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Explore Meerkat Cafes in Korea

Kworld Now Sep 30

What to do

Let’s explore meerkat cafes in Korea! In this vibrant and colorful country, you can find almost anything to fill your days. From shopping for your favorite vitamin C serum to sightseeing under the sun to drinking coffee with Meerkats. Yes, that’s right, meerkats. These little weasel-like animals are adorable and they make excellent company.

Where to Go for Meerkat Cafes

At Meerkat Friends in Korea, patrons get to interact with meerkats along with other animals such as raccoons, wombats, wallabies and kangaroos, and the familiar cats. Meerkat Friends is located in the Hongdae area, which is bustling with fun shops and a lively atmosphere. It is a place worth visiting with your family, or even just by yourself; you will not get bored. 

There is an entree fee of 10,000 KWN and that doesn’t include any drinks. Their menu offers traditional cafe drinks, like coffee, lattes, juice, soda, water, etc. Considering how popular Meerkat cafes are in South Korea, this price is definitely worth it. Each guest can have up to 10 minutes with the meerkats in their little sanctuary and if the cafe isn’t busy, guests can enter the sanctuary multiple times. Meerkat Friends provide blankets for patrons to hold meerkats in because it provides a comfortable resting place for them. While they do run around a lot, there are also times when they just want to lay down on guests. Though guests’ experiences can differ because meerkats and animals in general work on their own schedules. 

Why You Should Go to Meerkat Cafes

What makes Meerkat Friends stand out from the rest is the clean environment that offers patrons unique experiences with animals they might not encounter naturally. This makes Meerkat Friends worth seeing on your vacation. If you ever find yourself in South Korea, make sure to stop by Meerkat Friends and make everlasting memories with these adorable animals. You will not be disappointed by what you will find and experience. 

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