The Best Medical Tourism Agency in Seoul

medical tourism in seoul

best medical tourism agency

Although breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in South Korea, there are a variety of services and clinics to choose from. Seoul Cosmetic Surgery is the best medical tourism agency in Seoul for foreigners seeking cosmetic enhancements.

Who Are They?

Seoul Cosmetic Surgery is a medical tourism agency in Seoul, South Korea. Seoul Cosmetic Surgery maintains close partnerships with the most renowned medical centers. This allows them to provide the finest advice and assistance to foreign patients seeking treatments from well-regarded hospitals.

These treatments are numerous and include the following:

best medical tourism agency


Patients can save both money and time by working with Seoul Cosmetic Surgery. Assigning patients with a personal manager allows for less stress. They also provide transport from the airport and to the clinic. To give an even better experience, sightseeing and shopping tours are also provided. The agency follows up with patients online after the procedure to make sure they are taken care of well. Moreover, Seoul Cosmetic Surgery is great for medical tourism in Seoul as they allow patients to customize their experience to their liking with various packages.

Signature Package

This package is suitable for those interested in a brief trip to Seoul. It provides one-on-one personalized services, 24-hour accessibility, and premium beauty consulting. The Seoul Cosmetic Surgery team will assist in scheduling procedures and appointments and will provide a trained medical translator so you receive extensive information. Additionally, a 4-star hotel and breakfast are available to you, as well as airport pick-up/drop-off services and transportation for clinic check-ups. You will also receive a one-day curated tour in Seoul to explore what the city has to offer.

best medical tourism agency

Timeless Package

For those who wish to spend more time in Seoul, this package is perfect. You will be able to experience more of the culture and visit any places that are of interest to you. Everything within the Signature Package is included here, along with a 5-star hotel and breakfast, full chauffeur services, and a three-day tour (two days in Seoul, one day outside of Seoul).

best medical tourism agency

Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package is suitable for those seeking optimized relaxation while in Seoul. With this package, you are able to remain completely relaxed during your stay while receiving extensive tours in Seoul and the surrounding areas. You will receive everything available in the previous two packages with the addition of access to a VIP medical coordinator throughout your trip, recovery healing therapy, massages, and skin care, recovery nutritional therapy, and a five-day curated tour (three days in Seoul, two days outside of Seoul) with all meals provided.


Seoul Cosmetic Surgery is also the best medical tourism agency in Seoul as they maintain a government license. USA Today and Korea Times have followed the agency, reporting the experience so patients can be aware of the complete and exact process. Many patients that work with Seoul Cosmetic Surgery have commended the company for providing a comfortable experience.

Patients do not need to worry if they cannot speak English or Korean as the agency can support numerous languages and translation. With their knowledge in various clinics, they also assist patients in choosing the right clinic and connect them with the top doctors in South Korea. Several influencers echo this, such as  Claudipia, Ashley, Star Lengas, and Nalu. The agency was happy to assist them in booking an appointment and they stated that the experience was extremely comfortable.

With Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, your experience in South Korea will be easy and enjoyable.

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