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It’s that time of the year again K-pop fans, it’s comeback season! If you’re new to the K-pop world—or perhaps you’ve stumbled upon this article accidentally—then you might not know what comeback season is. I sure didn’t when I first got into K-pop. Essentially, K-pop season happens two or three times a year—once in the spring (usually around March, April, May) and once in the fall (usually around September and October). There are other times that comebacks occur, of course, but a good majority are released around comeback season. Here’s a list of the September 2021 comebacks and debuts that you don’t want to miss!

September 2021 Comebacks and Debuts: Comebacks

Amongst the long list of K-pop groups and various other idols, there’s been a ton that had their comeback during the September 2021 comeback season. This includes a lot of powerhouse performers, each sweeping the stage with their impressive vocals and outstanding performances.

However, we can’t mention them all. Some of the ones we aren’t mentioning include ones that are just releasing a repackaged album or ones that are coming back with only a single album and a Japanese album. Though this isn’t all of the comebacks, here’s a list of quite a few during this time that you’ll want to check out!

STAYC (Sept. 6)

Kicking off September, STAYC came back with their first mini-album Stereotype on September 6th. On August 15, the group released the comeback schedule and announcement for the mini-album. This included the schedule for concept photo releases, music video teaser releases, and the actual album release date. Fans were beyond excited for this September 2021 comeback (as they should be).

From August 17th to August 27th (minus the 22nd), the girl group released the concept photos for their album. The highlight medley for the album came out on the 30th. And, finally, the album came out on the 6th of September.

This mini-album has a total of four tracks, the title track being “색안경 (Stereotype).” You can watch the music video for this song here:


And you can listen to the entire mini-album on Spotify here.

Baek A Yeon (Sept. 7)

The day after STAYC’s comeback, Baek A Yeon came back with her fifth mini-album Observe. Although this album was originally scheduled to come out during the summer, it got pushed back until September 7th due to complications. So it came out with the September 2021 comeback season rather than the summer one. But the mini-album is out now and it was definitely worth the wait!

The announcement for the album first came on August 18th with the comeback schedule releasing on Baek’s Instagram. Starting on the 23rd of August, Baek released the comeback material for her mini-album. There were various photo releases, album teasers, and videos. The music video teaser came out on August 31st. And just seven days later, the album and music video came out.

Observe includes a total of six tracks: five new ones and an instrumental of the title track. The title track is “아무것도 하기 싫으면 어떡해?” The track is also known as “0%.”


You can listen to Baek A Yeon’s mini-album on Spotify here.

Purple Kiss (Sept. 8)

Again, a day after Baek A Yeon’s comeback, Purple Kiss released their second mini-album Hide & Seek. This mini-album was announced on August 23rd with a thirteen-second video on Twitter that includes the album name, the release date, and a soft voice whispering “hello.”

Shortly after this announcement, the group released their concept photos and pre-order information. The music video teaser for the title track “Zombie” didn’t come until September 4th, four days before the release of the album. And after the highly anticipated wait from their fans for their September 2021 comeback, the group released their mini-album and music video for “Zombie” on September 8th.


This mini-album includes six tracks total, some of which the members took part in writing and producing. You can listen to this mini-album on Spotify here.

Lee Hi (Sept. 9)

Continuing the everyday release pattern, Lee Hi released her third full-length album 4 Only on September 9th during the September 2021 comeback season. This album was long-awaited for the singer, as her last full-length album came out five years ago in 2016. This album was announced on August 23rd on Lee Hi’s Instagram. Fans were beyond excited for the album.

There’s a total of ten songs on the 4 Only album, three of which were released with music videos. The main single of the album is “Red Lipstick.” However, both “Only” and “Savior” are considered singles with their own music videos.


You can listen to this full-length album on Spotify here.

ATEEZ (Sept. 13)

Jumping further into September, the next comeback we’ll talk about is from boy group ATEEZ. Continuing their Fever album series, the group released their mini-album Zero: Fever Part 3 on September 13th. This album marked the return of member Mingi and the continuation of their storyline.

The first announcement for this comeback was released on the group’s Twitter account on August 23rd. This teaser included only a text graphic. Twelve hours after the graphic came out, the group released the schedule for the album—filled with concept photos, performance previews, and other teasers. Uniquely, the group had their fans and other people they know vote between two tracks to become the title of the mini-album.

With six tracks altogether, this mini-album fell perfectly in the September 2021 comeback season. The group released the album and music video for the title track “Deja Vu” on September 13th.


You can listen to the entire mini-album on Spotify here.

Wonho (Sept. 14)

With six new songs, Wonho had his September 2021 comeback with his second mini-album Blue Letter. Announced a couple weeks before his solo debut anniversary, Wonho brought his fans yet another album. Of course, they were beyond excited for the news.

Starting from August 19th, with the first initial announcement of Blue Letter, until September 14th when the album came out, Wonho released various concept photos and teaser videos. But the seemingly long wait for the mini-album was worth it as the album itself brought comfort and positivity to fans.

The title track, “Blue,” came out with a music video on the 14th alongside the album release. The beat and music behind Wonho’s vocals are unique but captivating.


You can listen to the entire, seven-track, mini-album on Spotify here.

NCT 127 (Sept. 17)

Breaking the mini-album pattern, NCT 127 held their September 2021 comeback on September 17th with the full-length album STICKER. The album includes eleven songs total, with the title track of the same name “Sticker.”

The announcement for the album first came on August 23rd, being followed nearly every day by teasers and photos. Uniquely, NCT 127 released “Track Videos” during the wait for the album release. These videos were short snippets of the songs included in the album. So not only did their fans get teaser photos, but they got multiple teaser videos for different songs. Most groups don’t tend to do that, instead having album medleys as teasers.

The music video for “Sticker” came out on September 17th. The album dropped at the same time.


You can listen to this full-length album on Spotify here.

ITZY (Sept. 24)

Releasing their first full-length album, ITZY’s September 2021 comeback is a special one. Since their debut in mid-2019, ITZY has mainly released EPs (extended plays, also known as mini-albums) and single albums (albums for one/two songs typically). So this fall, ITZY broke their pattern and released their first full-length album with sixteen tracks.

This album was first announced on ITZY’s Twitter account on August 12th. This comeback poster told nothing much other than the release date for the album and the title track, but fans were rightfully excited.

With a full-length album, there were plenty more things for the group to release. Looking at their comeback schedule, they had stuff releasing nearly every day from September 5th to the album release date of September 24th. The title track, “Loco,” came out the same day as the album.


You can listen to ITZY’s first full-length album on Spotify here.

KEY (Sept. 27)

Coming back with his first mini-album, KEY is one of the highly anticipated September 2021 comebacks on this list. He’s from the group SHINee and has previously released solo work. However, this is the first solo work he’s released since 2019.

This mini-album was first announced on September 6th on SHINee’s official Twitter account. The graphic—a large, pink, and gooey-looking monster—only told the album’s title, which is Bad Love, and the tweet told us the release date, September 27th.

There’s a total of six songs on this mini-album, two being singles. The first single, “Hate That…,” was pre-released at the end of August with a music video. The main title track, “Bad Love,” was released with the album on September 27th.


You can find and listen to Key’s first mini-album on Spotify here.

AB6IX (Sept. 27)

The last—but certainly not least—September comeback on this list of September 2021 comebacks is AB6IX. On September 27th, the group came back with their second full-length album MO’ COMPLETE. This is the group’s third comeback in 2021, the first two being EPs.

The ten-track album was first announced on September 6th with a Tweet and Logo Motion teaser. This teaser referenced their past EPs and revealed the title of their upcoming album.

After plenty of previews—album previews, lyric previews, music video previews—the group finally released the music video for their title track “Cherry” and the album. Even though the group had released two other albums in 2021, their fans were still beyond excited for this one.


You can listen and enjoy the MO’ COMPLETE album on Spotify here.

September 2021 Comebacks and Debuts: Debuts

Much like the September 2021 comebacks in September, there’s a whole lineup of debuts that occurred this year! September was filled to the brim of exciting new debuts from artists that we’ve all loved—many debuts were solos from members of various groups.

Again, like the comebacks, we can’t mention them all… but we’ve compiled a list of some of the more popular debuts from September that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Similarly, we didn’t mention any Japanese debuts. So take a look at these September debuts and hopefully you find one that you like!

DAY6 Young K (Sept. 6)

This is probably the most bittersweet releases on this list of September 2021 comebacks and debuts. August 16th was both an exciting and a saddening day for fans of DAY6. On this day, it was announced that member Young K would finally be having his solo debut and releasing his first mini-album. However, it was also the day that he announced his military enlistment scheduled for October. So fans of DAY6 and Young K were rightfully excited and upset over the news.

On August 19th, they released the official announcement for Young K’s mini-album Eternal. The graphic, a monochrome photo of a microphone and a chair, let fans know the day of release and the name of the album. And on September 6th, the mini-album was finally released.

The seven-track album is full of songs written and composed by Young K; it’s a collection of things he wished to express—like, for example, his want to sing forever. The title track “Guard You” came with a music video on the same day of the album’s release.


You can find this mini-album on Spotify to listen to fully.

ICHILLIN’ (Sept. 8)

If you’re looking for a new girl group to listen to during the September 2021 comeback and debut season, then you won’t have to look much further! At the end of July and the start of August, KM Entertainment announced the future debut of a seven-member girl group. From August 2nd to the 4th, the members were released one by one.

Originally, the group’s debut was to take place on August 25th. However, the completion of the album took longer than expected and the group didn’t get to debut until September 8th with their first digital single “GOT’YA.”

This song and music video hits all of the important parts: it’s beyond catchy (I still have the chorus stuck in my head…), the visuals are amazing, and the overall aesthetic of the group is great. The girls come out sporting black, white, and red outfits at the beginning of the video, catching the attention of anyone watching.


You can listen to this debut single from ICHILLIN’ on Spotify here.

HyunA & Dawn (Sept. 9)

One highly anticipated mini-album released during the September 2021 comebacks and debuts was that from HyunA and Dawn. Since the couples outing a couple of years ago, they’ve been in the K-pop spotlight constantly. Each fan was waiting to see what their next move would be. Between the backlash, the happiness, and the chaos between it all, the couple found themselves signed to a new company and supported by most of the K-pop communities.

Since then, fans have eagerly awaited a collaboration between the pair. And, finally, the pair announced their first mini-album together on August 30th. Their mini-album, 1+1=1, came out on September 9th with a total of four tracks, the title track being “PING PONG.”

The album truly showcased the chemistry between the couple and had K-pop fans around the world falling in love.


You can listen to the pair’s mini-album on Spotify here.

BLACKPINK Lisa (Sept. 10)

Besides HyunA and Dawn, Lisa’s debut is the other highly anticipated release during the September 2021 comeback and debut season. Fans of BLACKPINK waited for months for the singer to make her solo debut. And, finally, on August 22nd it was announced that Lisa would be releasing her first single album LALISA.

The single album included four tracks altogether, but only two songs. Each song had a regular version and then an instrumental version, making up the four tracks. Only a few weeks after the announcement, the album and title track music video were released.

Fans of BLACKPINK, Lisa, and other K-pop lovers instantly took a liking to the single album and title track “LALISA.”


You can listen to Lisa’s debut single album LALISA on Spotify here.

Enjoy these September 2021 Comebacks and Debuts!

Though we didn’t mention every single September 2021 comeback and debut, we definitely mentioned a good selection of them! I’m sure you were able to find something new to listen to. And stay tuned for October. September might have been jam-packed with a lot of great comebacks and debuts, but October will bring even more!

If you want to look more into different things in the K-pop world, you can scroll through our K-Pop Category! We’ve written a ton about K-pop—including posts about BTS, BLACKPINK, and more.

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