Visit Korea Year 2023: K-Tourism on the Bucket List


Visit Korea Year 2023: Put K-Tourism on the Bucket Lists of People All Over the World

Korea has become a global sensation in recent years, thanks to its vibrant culture and various entertainment industries such as K-pop and K-beauty. This surge in global popularity has not gone unnoticed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (MCST), who have launched the Visit Korea Year 2023 campaign. The campaign aims to turn the world’s fascination with Korea’s culture into actual visits to the country.

The MCST recognizes that K-tourism can be a powerful engine for increasing domestic consumption and exports, and is promoting the Korean tourism industry as a special growth engine for domestic consumption and export.


To achieve its goals, the MCST is conducting marketing activities for different age groups and regions. In Japan, the ministry will launch the Korea-Japan Future Culture Tourism Partnership Project in April, utilizing Japan’s Golden Week (April 29th – May 7th) to encourage young Japanese people to visit Korea. They will also launch a campaign for older Hallyu enthusiasts, who were first introduced to Korean entertainment through the Japanese broadcast of Winter Sonata 20 years ago.

In China, the MCST is partnering with Chinese online travel agencies for the Visit Korea Again campaign, taking advantage of the additional launching of air routes between Korea and China in March and the Chinese Labor Day season in April. They will also conduct marketing efforts with incentives for shoppers purchasing Korean tourism products in partnership with a growing mobile payment company in China.

In May, the ministry will welcome visitors from Beijing with a roadshow on K-tourism to restore tourism between the two countries. They will develop new tourism products and programs to increase the number of long-term travelers from the United States and Europe staying in Korea for over a week.



Additionally, events such as “Taste Korea” will be held in Paris and London to promote K-gourmet delicacies, while tourism products will be developed and advertised to cater to the preferences of visitors from Southeast Asian countries.

The MCST is also focused on creating competitive local tourism content and large-scale events. They plan to integrate Cheongwadae, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok, and Seochon Villages, and Bugaksan Mountain into the Cheongwadae Tourism Cluster, turning the area into a landmark for K-tourism. They will select 10 traditional markets with appealing dishes and spectacles and assist local communities in revitalizing them as key tourist attractions.

A series of large-scale K-pop concerts and events will be launched between April and October in Busan, Jeollabuk-do, Incheon, Jeju, Seoul, and other areas in Korea. The K-culture large-scale event series opens with Seoul Festa (April 30th), followed by the Busan Dream Concert (May 27th), Saemangeum K-pop Concert (August 6th), Incheon K-pop Concert (INK, September 9th), and Hallyu Tourism Festival (October).

Furthermore, the MCST is aiming to expand high-value-added medical tourism, international conferences, and luxury tourism with “K-premium.” They will provide a customized medical tourism package to match different regions’ medical strengths, making it easier for visitors to access quality medical services while enjoying their stay in Korea. The MCST is also planning to attract international conferences to Korea by providing attractive facilities and programs for participants. They will also promote luxury tourism by providing premium services and experiences to high-end tourists.


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In conclusion, the Visit Korea Year 2023 campaign is an ambitious and comprehensive effort by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to leverage the global popularity of K-beauty, K-fashion, and K-gourmet delicacies into increased tourism and economic growth for Korea. Through targeted marketing activities for different regions and age groups, competitive local tourism content and large-scale events, and high-value-added medical tourism, international conferences, and luxury tourism, the campaign aims to showcase the diverse and vibrant aspects of Korean culture and attract visitors from all over the world. As a result, the campaign has the potential to not only boost Korea’s domestic consumption and exports but also foster greater international understanding and exchange. So, if you’re planning your next travel destination, consider putting K-tourism on your bucket list and experiencing the beauty and excitement of Korea for yourself!

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