Best Korean Vitamins and Supplements For Your Skin in 2022


When thinking about Korean skincare products, we only consider soaps, lotions, and sunscreen, but never vitamins or supplements.

Understandably, using vitamins and supplements is not big in Korean beauty yet, so no one discusses it.

However, supplements can have a positive effect on our skin, especially because it is in your body.

Beauty supplements should be a part of your skincare routine for healthy, bright skin.

Vitamins for the Skin

For further understanding, ingesting vitamins and supplements is different from applying lotion to the skin. Ingesting vitamins means the vitamin will break down and disperse throughout the body. Whereas applying means it will protect one area.

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Some vitamins that are essential for the skin are:

  • Vitamins C are antioxidants helping our skin fight cancer as well as make collagen. Furthermore, collagen helps our skin rejuvenate, and prevent aging. Consuming vitamin C can only better the protection again UV rays and cell damage to the skin.
  • Another antioxidant for the skin is vitamin E. This also helps protect against the sun’s UV light, but it prevents dark spots and wrinkles. Also, if your skin is dry, this vitamin balances out the dryness in your face.
  • On the other hand, Vitamin K does physical repairs (after bruising, cuts, stretch marks, scars, etc.).

Korean Fruits full of Vitamins

Korean fruits are rich in nutrients and are good for your health, especially for the skin. Eating these fruits does not mean you will have perfect skin forever, but it will help you keep your skin as healthy as possible.


  • Persimmons are for people who want to protect and lighten their skin. Persimmons show effects against wrinkles, and reduction in skin oil. Furthermore, if you have large pores, persimmons might help minimize it.

  • Korean pears can help with dry skin. Especially for the cold season, Korean pears can moisten the skin and remove the dark circle around the eyes. Also, these pears have vitamin K and vitamin C.

  • Eating peaches can be very beneficial. They have many antioxidants as well as vitamin A and vitamin C. Furthermore, the antioxidants can help with anti-aging. Importantly, peach has chlorogenic acid which helps fight skin problems like eczema, acne, and inflammation.

  • If your skin looks dry and dead, start eating more Korean melons. They are full of calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C. This Korean fruit can help you have a youthful look while protecting the skin from UV rays.

  • Jeju Citrus is like oranges, so it is also filled with vitamin C. And if your skin is dull, eating this citrus can make your skin glow. Your skin can become more radiant and blemish-free.

Additional Vitamins and Supplements

Here are some supplements you can also take:


  • At just $16, Green Monster Inner Princess is for people with dry skin. This vitamin helps your skin by hydrating it and providing collagen. The tablets are smaller than a gummy bear so it is not hard to swallow.


  • Green Monster Inner Collagen costs $14 and has 20 packages. Now, this does contain fish collagen for elasticity and hydration for the skin. Also, it has vitamin C for skin repair. This vitamin can also help in strengthening your nails.

  • Notably, Goryeo Eudan Vitamin-C Gold Plus is on the expensive side of the vitamins retailing at $40. This product has vitamin C, vitamin D, biotin, and zinc. Ithelps the skin against UV rays.


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