• Korean Movies

      10 Best Korean Movies Of 2021 You Need To Watch

      In 2021, South Korea gave us many amazing Korean movies, dramas and performances. Now specifically we will be talking about some brilliant Korean movies that have received great reviews and feedback for their cast performances and ...
    • Best_Korean_Solo_Artists

      Best Korean Solo Artists of 2021

      2021 was an amazing year in terms of the number of albums, songs, and OST’s we have received. Of course, Korean groups get a lot of attention, but we wanted to shine a nice light on ...
    • The 10 Greatest K-Dramas from 2021 You Need to Watch

      In terms of Korean dramas, 2021 has been a wild ride. Between the well-loved romance dramas like Nevertheless, the intense action-packed dramas like Vincenzo, and the gruesome dramas like Squid Game, there have been more than ...
    • epex 8 members

      Top 8 Best K-pop Rookies of 2021

      In the K-pop jargon, the definition of ‘rookie’ is a little bit confusing. First, idols or groups that have just debuted are considered rookies. But also, that label can be kept until they release a second ...
    • Top_10_Korean_Albums_of_2021

      The Top 10 Best Selling Korean Albums of 2021

      As you may have noticed, a lot of Korean albums have been released (60+ to be exact). Out of those albums we went to see which artists sold the most amount and with what album. So ...
    • K-drama OSTs

      10 Best K-drama OSTs of 2021

      K-drama OSTs are one of the best parts of K-dramas. They are catchy, some are underrated and highlights the emotion moments in the drama. They also provide a glimpse of the character’s current emotion state. Therefore, ...
    • The Top 7 K-Pop Collaborations from 2021 to Fall in Love With

      As K-pop grows more and more global, we’re seeing an increase in collaborations between Korean artists and international artists. Of course, we’ve had a ton of amazing collaborations in the past—including BLACKPINK with Selena Gomez and ...
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