5 Hilarious Webtoons That Will Make You Laugh

5 Hilarious Webtoons That Will Make You Laugh

It’s midterm season, people. The time of sleepless nights and panic attacks. Yeesh. But no worries! The carefully selected hilarious webtoons we are sharing here can get you through those all-nighters! Whenever we’re feeling stressy, depressy, lemon zesty, we are subconsciously drawn to light-hearted things. Not exactly scientifically proven but don’t you agree? We want to find an escape. Having a good laugh by reading these hilarious webtoons might just be what the doctor ordered.

*all the hilarious webtoons mentioned here are completed and their English version is available to read on LINE webtoon, which is a website that provides most published webtoons, for free. 

The Sound of Your Heart

Current Rating: 9.56

First up on our “hilarious webtoons” list is The Sound of Your Heart written by Cho Seok, who is also the illustrator of this webtoon series. On September 8, 2016, the webcomic was published on Naver WEBTOON, a South Korean online webtoon platform/portal. The Sound of Your Heart has become the longest running webtoon ever as it ran for 14 years. It was concluded in July 2020, with a total of 1229 episodes.

The many characters in the webcomic is based off of Cho’s friends and family, including Cho’s girlfriend, his parents, his brother and his dogs. And of course, the main lead is a portrayal of Cho himself. So, the series is essentially Cho’s autobiography – about his tumultuous and chaotic life of being a comic book writer.

Why Should You Read This Webcomic?

Brimming with clever lines and funny sarcasm, The Sound of Your Heart is based on Cho’s everyday life- making the stories pretty realistic and relatable to us as well.

Unlike most webtoons that are usually romantic comedy, The Sound of You Heart told slice-of-life stories in an odd way, putting idiosyncratic scenarios in the writer’s seemingly ordinary life. The characters are put into these funny, ridiculous situations we all have heard of or even experienced ourselves at some points of our lives. Reading it almost feels like are peeking through a window into the writer’s life, and somehow, it kind of looks like ours too.

A humorous plot of course is vital in making a successful comic, but the drawings of a comic are equally important if not more. Cho has done an incredible job in the illustration of this webcomic. Even though it’s very weird and outlandish – definitely not mainstream – it is incredibly refreshing:

The way the characters look makes the story even funnier. Just looking at their exaggerated facial expressions and behaviors already make me burst out laughing – I’m sure it would do the same for you too.


The readers could not get enough of Cho’s original comedy series. By 2015, the talented writer was already earning ₩78,000,000 (~62400 USD) per month because of the popularity of this webtoon. During the entire run, the webtoon has a total of over 7 billion views and 15 million comments.

The Sound of Your Heart is one of Naver’s most well-rated webtoon series. Because of its insane fame, the comedy was made into a TV series adaptation in November, 2016. The show has won 2 KBS Entertainment awards.

The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot was also produced and streamed on Netflix in 2018 – flying the fame of this webcomic overseas.

Read the webcomic here!


Current Rating: 9.66

Created by Christopher Grady in 2012, Lunarbaboon was initially written as a way for the writer to deal with his depression and anxiety (that’s why some of the episodes touch on topics about mental health problems). The webcomic is mainly based on Chris’s own life as a dad and a husband. He has a 7 years old son and a 2 years old daughter, like any ordinary middle-aged father, he tries his best to be a good parent and takes care of his family while dealing with his own personal issues. What’s unordinary about him is that he is actually half man/ half moon monkey….

Why Should You Read This Webcomic?

The jokes in this webcomic are silly but cute. Chris depicts and characterizes the struggles of being a parent humorously. Many parents could perhaps relate to his stories, and I guess this actually serves as great outlet for the parental stress as the moms and dads may find comfort in these stories.

The stories are not only funny, but also very wholesome and heartwarming. Quoted from an interview Chris did with HuffPost, he shared how his webcomic has actually helped his readers.

“After posting the comics on social media for a few months, I began getting messages from many people about how they connected to the comics and it gave them hope and strength as they went through their own dark times.”

Christopher Grady

Started out as a kind of escape for Chris, Lunarbaboon has become an escape to the readers as well. It has turned into a form of therapy.

As his fanbase grew bigger and as he gained more recognition, Chris uses this chance to raise awareness on social issues such as gender inequality, xenophobia…etc. by talking about them in his comics:

His work is filled with positive messages and laughter, you should definitely check it out especially when you’re feeling down! It can turn your day around!

Read the webcomic here!

Poorly Drawn Lines

Current Rating: 9.55

Created by Reza Farazmand, Poorly Drawn Lines shows how weird and absurd our lives actually are. The webcomic launched in 2008 and features comic strips that range from a single frame to four/five frames. The comic strips are independent to each other, so you don’t have to read it chronologically in order to understand what’s going on. But the webtoon does have some ongoing story arcs and recurring characters. 

Why Should You Read This Webcomic?

The jokes are a little silly, a bit ridiculous, and don’t make sense at all sometimes, yet, they make us laugh uncontrollably. Most of the characters in Poorly Drawn Lines are animals, but they face human problems. Comical scenes – two turtles talking about their regrets, worms looking for vodka, a bird having an existential crisis – are often found in this series.

For the car owners out there, I am sure you have seen animals and birds walking across the road when you’re driving. Most of them will run away or fly away (you know, as normal living being would do in order to not get ran over). But pigeons, pigeons are somthing special. They would just stare at you, without a single fear in their empty eyes, while you’re driving towards them – daring you to run over them. Well maybe they just like the thrill? Reze has probably dealt with that scary staring contest before, and this short story perfectly depicted the situation which is just laughable. The illustration also perfectly portrayed the pigeons’ hollow eyes and soulessness.

These vivid and interesting characters Reze has created, behave like human beings – making the stories very entertaining.

The drawings of this webcomic are simple as well – the kind that resemble a children’s book (i.e. the name). Even though these paintings are child-like, it still accurately and strikingly captures these lovable cartoon characters.

Read the webcomic here!

New Normal: Class 8

Current Rating: 9.52

Written by Youngpaka, the webcomic premiered on Naver on November 4, 2013. With 341 episodes, 5 seasons in total, the series just ended recently on March 6, this year. The story is about the students in Class 8. These students, they don’t look like your regular high school students, in fact, they all have unique appearances. For example, one of them has a gigantic head, another one of them has abnormally long arms…And class 8 is a home for these special kids.

Why Should You Read This Webcomic?

Like I mentioned earlier, the illustration works hand in hand with the story. In this webcomic, the drawings of these characters are very whimsical. Their looks definitely attract us to keep reading because they are so interesting, and honestly, very adorable.

At the beginning, we follow the story of this kid, Dongwon, who gets pick on in the “normal” class because he has an enourmous head. That’s why he gets into class 8….

As he leads us into this “special” class, we get to meet other quirky characters, like this super tiny girl who sits right next to Donwon.

We later would get to know every one of the characters and their own backstory. It really helps explain why they look like the way they do and the way they behave. Eventually, these kids with big hearts will win your heart, they certainly won mine!

Read the webcomic here!

3-Second Strip

Current Rating: 8.51

An original webcomic created by Jinsoo Bae, this webtoon series was published on Naver on December 31, 2014 and concluded on August 24, 2018 – with a total of 1336 episodes. 

Why Should You Read This Webcomic?

Like the name has suggested, every chapter literally only costs you 3 seconds to read through. They are short, yet to-the-point and humorous. The scribbles and how the characters in the series look are also very funny.

Image Source: Twitter

Except for the being a comedy, 3-Second Strip also serves as kind of a social satire as it comments on social issues and it makes us think.

Some episodes, like the one above, criticizes social trends in a humorous way. They are funny, yet, thought-provoking as well. It amazing what 3 seconds of reading this webtoon series can acheive.

Read the webcomic here!

Which Hilarious Webtoons Caught Your Eyes?

I don’t know about you but every time I’m stressed out about something, a dose of comedy always helps. The best thing about these hilarious webtoons is that they’re not only funny, but also very short. You can read one episode in less than 5 seconds. So even if you have an extremely busy schedule, you can slide one to a few episodes in during your train ride home or something! Hopefully these hilarious webtoons would help you too during these trying times!

If you want to know more about webtoons, feel free to check out our page about webtoons!

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