Shaun And Yuna’s Incredible “So Right” Music Video Released! (2022)

Shaun and yuna

Shaun And Yuna’s Incredible “So Right” Music Video Released (2022)

Two weeks after the audio version, the video for Shaun and Yuna’s “So Right” was released on March, 10. The visuals were truly anticipated. After an amazing musical journey through different emotions and soundscapes, a story was needed to elicit more excitement from the fans.

Shaun YunaShaun and Yuna – So Right: Song Overview

The song was expected to be another gem from Shaun and Yuna. These two music ‘globe-trotters’ are reminding us that love is everywhere. Little signs from Cupid are hidden here and there everywhere around us without us paying attention to them sometimes. Love is the default mode of all human beings but we sometimes forget it. Shaun and Yuna want us to remember that now more than ever.

Because choosing to recognize love in all things allows us to resonate with what is highest. This amounts to choosing to project on the screen of our collective consciousness the most beautiful, the best of ourselves. Love is immanent and transcendent, it is in the infinitely small, at the heart of each of your elementary particles, and in the infinitely large, beyond the stars and the galaxies.

Shaun and Yuna want us to realize how close we are to love. All we have to do is accept it.

You make everything feel so nice

And I’m falling for you with closed eyes

Baby, I think you know why, you know why

Shaun And Yuna’s “So Right” Met the Fans’ Expectations

Shaun And Yuna – So Right: Multiculturalism

This concept is incarnated in the selection of the two actors: Korean-American Jason Won Lee and Asian-American Leilani Sioson. Unbound Entertainment Group succeeded in connecting what is perceived as ‘different’ worlds in one. Not only did they not limit this project to Shaun and Yuna but also expanded it so as to include other people, so as to highlight their talent.






Shaun And Yuna – So Right: Great Video Storytelling

The story starts with two people bumping into each other. Without uttering a word, they looked at each other. Something magical just happened: love at first sight. From there, the viewer is invited to ‘ride’ a roller coaster of emotions consisting of sadness (to a lesser extent), happiness, and infatuation.



In a simple exchange of glances, these two people got the revelation that seemed obvious to them. That fortuitous encounter marked their mind because it caused a real ‘electric’ shock. Neither saw it coming!

With ‘So Right’, Shaun and Yuna serenaded us and invited us to open our hearts to love. The goal of this project was to promote multiculturalism. It goes without saying that it was achieved. In addition, sweet-sounding voices and impressive visuals could do nothing but create a masterpiece.

For the rest of the year, there will be more international collaborations from Unbound Entertainment Group. Don’t miss any of them on Kworld Now!

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