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Korean Soups Perfect For Each Season

South Korea has a long list of soups made over centuries for every type of occasion. From events to holidays and even soups especially made to eat on your birthday! Ultimately there are Korean soups perfect for each season. There are some Korean soups to keep you fresh for the spring. Cool you down for the summer, healthy and strong for the fall and warm and cozy for the cold winter!

SPRING: Kongguksu (콩국수) (Soy milk noodle soup) 

When springtime comes around it’s usually a mix of cold weather transitioning to warm. Kongguksu (Soy milk soup) it is a dish of thin wheat flour noodles in a cold, creamy, nutty and refreshing soy milk broth! A perfect creamy soup cool enough for the spring after drinking all those hot soups in the winter!

SUMMER: Mul Naengmyeon (물냉면) (Korean Cold Noodle Soup)

Korean soups perfect season

A perfect summer Korean soup is no other then Mul Naengmyeon! While I’m sure you’ve heard of this icy dish, speaking on it one more time won’t hurt to share how amazing this dish is for the summer. Furthermore, this is overall the perfect dish for hot and humid weather. Mul Naengmyeon is made with an icy cold broth mixed with noodles, sesame seeds, and various different vegetables. Mul Naengmyeon is cooling and absolutely delicious! However, Korean cold noodles are eaten even in wintertimes just because of how tasty it is!

Fall: Yeong Gye Baeksuk (영계백숙) (Korean Chicken Soup)

Korean soups perfect season

Yeong Gye Baeksuk also known as Korean chicken soup has the same feeling as the chicken soup we’ve all had when sick. This nutritious Korean soup is made with young chicken. Added with plenty of garlic. Koreans believe it’s perfect for revitalizing the body, precise for the cold and flu season! Although regardless of Yeong Gye Baeksuk rich benefits, it’s still a traditional dish many enjoy to eat in general!

WINTER: Korean RICE CAKE SOUp (떡국) (Dduk Guk/Tteok Guk)

Dduk Guk/Tteok Guk is a traditional Korean soup eaten during the New Year holiday. There is a theory that based on customary beliefs, it has to do with yin and yang and that New Year’s day represents the yang (positive) energy and also so does the rice cake. However, this may or not be true given there are plenty of other theories, it is still well-known for the New Year for all Koreans. And since this falls into the winter season it’s a win-win for tradition and to have a warm soup! This dish is easy and quick to make which makes it more perfect for us who want a quick and delicious dish for the day.

This is it for the list of Korean soups perfect for each season! Although it was difficult to narrow four down, there are plenty more that could have easily made a perfect fit too! if you have your own Korean dishes you’d like to recommend and share, don’t be afraid to comment!  


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