TYPE Hangang: Seoul cafe with beautiful view of the Han river

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Have you ever wished for a Seoul cafe with beautiful views of the Han river? Well, look no further – TYPE Hangang is your answer. 

If you look up TYPE Hangang on Instagram, most visitors will be boasting about the beautiful view from the ceiling to floor windows. Certainly, since the cafe is open from morning to evening, you can experience the charm of the Han river during the daytime and nighttime. If you go on a sunny day, we recommend trying to catch the sunset. However, even on cloudy days the Han river is no less captivating.

TYPE Hangang has been open less than a year but its chic interior has already attracted many visitors. You may even have to wait for a table, especially by the windows. But the wait will be worth it, as the cafe is inviting and warm despite its black and white concept. While the cafe is not huge, the big windows and ample space between tables makes it feel spacious. As you walk in, you will see a long counter to the left with sample desserts. Even people with no sweet tooth will be enticed. 


TYPE Hangang Menu

TYPE Hangang has both a regular menu and a seasonal menu – more reason to come back when the seasons change! 

It is obvious that this cafe takes its coffee very seriously. In the menu is a table with different coffee beans and their qualities so that customers can choose what sort of blend they would like. You can also watch the barista as they carefully make drip coffee on the long counter. Next to them are coffee machines, and the smell of good coffee wafts out and it felt like it was calling my name

However, the seasonal menu was calling to us so the drink of choice was their chestnut cream latte and it did not disappoint! The chestnut was subtle but delicious and they advise mixing the cream into the latte for a more indulgent experience. Intrigued by the name, we also ordered a Kir Royale tea. However, there was no alcohol – instead it was a blend of hibiscus and other berries. We can confirm that it was delicious though!

We also tried the banana pudding and again we were very pleased with this choice. The pudding was light but satisfied the craving for a dessert. Similarly, it sat perfectly in the middle of too sweet and not sweet enough. All in all, we were both satiated and satisfied. 

Type Hangang seoul cafe latte coffee

Chestnut cream latte: 8,500 KRW
Kir Royale tea: 7,000 KRW
Banana pudding: 8,500 KRW


TYPE Hangang Location 

As mentioned before, TYPE Hangang sits along the Han river. Specifically, it’s located near Mapo bridge on the north bank of the river, which means come cherry blossom season it will offer stunning views – and we will definitely be going back for that!

TYPE has other cafes in Sindang, Samcheong, Chungmuro and even Jeju island. Considering how much we love their Hangang branch, we’ll have to visit all the other ones. And what a great excuse to pop down to Jeju island…!

Along with coffee, TYPE also offers studio space and sells artwork and lifestyle goods, so if you’re impressed by their interior decoration and style you can start to curate it at home. You can check it all out here.


Conclusion: you need to visit TYPE Hangang

If you’re looking for a stylish cafe that takes its coffee seriously with views of the Han river – TYPE Hangang is it. The staff are friendly and helpful and the desserts are delicious. There are numerous spots to take aesthetic pictures and the whole cafe itself is very Instagrammable. We cannot recommend enough putting this high on your list of cafes to visit in Seoul!

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