An In-Depth Look at BTS’ PROOF CD 2, a Journey of Individuality and Togetherness


PROOF CD 2 is quite the contrast from PROOF CD 1. Not only do these songs vary in sound, but they vary in era, too. These songs aren’t chosen just because of their title track status. Instead, the songs on PROOF CD 2 were specifically chosen by the members of BTS.

Each member chose a total of two songs to include on this CD, picking them for their own personal reasons—whether it’s a song that brings them comfort or it’s one that holds a special memory for them. Take a look through this specially curated list of songs on PROOF CD 2.

PROOF CD 2: Track Breakdown

In the weeks leading up to BTS’ comeback, the group released the usual teaser photos and videos. For PROOF, the members also released individual videos called Proof of Inspiration. In each video, the members discussed which songs they chose for the album and why they chose them. It let ARMY get a closer look into the reasoning behind the album and PROOF CD 2 tracklist’s construction.

1. “달려라 방탄 (Run BTS)” – Original Release: June 10, 2022

Despite PROOF CD 2 having a tracklist of songs chosen by the members, the first song is actually one of the three new ones in the entire album!

“Run BTS” is a track full of hype and power. This song has a unique backing track to it and the members growl their way through most of the song with a specific lilt to their voices (I would say that it’s almost a teasing tone, but I don’t think that’s necessarily right).


The lyrics of “Run BTS” detail the members’ long journey to success. The lyrics reference past parts of their career—including moments from their pre-debut—and other Korean idioms that reference hard work.

Throughout the song, the group mentions Nonhyun. In their pre-debut years and the very beginning of their career, the group stayed in a very small dorm in Nonhyun. By referencing it in the song, they’re referencing the group’s roots and showing just how much they’ve grown.

In RM’s verse, there is a lyric that translates to “above the running guy is the flying guy” (translation source). In a sense, this means that there will always be someone better no matter where you are in life. BTS use this lyric as a pushing point for themselves—it shows that BTS continue to work hard even if it seems like they’re already at the top. Check out this fan’s translation where they break down the complex lyrics and the various meanings behind them.

2. “Intro: Persona” – Original Release: March 28, 2019

The first member-chosen song on PROOF CD 2 is from RM. “Intro: Persona” is RM’s comeback song for their sixth mini-album Map of the Soul: Persona (shortened as MOTS:P).


In his Proof of Inspiration video, RM talks about why he chose “Intro: Persona” in particular. He says, “’Intro: Persona’ starts with ‘Who am I!’ so I’ve been thinking about that a lot while we ran full speed ahead since our debut, and even now.”

On many occasions—whether on their fan communication app (Weverse), on V-Live, or during their filmed content—RM has mentioned his battle with learning who RM is versus Kim Namjoon. He’s debated about which one is the “real him” in terms of being an idol, a rapper, someone in the spotlight, or someone who enjoys hiking mountains, reading books, and riding his bike.

He concludes, in the Proof of Inspiration video, that they are all still him. He says, “But in the end, I found that all these personas that I’ve been shifting between are all me.”

3. “Stay” – Original Release: November 20, 2020

The next song on PROOF CD 2 is also RM’s pick. “Stay” is from the group’s seventh mini-album BE. This song is a unit song with members RM, Jin, and Jungkook.


As Jungkook mentioned in his 2020 interview with Weverse Magazine, “Stay” was originally supposed to be on the youngest’s personal mixtape. However, the other members of BTS liked the song so much that they added it to the album.

Of course, the lyrics were changed to include a different meaning. Jungkook, in the interview, mentions that the song originally meant something along the lines of being together always, no matter how far apart. This theme carried to the rewrite.

In his Proof of Inspiration, RM says he chose this song to represent the fact that ARMY and BTS “stay” with him no matter his persona. In other words, RM chose this song because the members and their fans are always with him no matter the person he is—whether that’s as RM or as Kim Namjoon.

4. “Moon” – Original Release: February 21, 2020

The third track on PROOF CD 2 is member Jin’s choice and his solo track from their Map of the Soul: 7 (shortened as MOTS:7), “Moon.”

“Moon” is a song Jin wrote specifically for ARMY. He wanted to show his love for ARMY through “Moon,” taking the concept of him being the earth and ARMY being the moon. In their 2020 interview with Spotify, Jin talked about this. He mentions that he wanted to represent the fact that he is always looking at/toward ARMY—as the moon is always looking at the earth.


In Jin’s Proof of Inspiration, he talks about this concept further. He says, “Now, I think we’re at a point where I am ARMY and ARMY are me—we’ve assimilated into one. The path I’ve taken so far wouldn’t have been possible without ARMY.”

In their online concert Map of the Soul ON:E, Jin performs “Moon.” At the end of the performance, an Earth (attached by a string) comes down from the ceiling and he either hugs it or kisses it depending on the day of the concert you watch. This symbolizes his love for ARMY.

“Moon” is the perfect addition to PROOF CD 2 as it reminds fans how much the members, and Jin specifically, cares for them. It’s a song that can bring comfort in both the lyrics and the reason behind its creation.

5. “Jamais Vu” – Original Release: March 28, 2019

Jin’s second song for PROOF CD 2 is “Jamais Vu” from MOTS:P. Like “Stay,” “Jamais Vu” is a unit song—members Jin, j-hope, and Jungkook.

“Jamais Vu” is a soft pop song with impactful lyrics, a heavy meaning, and a whole lot of stunning vocals. The lyrics of the song translate to a heartbreaking story of jamais vu—a French word that means something like the feeling of seeing something for the first time even if you’ve seen it before (and not in the romantic sense, almost in a memory loss sense). Though the most common definition of it is the feeling of seeing something for the first time.


If you read through the translated lyrics of “Jamais Vu,” you’ll notice that they’re a bit sad (not just a bit, they are definitely heavy). BTS took to the first definition of jamais vu. The lyrics also speak of reaching out to someone for comfort—of finding comfort in another person in the face of jamais vu.

In Jin’s Proof of Inspiration video, he mentions that he wanted to include “Jamais Vu” in the album specifically for the lyrical meaning. He says, “Just like in the lyrics in ‘Jamais Vu,’ whenever things get tough and I get exhausted, I will think of our members and ARMY who have been my refuge and comfort and make more good music.”

In their BANG BANG CON: The Live concert, this trio performed “Jamais Vu” in a way that expresses the definition of jamais vu. Going in circles, the trio slowly walks up and down a set of stairs as they sing the soft song.

6. “Trivia 轉: Seesaw” – Original Release: August 24, 2018

The next two songs on PROOF CD 2 were chosen by SUGA. This first one, “Trivia: Seesaw,” is SUGA’s solo song on BTS’ album Love Yourself: Answer.

The lyrics depict a relationship that has turned into a seesaw—back and forth with emotions, there’s nothing left in the relationship except arguments and tiredness.


In his Proof of Inspiration, SUGA says he chose two songs in completely contrasting styles. He wanted his chosen songs to show his expansive musical spectrum and represent who he and BTS are as people—both being more than just one way.

ARMY particularly enjoys this song from SUGA. Typically, SUGA isn’t known for dancing—he has powerful raps, a unique vocal tone, and more than enough stage presence. He’s not bad at dancing by any means, but many fans weren’t expecting him to have a dance routine for any of his solo work. For “Trivia: Seesaw,” SUGA comes in with a smooth dance routine that left ARMY speechless.

SUGA says in his Proof of Inspiration that the contrasting sounds of his music are what make him who he is as an artist. If you’ve ever seen the songs SUGA has produced—even the ones he produced for other people—then you’ll know how widespread his skills are. His range of music is very well represented by the two songs he chose for PROOF CD 2.

7. “BTS Cypher pt. 3: Killer” – Original Release: August 20, 2014

From BTS’ first full-length album, Dark & Wild, the rap-line song “BTS Cypher Pt. 3: Killer” is a fan favorite. As a rap unit song, the three rappers—RM, SUGA, and j-hope—give a powerful performance.


In BTS’ discography, there are a total of four Cyphers from the rap-line. These songs are powerful, full of heavy rapping, and close to what you expect a diss track to be. Typically, the Cypher songs contain clap backs, slight insults, and talk up their own skills (deservedly, of course).

For their Cypher songs, the rap line typically gets special stages at their concerts and tailored outfits. Each of their cypher performances hit hard and shows how much power BTS’ rap-line really has.

Since both RM and SUGA were part of the underground rap scene before joining BigHit Entertainment in 2010 (now known as HYBE and BigHit Music), the Cyphers most likely give them a chance to step back into the roots more. And j-hope, too, since he joined the company when BTS was still supposed to be a hip-hop crew.

8. “Outro: Ego” – Original Release: February 2, 2020

The next song on the PROOF CD 2 tracklist is j-hope’s solo song from BTS’ album MOTS:7. This song was released as the second comeback trailer for the album.

“Outro: Ego” is the exact song you think j-hope would have. It’s got a strong beat, boppy backing tracks, and a rap that no one but j-hope can pull off.


In his Proof of Inspiration, j-hope mentions that he chose “Outro: Ego” for a similar reason as RM. He says, “…there are times when I have to wear a mask to hide the sides of myself that I don’t particularly want to show other people. And I sometimes hid because I didn’t want to show that side of myself either. But they are all me.”

The beginning part of “Outro: Ego” is actually a sample from one of BTS’ earlier tracks. In 2013, the group released “Intro: 2 Cool 4 Skool” with the same intro. Much like “Boy With Luv” was a newer rendition of the group’s older song “Boy In Luv,” “Outro: Ego” goes in a new direction with the sample and creates a whole different song.

The lyrics of “Outro: Ego” tell a tale of j-hope finding himself—both as BTS member j-hope and regular Jung Hoseok—and accepting himself for all parts that he is. The songs on PROOF CD 2 really do show how the members of BTS have taken to discovering and accepting themselves as both their stage persona and their non-famous side.

9. “Outro: Her” – Original Release: September 18, 2017

j-hope’s second song for PROOF CD 2 is the rap line’s song “Outro: Her.”

This song was originally released on the group’s fifth mini-album Love Yourself: Her. Though it’s a rap line song, it’s noticeably softer than the others.


The main theme of “Outro: Her” is a love song. However, as j-hope mentions in his Proof of Inspiration, many ARMY have interpreted it in many different ways. Many have said that it’s a complex battle of someone wanting to reshape themselves to fit the mold for someone else—like changing yourself into the ideal person the other would love.

Taking both interpretations of the song into consideration, it actually fits quite well with “Outro: Ego.” Where “Ego” is a song about accepting yourself despite the things around you, “Her” is a song about wanting to change yourself. Being opposites, they fit pretty well together in comparison.

In his Proof of Inspiration, j-hope sums the two songs up like this, “I came to accept all of my sides as parts of my identity, my ego, because the member and ARMY accept all of me. Who I am, just as I am, my ego is my proof.”

10. “Filter” – Original Release: February 21, 2020

Kicking off Jimin’s choices on PROOF CD 2 is his solo song “Filter.” Similar to the past songs, “Filter” is a song that talks about the different sides of Jimin and how he deals with accepting and showing them.

This song was also on the MOTS:7 album.


“Filter” is a song that discusses the idea of being many different filters for someone else. While the initial impression of the lyrics seems too similar to wanting to change yourself or be something specific for someone else, Jimin explains it differently in his Proof of Inspiration.

In his Proof of Inspiration, he explains it as, “I wanted to live up to ARMY’s expectations and show them many different sides of myself. And I still have many different colors left to share.” So, with this explanation, “Filter” seems to be a song that Jimin uses to explain how much he wants to show ARMY.

In BTSMap of the Soul ON:E concert, Jimin performs “Filter” with a unique stage. Throughout, he’s changing elements of his outfit. Around the middle, he even changes the complete outfit (of course, this is most likely a play on video editing, but it still looks really cool!). His stage with this song only drives home that idea of having more than one filter or color.

11. “친구 (Friends)” – Original Release: February 21, 2020

Jimin’s second choice for PROOF CD 2 is “Friends,” a song that he did with V.

Like “Filter,” this song was also on their full-length album MOTS: 7. It was a special song that incorporates a lot of moments between Jimin and V.


As a fun and upbeat song, “Friends” tells ARMY just how close V and Jimin are. The lyrics reference inside jokes between them and fun memories—including Jimin’s small pinky or their memories together in high school wearing their uniforms, going to the movies, and the dumpling incident.

In his Proof of Inspiration, Jimin explains that “Friends” is, for him, a reminder of those who help remind him of who he is. He says, “I might have come across as being colorless instead of colorful if I’d have accommodated myself to other people’s ideas without having a distinct hue of my own. But my ‘Friends’ – the members and ARMY – were always there to help me remind myself of what my essence is and keep myself centered.”

With the inclusion of “Friends” on PROOF CD 2, it shows the playful side of BTS and the friendship of V and Jimin. On multiple occasions, as in the lyrics of “Friends,” Jimin and V have talked about their pre-debut argument over dumplings. It’s honestly quite funny and shows just how close Jimin and V are. If you want to learn more about the dumpling incident, check out this video that Jimin and V did talking about the song here.

12. “Singularity” – Original Release: May 6, 2018

V’s first song selection on PROOF CD 2 is his solo song “Singularity.” This song was the comeback trailer for their Love Yourself: Tear album in the middle of 2018.

With a sultry tone, V takes on a new challenge with this song. Though V has amazing dance skills alongside the rest of BTS, many ARMY dub it as the song that proves he’s undoubtedly part of the dance-line.


The theme of BTS debating about who they really are between their stage presence outside of the group continues with V and his choice of “Singularity.” In his Proof of Inspiration, he says, “I tended to think of Kim Taehyung and artist V as being separate, and thought that I had to choose one or the other, as visually portrayed in the ‘Singularity’ music video.”

In the music video, V begins the dance almost battling with himself. At points in the video and the dance, V is using a mask to cover his face. This could be the moment that he’s referring to as keeping V and Kim Taehyung separate.

The mask he wears while performing could represent his presence as V and the moment he removes it could be representing him as Kim Taehyung—of course, it could be the opposite, too. It’s interesting to see that this single theme stayed consistent with each of the members throughout PROOF CD 2.

13. “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)” – Original Release: February 21, 2020

V’s second pick for PROOF CD 2 was “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)” from their MOTS:7 album. This song is a vocal-line song—which is Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, and V.

This song is quite meaningful for BTS and fans alike, the message being of new beginnings and hope.


The lyrics of “00:00” talk about letting burdens go when the clock restarts at midnight (as 24-hour time says 00:00 when midnight strikes). The song aims to bring comfort to ARMY with a reminder that they will be happy—maybe not this second but soon, they just need to take a deep breath when the clock strikes midnight and reset.

In his Proof of Inspiration, V says that he was able to accept both sides of himself—as the V on stage who enjoys his time with ARMY and Kim Taehyung who prefers time with his friends and family—and reset like the lyrics in “00:00.”

For New Year’s Eve, many K-pop fans have the tradition of playing a certain song as the countdown to midnight begins. Many fans time the songs exactly to have a certain phrase ring out right as the clock strikes midnight. After this song was released, many ARMY took to playing it as midnight drew closer, timing it so “and you gonna be happy” played when the New Year started. Because of this and the deep meaning of the lyrics, ARMY have a deep connection with the song. Its inclusion in PROOF CD 2 will only remind ARMY of the comfort it brings.

14. “Euphoria” – Original Release: April 5, 2018

These last two songs of PROOF CD 2 were chosen specifically by the maknae of BTS, Jungkook. “Euphoria” is Jungkook’s solo song.

Uniquely, “Euphoria” has a bit of a funny backstory. This song was first released in April 2018 as a short film titled “Euphoria Theme of Love Yourself Wonder.”


From what I remember of its release, there wasn’t any lead-up to it or any warning, it was simply released one day. There seemed to be nothing attached to it at that moment. A few months later, after ARMY practically begging BigHit for a studio version of the song, it was announced that BTS would release their Love Yourself: Answer album. Thankfully, “Euphoria” was included on that tracklist. Though, there might still be some mystery as to why the video was released the way it was.

In his Proof of Inspiration, Jungkook doesn’t necessarily talk about why he chose these two songs in particular for PROOF CD 2. In fact, he just talks about how much he enjoys performing in front of ARMY and writing music for us. (Which… aww, that’s super sweet of you, Jungkook.)

He probably chose “Euphoria” for PROOF CD 2 because of the happiness stored in the lyrics. In the song, he’s constantly singing about finding his “euphoria” in someone and the happiness they bring—it’s pretty well-known that he’s singing about BTS and ARMY with this song. Perhaps he chose it to remind ARMY that they will always be his euphoria.

15. “보조개 (Dimple)” – Original Release: September 18, 2017

The second song Jungkook chose and the last song on PROOF CD 2 is “Dimple.” This vocal-line song flirts between the concept of adorable/cute and sexy.

The song was released on the group’s mini-album Love Yourself: Her.


While the lyrics and tune of the song are inherently cute, the dance for it sure is closer to the sexy side. With low-cut shirts and silky fabrics, the members in the vocal-line dance with lots of fluid movements and body rolls. (You can watch this performance they did at the 2020 Golden Disc Awards [GDA]).

This song wasn’t performed too much, unfortunately, but it was definitely a song ARMY enjoyed a lot.

Since fans enjoyed the performance of “Dimple,” there’s no doubt as to why Jungkook would make this his second song for the PROOF CD 2 tracklist. It shows a teasing and flirty side to BTS that none of the other songs had.

Did BTS choose any of your favorite songs for PROOF CD 2?

Out of the fifteen songs on PROOF CD 2, there’s not one that is considered the least favorite for fans. Each song brings a unique flavor to the CD and show just how versatile BTS’ music can get. From their sound in 2013 to their sound now, in 2022, the group has written songs that will always mean something to fans and themselves.

If you’d like to check out the other articles we’ve written about PROOF, feel free to check out our K-Pop Category! We’ve dived deep into the other CDs for PROOF and wrote a few other blogs about BTS that you might enjoy. Also, be sure to check out the blogs we wrote for BTS Week last year.

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