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Kworld Now Sep 26
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Show Me The Money is a rap competition TV show from South Korea. The first season aired on Mnet in 2012 showing South Korean rappers competing against each other for money and recognition. Since 2012, the show has expanded to recruit rappers from outside of the country and has helped many rappers win and lose popularity. The viewing and public audience have a lot of influence in the show as rappers are often performing in front of audiences who determine which rappers continue and which do not. Show Me The Money is also watch throughout the world and has gained a global audience that is able to discover new rappers and understanding the growing sub-culture of hip-hop in South Korea. Ultimately, the show has become a place where rappers from the underground can get recognition from experienced rappers who are judges on the show and the viewing public. It has also become a place where idol and rookie rappers can show their rap skills to gain respect from other rappers and the public while going against other rappers. One memorable winner of the program is the popular rapper, Loco, who won the first season as a rookie rapper who later signed with AOMG. The show has also birthed similar programs on Korean TV like Unpretty Rapstar which is another competition show focused on female rappers and High School Rapper which focuses on young high school student rappers.

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