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In complete harmony with nature, Sulwhasoo is a beauty company that aims to pursue true beauty through the creation of various beauty products. With an origin in Asian wisdom, Sulwhasoo has been using traditional medicinal and natural herbs like ginseng and red pine in their products since 1966. Known as the ‘heritage ingredient’ in their products, ginseng brings new life to skin while red pine as the ‘premium ingredient’ is said to be “the key to maintaining youthful skin in the face of time”. JAUM Balancing Complex™ is known as the ‘signature ingredient’ famous for being “the 18-hour secret to restoring skin balance”. The Sulwhasoo flagship in Seoul is the company’s signature space to express the core of Asian beauty allowing people to embark on a journey that involves six floors focusing on spa treatments, consultations, beauty classes, and product exploration. This journey of holistic beauty comes to a climax on the fifth floor rooftop lounge where visitors can fully connect with nature among the simplistic and one of a kind architecture.

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