13 Upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022 You’ll Want to Wait For


As the new year begins, so does the anticipation for upcoming Korean dramas in 2022. With the great year that 2021 was for Korean dramas, it only raises our expectations for this year. What kind of dramas can we expect? What breakthrough actor will be in the spotlight next? Which series is going to be that series of 2022? Well… we might just have the answers for that.

For those Korean drama lovers just waiting for the next great drama, we’ve compiled a list of thirteen upcoming Korean dramas to expect in 2022. We’ve also released another post about Korean dramas in 2022 that were Webtoon adaptations, so feel free to check out that post as well to find even more amazing dramas to add to your list. There’s bound to be one that catches your eye!

Upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022: Romance / Drama

One of the most well-loved genres of Korean dramas is the romance genre. I mean, who doesn’t love a sappy romance story that leaves you feeling like a pile of goo afterward? Thankfully, 2022 is not in short supply of them, so ready your comfortable blanket and check out these upcoming romance Korean dramas in 2022.

Forecasting Love and Weather (Release: Feb. 12 – Apr. 3)

Starring the well-loved actor Song Kang and office romance queen Park Min-young, Forecasting Love and Weather is a highly anticipated Korean drama for 2022.

Not only will this drama follow the highly loved office romance trope, but it’s also said to bring office enemies to lovers as well (at least somewhat, that is, as the two main characters start off butting heads). But there might just be more than one romance blooming in the national weather service company.

This drama is said to have sixteen total episodes, each running about an hour in length. The episodes will air first on jTBC but will then be available internationally on Netflix. Starting February 12th, one episode will be released every Saturday and Sunday, so keep an eye out!

If you’d like to watch the trailer for this upcoming Korean drama in 2022, you can find it here:

Cast Members

We’ve already mentioned a couple of the cast members, but there’s even more that you’ll fall in love with during this series.

The cast members for this upcoming Korean drama in 2022 include:

Park Min-young (her other roles include: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? [2018] and Her Private Life [2019]);

Song Kang (Love Alarm [2019/2021], Sweet Home [2020], Navillera [2021], and Nevertheless [2021]);

Yoon Park (Hello, My Twenties! [2016], My Shy Boss [2017], Itaewon Class [2020] and You Are My Spring [2021]);

And lastly, Yura (Radio Romance [2018] and Now, We Are Breaking Up [2021/2022]).

Twenty-Five Twenty-One (Release: Feb. 12 – Apr. 3)

With the same release date as our first Korean drama from 2022 on this list, Twenty-Five Twenty-One follows the triumphing love story of Na Hee-do and Bark Yi-jin.

Combining the soft-filled emotions of romance K-dramas and the empowering emotions of coming of age dramas, Twenty-Five Twenty-One gives the perfect recipe for an amazing drama. Not only will this drama follow the life stories of the main characters, but it will bring together a love that was seemingly meant to be—just meant to happen at a later time. It’s also said to follow the romantic lives of five characters in total from 1998 to 2021.

Like the last one, this Korean drama from 2022 will be a total of sixteen episodes with each episode at about an hour in length. The drama will air on tvN but will also be released on Netflix for international viewers to watch.

You can watch the trailer for this Korean drama here:

Cast Members

Another amazing set of cast members don this upcoming Korean drama in 2022, some recently breakthrough actors and some that have been popular for their roles in multiple other dramas. Each, though, bring their own unique characteristics to the show.

These actors and actresses include:

Kim Tae-ri (roles in films such as The Handmaiden [2016], 1987: When the Day Comes [2017], and Space Sweepers [2021] as well as roles in dramas such as Entourage [2016] and Mr. Sunshine [2018]);

Kim Tae-ri Actress

Image from IMDb

Nam Joo-hyuk (Cheese in the Trap [2016], Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [2016], The School Nurse Files [2020]¸ and Start-Up [2020]);

Bona (Your House Helper [2018] and Homemade Love Story [2020/2021]);

And the last two cast members to keep an eye out for in this Korean drama from 2022 are Choi Hyun-wook and Lee Joo-myeong, both recently rising actors that have captured attention through their recent dramas.

Thirty-Nine (Release: Feb. 16 – Mar. 24)

The next one on our list of Korean dramas in 2022 is Thirty-Nine, a romantic drama that explores more than just a love story—it follows the ups and downs of a group of three friends just trying to live life before they get older.

This twelve-episode Korean drama from 2022 combines the heart-heavy emotions of growing older with the chaotic life a group of close friends can bring. Between their own individual love lives, their work, and their friendship with one another, this drama is going to be jampacked full of loveable moments and chaotically funny scenes.

Running from February 16th until March 24th, JTBC will release an episode every Wednesday and Thursday. Alongside this, Netflix will also be releasing the drama for international viewers to watch.

You can watch the trailer for this upcoming Korean drama in 2022 here:

Cast Members

To have a loveable and engaging plot, you’ve definitely got to have captivating cast members. Thirty-Nine pulled in quite a few amazing actors and actresses that you’ll want to check out, including:

Son Ye-jin (Something in the Rain [2018] and Crash Landing on You [2019]);

Jeon Mi-do (Hospital Playlist [2020/2021]);

And finally, Kim Ji-hyun (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes [2018] and Hometown Che-Cha-Cha [2021]).

Our Blues (Release: April 2022?)

Our next romance Korean drama in 2022 might come out a little later in the year than the others, but it is still one we should all be highly anticipating.

Our Blues Korean Dramas in 2022

Our Blues Cast Members – Image Source

Though there aren’t too many confirmed details for this drama yet, we do know that we can expect many unfolding love stories between the group main characters that will have you swooning. Quite different from the hustle and bustle of city-life romance dramas, Our Blues takes place in Jeju Island—the perfect place for lovers to meet or to reunite with one another.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an official release date for this drama, just that it’s going to be one of the Korean dramas in 2022. Most believe it will start its release in April, but we’ll have to wait and see. The show will be released on tvN as well as Netflix with a total of twenty episodes.

Keep an eye out as the year goes on for more information!

Cast Members

Throughout this series, there is quite the number of eye-catching actors and actresses. With this Korean drama from 2022 following a group of characters on Jeju Island, there are more chances to fall in love with them all.

The leads in Our Blues include:

Lee Byung-hun (Mr. Sunshine [2018] and Squid Game [2021]);

Shin Min-ah (Oh My Venus [2015], Chief of Staff [2019], and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha [2021]);

Cha Seung-won (Korean drama A Korean Odyssey [2017/2018] and film Sinkhole [2021]);

Lee Jung-eun (dramas When the Camellia Blooms [2019] and Law School [2021] and film Parasite [2019]);

Uhm Jung-hwa (film Montage [2013] and Korean drama Witch’s Romance [2014]);

Kim Woo-bin (School 2013 [2012], The Heirs [2013], and Uncontrollably Fond [2016]);

And lastly, Han Ji-min (Hyde Jekyll, Me [2015] and One Spring Night [2019]).

Remarriage & Desires (Release: 2022?)

The final romance drama in this section of the Korean dramas in 2022 list is Remarriage & Desires.

Remarriage & Desires Korean Dramas in 2022

Cast Members for Remarriage & DesiresImage Source

There’s not too much information about this upcoming Korean drama in 2022. In fact, there’s hardly more than a name. In 2021, Remarriage & Desires was announced to be coming out in the following year. And, today, the most information we have is that it’s eight episodes and will be available on Netflix.

As for the plot, all we truly know is that it’s a satirical show about a society that is ruled by desire. It’s set around a matchmaking service that people use to marry or remarry into riches.

There’s sadly no trailer as of right now, so keep your eye out for more information as the year progresses.

Cast Members

From what little we do know about this Korean drama coming in 2022, we’ve got a list of confirmed cast members! This list includes powerhouse actors and actresses such as:

Kim Hee-seon (Angry Mom [2015], The Lady in Dignity [2017], and Alice [2020]);

Lee Hyun-wook (Hell is Other People [2019] and Mine [2021]);

Jung Eugene (Something in the Rain [2018], Romance is a Bonus Book [2019], and Snowdrop [2021/2022]);

Park Hoon (Oh My Ghost [2015], Descendants of the Sun [2016], and Nobody Knows [2020]);

And lastly, Cha Ji-yeon (Scent of a Woman [2011] and Taxi Driver [2021]).

Upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022: Crime

The second highest-loved genre in Korean dramas is the high-tempo crime genre. With elevated stakes throughout each episode, unknown twists looming around each corner, and intense action scenes, crime dramas are impactful in their own way compared to romance dramas. Here’s a small list of the upcoming crime-related Korean dramas in 2022.

A Model Family (Release: 2022?)

Kicking off our crime-related Korean dramas in 2022, we have the highly-anticipated A Model Family.

A Model Family Korean Dramas in 2022

Image from Netflix

Like Remarriage & Desires, though, A Model Family only has a little available information at this time. What we do know is that it’s going to follow the story of one family who’s in the middle of money problems. They somehow get entangled in the world of a drug organization.

Besides that, we don’t know much about the drama. It’s said to come out in 2022, but there’s no confirmed date s of yet (though the show is available on Netflix for a “Remind Me Later” notification—again, we don’t actually know when that later is…).

If you’re interested in this upcoming Korean drama in 2022, feel free to head over to Netflix and click that “Remind Me Later” button here. Hopefully more information drops for it soon!

Cast Members

A great cast will make or break even the best thought-out crime drama. This is mainly because crime dramas need actors and actresses that can accurately portray their characters—even the most disturbing of ones.

These are the actors and actress A Model Family has confirmed so far:

Jung Woo (Reply 1994 [2013] and Mad for Each Other [2021]);

Park Hee-Soon (The Missing [2015], Beautiful World [2019], and My Name [2021]);

Yoon Jin-seo (The Heirs [2013], A Girl Who Sees Smells [2015], and The Royal Gambler [2016]);

And, of course, Park Ji-yeon (The King: Eternal Monarch [2020], Stranger 2 [2020], and Hospital Playlist 2 [2021]).

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (Release: First Half of 2022)

Remaking the popular Spanish drama Money Heist, this is probably the one Korean drama in 2022 that has the highest anticipation.

This drama follows the intricate story of a heist taking place in the Korean Peninsula. Of course, this drama is just a remake of the Spanish drama, so they follow very similar storylines—just in a different location!

It’s said to have twelve total episodes and will be released on Netflix sometime in the first half of 2022. You can watch the trailer for this upcoming Korean drama from 2022 here:

Cast Members

With a plot as intricate and character-heavy as this, Money Heist: Korea definitely needed to pull in a lot of amazing actors and actresses. There are a lot of different parts in the show, so we can’t list them all. However, one of the most important roles, the Professor, is played by Yoo Ji-tae (who’s also starred in Mad Dog [2017] and When My Love Blooms [2020]).

Keep an eye out for the show’s release to find out who the other great actors and actresses are!

The Accidental Narco / Suriname (Release: 2022?)

Our last crime-related drama on this list actually follows along with the true events of Jo Bong-haeng, which makes this upcoming Korean drama in 2022 all that more exciting!

Suriname / The Accidental Narco Korean Dramas in 2022

The Cast Members for SurinameImage Source

As mentioned, this drama follows the true story of a drug leader who ran things out of the South American country of Suriname. The drug leader eventually starts working with a businessman who works with the NIS.

Originally, this drama was said to be released in 2021. However, the release date slowly got pushed back and is now predicted to be released sometime in 2022. There’s no set date yet, though. With possibly six total episodes, this drama will be released on Netflix for all to see.

Cast Members

Though this drama might be on the shorter side, that doesn’t mean they’re in short supply of an amazing cast. Here are the actors you can expect to see in this upcoming Korean drama in 2022:

Ha Jung-woo ( H.I.T [2007] and Entourage [2016]);

Hwang Jung-min (The Accidental Couple [2009], Korean Peninsula [2012], and Hush [2020/2021]);

Hwang Jung-min Actor

Image from IMDb

Jo Woo-jin (Secret Door [2014], Mr. Sunshine [2018], and Happiness [2021]);

Yoo Yeon-seok (Reply 1994 [2013], Mr. Sunshine [2018], and Hospital Playlist [2020/2021]);

And lastly, Park Hae-soo (The Legend of the Blue Sea [2016/2017], Squid Game [2021], and Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area [2022]).

Upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022: Mystery/Thriller & Supernatural/Fantasy

Though all of these genres seem to be quite different from one another, these upcoming Korean dramas in 2022 on our list all overlap within these four genres in some way. Check them out!

Why Her? / Why, Oh Soo Jae? (Release: Mar. 11 – Apr. 30)

With an intricate plot and characters facing problem after problem, Why, Oh Soo Jae? is one of the highly anticipated mystery Korean dramas in 2022. Though this is also a romance drama, so you can expect there to be a lot more heartwarming scenes than your typical mystery drama.

Why, Oh Soo Jae? / Why Her? Korean Dramas in 2022

Cast Members for Why, Oh Soo Jae?Image Source

Following the story of Oh Soo-jae—a talented lawyer who gets demoted to a law professor—as she has to deal with the changes in her life. There, she meets student Gong Chan who’s relatively warm-hearted despite his past. Like always, though, there will be more than what’s shown on the surface of this drama.

With its release scheduled to come out in March, there’s not much time until this one comes out! It’s said to have a total of sixteen episodes and will be available on Viki to watch.

You can watch the trailer for this upcoming mystery Korean drama in 2022 here:

Cast Members

This drama will feature some pretty well-known actors and actresses, including:

Seo Hyun-jin (Dr. Romantic [2016/2017], Record of Youth [2020], and You Are My Spring[2021]);

Hwang In-yeop (18 Again [2020], True Beauty [2020], and The Sound of Magic [2021]);

And Heo Jun-ho (Kingdom [2019], Undercover [2021], and Snowdrop [2021]).

Link: Eat and Love to Kill (Release: First Half of 2022)

Our next fantasy/mystery drama on this list of upcoming Korean dramas in 2022 entangles a weird supernatural element with the mysterious plot that comes with a missing person.

Link: Eat and Love to Kill Korean Dramas in 2022

Cast Members for Link: Eat and Love to KillImage Source

Link: Eat and Love to Kill follow the story of two people—a chef who’s opened a restaurant where his sister went missing and a woman who’s looking for a job in the same city—who end up sharing the same emotions. After an odd incident, the two of them are connected in a way that can’t be explained outside of the fantasy realm.

Though there’s not much more information out about this drama other than the plot and cast, it’s still coming out relatively soon! This sixteen-episode drama is predicted to be released during the first half of 2022—most specifically, some sources say it’ll be released between April and June (though that may not be fully confirmed yet). There’s also no confirmation if it’ll also be released on Netflix or Viki after its initial release on tvN.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Cast Members

Starring popular cast members that had filmed other noteworthy dramas in the past, this upcoming fantasy/mystery Korean drama in 2022 is geared up to be a great one. Here are the main cast members:

Yeo Jin-goo (My Absolute Boyfriend [2019], Hotel del Luna [2019], and Start-Up [2020]);

And Mun Ka-young (Find Me in Your Memory [2020], True Beauty [2020], and Recipe for Youth [2021]).

Monstrous (Release: Mar. 2022?)

Intertwined intensely with the supernatural element, Monstrous is a Korean drama in 2022 that you don’t want to miss.

Monstrous Korean Dramas in 2022

Cast Members for MonstrousImage Source

This supernatural drama will follow the mysterious happenings in Jinyang county—a place where a supposedly possessed statue stands. The characters in the drama all experience strange phenomena, driving them together as they try to figure out what’s happening to them.

Overall, this drama will be relatively short with about six episodes (but it will be just as impactful as any longer drama). It’s said to start its release sometime in March, but there’s no exact date as of yet. And, sadly, there has been no confirmation on if it’ll air on Netflix or Viki alongside its release on tvN. We’ll just need to wait until the drama draws closer to figure that out!

Cast Members

Monstrous will have a lot of well-loved actors and actresses from South Korea participating in it! Here are the one’s you can expect to see:

Koo Kyo-hwan (he’s held roles in films like Peninsula [2020] and Leave the Door Open [2021] and roles in dramas such as D.P. [2021/2022]);

Shin Hyun-bin (Mistress [2018], Hospital Playlist [2020/2021], and Reflection of You [2021]);

Kwak Dong-yeon (My ID is Gangnam Beauty [2018], It’s Okay to Not Be Okay [2020], and Vincenzo [2021]);

Nam Da-reum (While You Were Sleeping [2017], Just Between Lovers [2017], Doom at Your Service [2021], and The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim [2021]);

Park Ho-san (My Mister [2018], True Beauty [2020], and The Penthouse: War in Life 2 & 3 [2021]);

And, lastly, Kim Ji-young (Here Comes Love [2016] and Good Casting [2020]).

Somebody (Release: 2022?)

Bringing in the modern twist technology can have in our lives, the last thriller/mystery drama on our list is set to be a big one. Many are highly anticipating its release.

Somebody Korean Dramas in 2022

Cast Images for SomebodyImage Source

When a murder ends up involving the social media communication app “Somebody,” the app developer and her friends all get pulled into solving the case. All the while, a mysterious man appears in front of them. Of course, this wouldn’t be a mystery drama if it didn’t seem like seem like this mysterious man was hiding something.

At some point in 2022, Somebody will be released on Netflix for all to watch. As of right now, there’s no set date, no number of episodes, and no trailer. But this has already gained enough attraction to become one highly anticipated Korean drama in 2022.

Cast Members

Luckily, what little we do know about this drama includes the cast. Here’s the list of cast members you’ll see in this upcoming mystery Korean drama of 2022:

Kim Young-kwang (Pinocchio [2014/2015, Lookout [2017], and Hello, Me! [2021]);

Kang Hae-lim (Live On [2020]);

Kim Yong-ji (Mr. Sunshine [2018], The King: Eternal Monarch [2020], and Tale of the Nine-Tailed [2020]);

And Kim Soo-yeon.

Upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022: Historical

Lastly, but certainly not least, we’ve got the historical genre of Korean dramas. 2021 was a pretty big year for historical dramas with both Lovers and the Red Sky and Mr. Queen being two of the most-watched K-dramas of the year. So, we’ve got high hopes for the historical Korean dramas coming out in 2022.

Red Single Heart (Release: First Half of 2022, Possibly April/May)

Battling with power, this historical Korean drama of 2022 is full of rights and wrongs, push and pull, and other intricate dynamics that will just pull you in more to the drama.

Red Single Heart Korean Dramas in 2022

Cast Members for Red Single HeartImage Source

With Lee Tae finally becoming King after his father passes, he thinks nothing can stop him from achieving his goals: absolute monarch ruling. However, the First Vice-Premier opposes… and he’s a lot more powerful than Lee Tae. When things get tangled with the woman Lee Tae thinks is his wife, her family gets involved in the power struggle too.

This upcoming historical Korean drama of 2022 will have a total of sixteen episodes, each ranging more than an hour long. There doesn’t seem to be any set release date right now, but some have mentioned it possibly dropping around April or May. This drama will air on KBS2, but no confirmation for whether or not it will also be available on Netflix or Viki.

Cast Members

The three main cast members for Red Single Heart include:

Lee Joon (Woman with a Suitcase [2016], My Father is Strange [2017], and The Silent Sea [2021]);

Kang Han-na (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [2016], Record of Youth [2020], Start-Up [2020], and My Roommate is a Gumiho [2021]);

And Jang Hyuk (Wok of Love [2018], The Crowned Clown [2019], and My Country: The New Age [2019]).

Which Korean Dramas in 2022 will you watch?

With so many amazing dramas set to release this year, there’s more than enough for us to enjoy. Hopefully, this list of thirteen upcoming Korean dramas in 2022 has helped you find some to look out for! If not, you can check out this other blog we wrote about upcoming 2022 dramas that were adapted from Webtoons!

And if you missed any from 2021, you can read through this post about the greatest dramas of 2021! Feel free to scroll through our Drama Category, too, if you want to find more!

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