Mnet’s “Kingdom: Legendary War”: Who Will Win The Throne

Kingdom: Legendary War

Kingdom: Legendary War, a global project, has officially kicked off, kicking off ten weeks of spectacular performances by six Korean groups. Many exciting and attractive performances will make audiences unable to take their eyes off the screen. Six K-pop boy bands will be vying for the final crown in Mnet’s new “Kingdom: Legendary War,” from top charts like iKon to young talent groups like Stray Kids and The Boyz compete against each other for a chance to win the K-pop crown.

For fans, the final prize is seeing their favorites groups achieve the recognition that they deserve. For groups, it will be an excellent opportunity to support them in their career path. 

According to the The Korean Herald, “All the groups are already proficient artists with their own unique colors (styles), and dropping any of them seemed like nonsense,” the program’s producer Lee Young-joo said during Thursday’s press conference. 

The six groups, BTOB, iKon, SF9, Stray Kids, The Boyz, and Ateez, are at the forefront of the style of music they pursue. Through this series, fans can see their favorite groups’ growth by watching them showing their best of the expansions in their performance and artistry. These people deserve the crown, but to find out who will be sitting on the throne, watch the 10-episode show airing every Thursday at 7:50 p.m.

Legendary Vocals: BTOB

With almost a decade of experience, BTOB joins Kingdom as the most experienced among others of the competition. It will surely be advantageous. BTOB debuted in 2012. They are seniors and have loads of experience performing on stage, giving them a high level of confidence. Initially, it is a six-member group. BTOB is joining ‘Kingdom’ with four members: Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, and Peniel. Sung-Jae and Hyun-Sik are currently serving in the military.

Adored for their vocal prowess, BTOB is known for their powerful pop ballads, and they use this impressive ballad as their deadly weapon.

There is a false stereotype about balladry being boring or mundane. However, these six have successfully demonstrated that power doesn’t come from just bass. Sometimes, the voice will be the artist’s sharpest weapon.

Legendary Charisma: iKon

As a YG Entertainment member, iKon has been on various survival series such as Win: Who Is Next, Mix & Match, and Show Me The Money. The group’s main rapper, Bobby was the one who won the crown of its third season. Even though they understand that they will have more pressure, every member of iKon has never lost their confidence. Therefore, they head to the Kingdom: Legendary War with a great deal of enthusiasm and always ready for challenges.

Swagger and charisma are two factors that make them such fierce competitors. They show their hype anywhere, on stage or off, as evidenced by their exciting performance introducing the song “Rhythm Ta”. They personify their vibes, and the Kingdom will be a place that allows them to prove to the world that iKon is back and they’ve regained their spirits.

Legendary Versatility: SF9

Next group is SF9. SF9 can do everything well, and Kingdom: Legendary War is their playground. This group seems to be the best-balanced team among the six. Gathering the best people in singing, dancing, and rapping lets them have the ability to adapt to any concept. This group is so versatile. In addition, Zuho is the best in flexing his producing skills. Taeyang will show off his talent in choreography, and Inseong can provide more than enough diverse content. Overall, SF9 is an actual wild cat on this Kingdom’s stage because we won’t know what they will bring on stage for the next battle. 

According to The Korea Herald, “SF9, represented by Young-bin in the press conference, stated the band hopes to prove that they have more to show than portrayed by their striking visuals — often acclaimed by fans — especially focusing on the expressions of emotions.”

Legendary Teamwork: The Boyz

The Boyz, the winner of Mnet’s Road to Kingdom, is a fierce competitor in Kingdom: Legendary War. Every member in The Boyz knows how to get the crown and sit on the throne because they bring full energy and passion to the stage. They also push themselves to think creatively and strategically. Have you watched “The Stealer” on Kingdom stage? It manifests the power of teamwork, including beautiful formations, lyrics, dancing, especially dexterous coordination between 11 members. Every member is important because each has their strengths. It will cover and consolidate others’ weaknesses. 

Furthermore, a high level of teamwork, strategy, fearlessness, and dare to face challenges will help The Boyz complete their journey and get the crown. The Boyz is such a predator that is hungry to catch prey. They desire to prove that they deserve the title of one of the top charts of the 4th Generation. 

Legendary duality: Stray Kids

According to author Choi Ji-Won of The Korea Herald, “Stray Kids, well known for their powerful performances on stage, showed confidence in their musical abilities. “Our biggest strength would be members’ write, compose and arrange our own songs. Such an asset definitely makes our music more genuine.”

Stray Kids plans to bring energetic and marvelous performances to the stages. If they can continue to show outstanding performance plus continue to be creative in their addictive music and choreography, then Kingdom will be the playground for them, they’ll be in a league of their own.

Legendary Storytelling: Ateez

There is no wrong to say that Ateez is a master of storytelling. They use their bodies as a weapon to tell a story. And use movement to convey the audience’s feelings. It is how they attract so many fans’ attention across the globe in a minimum of time. Ateez is no longer a rookie. Every member is an expert of their strength, and they are the youngest team in the Kingdom’s battle. 

These boys yet own a massive number of fans across the five continents, and fans cannot wait to see their performance on the Kingdom’s stage. The group got in the top 10 winners of Worldwide Fan’s Choice for MAMA in 2019 and 2020, while they just have debuted since 2018. 

What group do you think they will stand firmly against others and have a high potential for sitting on the throne? Watching 10 episodes of Mnet’s “Kingdom: Legendary War” will air every Thursday at 7:50 p.m., and see who will become a new K-pop’s King.

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