Korean Female Fashion in Start-Up Drama

Korean female fashion

We all love watching Korean dramas not because of its great contents but also of its  fashion inspiration, especially Korean female fashion. 

After discussing recent Korean drama series, it is impossible not to mention “Start-Up.” This drama brings useful knowledge and enthusiasm for us to start a new business by telling stories of groups of young people striving for their dreams. One of the most impressive elements of this drama is diverse Korean female fashion styles, which can best fit each situation. It can be a suit for important events, comfortable casual office attire, or maybe casual clothes. We can learn a variety of styles through the actors’ women’s daily outfits. 

Seo Dal-mi, played by actor Bae Suzy, owns various outfits such as blouse shirts, blazers, jeans, wool jackets, and skirts. Besides, her uniqueness and freshness come from wearing different pants – flared, cropped, relaxed, and an assortment of hues – combined with a blouse, boxy jacket, and chunky sweater. You might also pay attention to the types of shoes that Suzy combines with her outfits, which are low-heeled pumps, loafers, and flats. Here are some tips to upgrade women’s daily outfits by following Dal-mi styles. 

Blouse Shirt

Blouse shirts are obviously indispensable in the wardrobe of office ladies. Some offices also require their employees to wear white shirts when attending workplace or important events. This rigid item can be younger if you find some new highlights for it. Prioritize designs that are comfortable, comprehensive, soft materials like silk or chiffon. In terms of collars, I prefer the V-neck style over the neck collar.

When wearing blouse shirts, you should incorporate additional accessories in order not to look too monotonous. There is a hint from Seo Dal-Mi. She mixes a blouse shirt with a silk scarf. The reason for choosing a silk scarf instead of a necklace is that it will create enough accent and be transformed in many different ways. Additionally, a watch or a simple pair of earrings will help you have more highlights.

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Blazer Collection

Throughout the drama, Seo Dal-Mi usually combines jeans with a T-shirt or a shirt, blazer will be the item that can help your outfit look more elaborate and professional. However, if you haven’t noticed, Suzy owns her blazer collection, and these items are simple. Still, it is varied in materials and sewing styles. Besides the familiar cotton material, she also adds linen, which can be suitable for hot days.

Besides, Suzy also impresses viewers by mixing a blazer with a peplum shirt. This style brings an elegant and luxurious look that is suitable for a party atmosphere.

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When working in a creative environment, don’t just wear trousers to your workplace; try refreshing yourself with jeans. Suzy chooses to combine bootcut jeans with a shirt and blazer instead of wearing casual pants. It helps create the overall outfit look less stiff. 

Depending on your physique, you can consider and decide between flared pants, wide-legged pants, or vertical legs. Unfortunately, if you have a modest height, don’t worry. You can limit wearing skinny jeans because it will be uncomfortable if you have to sit for a long time. It does not fit the professional environment either. Instead, you can pair an ankle pair of jeans with a high heel to make you look taller.

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One of the must-have items you should not miss is skirts. In Start-Up, Suzy mixes her outfits between t-shirts and skirts. She chooses bright colors to create more inspiration. Tip for you here is using pastel palettes will be a great idea if your wardrobe has many neutral colored items. 

Additionally, in order not to make mistakes when wearing a skirt, don’t forget that the length is an essential factor that you need to pay attention to. It would be best if you avoided dressing in skirts that are too short when going to work. However, a very long skirt is also not a good idea. The ideal length for a skirt is just above the knee or between the lower leg.

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Besides wearing the expensive items from the international brand, Seo Dal-Mi also owns her luxury brand handbags. She wears the AVOUAVOU suit and mixes it with a Lady Dior Bag in the sense of a party event. The bag costs no less than $4,000. Moreover, she also has a collection of bags from Loewe, Lanvin, and Ferragamo. Furthermore, a watch or a pair of earrings will make you look more professional in a work environment.

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These are some tips for helping women upgrade your closet following Korean female fashion styles. You can also refer more about Korean fashion industry via our fashion marketing vs. COVID-19 in South Korea. 

To learn more on Korean fashion, watch the video below!

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