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TOUN 28 is taking over 2021 Korean beauty!

TOUN 28 is taking over the year! Over the last few years, Korean beauty has earned global attention. Therefore, while keeping our eye on K-beauty trends we found the top trends that are going to be around for 2021.

toun 28

First, last year was an all-time high for clean and sustainable beauty. This trend mirrored the rise in climate change worldwide as well as the rise of air pollution in South Korea. The Korean consumer’s made it clear that they wanted clean skincare choices in 2020. Clean products have fewer chemicals. Also, these companies are switching to more eco-friendly packaging.

Secondly, the next 2020 trend is skincare with high content and high performance. To clarify, less focus on quantity and more focus on quality. This means consumers want a shorter ingredient list, and many brands are doing just that! They are highlighting their star ingredients down to the percentage!

Thirdly, 2020 has also seen an increase in personalized skincare products. Gaining popularity in 2019, personalized products are continuing to expand in 2020. The main reason being advances in data science and technology. To clarify, advanced tech allows companies to analyze consumers’ skin conditions and lifestyle habits in order to create skincare tailored to their individual needs.

While breaking down the trends for 2020 we noticed a brand that is going above and beyond! If you’re looking for sustainable, personalized skincare with a great ingredient list check out TOUN 28!

toun 28

Who is TOUN 28?

TOUN 28 is a Korean skincare company that believes in an ever-changing skincare routine. They believe that every 28 days we should adjust our skincare routine. This time period suits seasonal changes in external factors. Also, 28 days matches the natural renewal cycle on your skin barrier.

“Like balanced diets make a healthy body, Balanced ingredients make healthy skin”

They focus on high content ingredients allocating 90% of their production costs to ingredients alone. The other 10% covers their self-developed 100% biodegradable paper packaging.

TOUN 28’s mission is built on never-changing values. To clarify, TOUN 28  “seeks healthy beauty to benefit people and the environment.”

How does TOUN 28 achieve its mission?

In order to achieve skincare products that emphasize helping consumers and the environment TOUN 28 focuses on three main aspects:


TOUN 28 is not only trying to better the environment, but they are attempting to overturn the entire cosmetics market. They are combating the idea that long term use of the same product is harmful to the skin. “The skin changes every month. Is it right to buy the same cosmetics?” Therefore, skincare should be manufactured based on data and diagnosis, not preference or marketing.


Unlike some companies who think about the environment TOUN 28 acts for the environment. When you enter their official website it shows the number of animals saved and plastic not-used to produce their products. Why? Because “two billion animals are killed every year due to swallowing dumped plastic” garbage. This “plastic garbage” includes cosmetics products. This, TOUN 28 developed its own biodegradable paper container to reduce plastic (They are still working on a 100%-biodegradable paper container with no plastic cap.).


Until they were able to produce their own container, TOUN 28 describes how most of their money went towards the container, not the ingredients. TOUN 28’s ‘Put Ons’ pay 90% of costs for the raw elements, and only 10% for containers. Ensuring that they have a star ingredient list!

What are TOUN 28’S Popular Products? 

TOUN 28 makes all its products in Korea. TOUN 28’s products are classified as “Put On” (facial and body care) and “Wash Off” (soaps).

Its most famous products are:

  • Organic Hand H1

toun 28

  • Organic HEV UV Protector B2

  • Trouble Care For Dehydrated Oily Skin

  • Trouble Care For Sensitive Skin

  • pH Balancing Toner

How can you try TOUN 28?

They only sell directly to Korea at the moment. However, YesStyle is an approved retailer of TOUN 28! Therefore, you can check out YesStyle for all your TOUN 28 product needs!

“The era of convenience is over. Now comes the time when discomfort changes the world.” Jun soo Park, Co-founder.