so by purifying the skin.

Release of Toxins

Your daily life is full of toxins. Air pollution, chemicals in skincare and makeup, as well as food. All this on top of the natural pollutants that build throughout the day. This grim clogs pores, cause breakouts and damages the skin barrier.

Extended time in the steam room allows for the body to release toxins through sweating naturally. According to lead experts in skincare and health, “sweating mobilizes toxins” to better remove them from the skin.

If you find yourself uncomfortable with extended time in the steam room, dry saunas can be just as effective. These rooms often supply visitors with natural minerals that have purifying abilities. Conventional dry sauna treatments include clay masks to draw excess sebum from the skin or cold treatments for improved circulation.

Exfoliation and Body Scrubs

To begin a body scrub, one must prepare the body. First is a trip to the steam rooms. As stated before, steam affects your pores, allowing them to open clogs and free daily dirt. Then, the hot tubs. The hot water on your skin softens the external barrier, enabling the exfoliation to clean your body better. From here, you can exfoliate your skin with a mitt or purchase a private session. This session is quite cheap in comparison to most spa prices globally (20,000 – 30,000W). In the session, you will be treated by a professional to clear the debris from your skin.

Bring-Your-Own-Skincare for Korean Saunas.

If you are not planning on spending extra money with private sessions, the best way to maximize your visit is by bringing some skincare essentials. Products that would be on the “must-have” list include sheet masks to hydrate and nourish the skin. Also, facial scrubs or nose strips. These further eradicate blackheads. Finally, mists to cool the skin and get rid of sensitivity.

Have you ever visited a jjimjilbang? Tell us about your experience!

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