6 Awe-Inspiring Action Webtoons Fighting Against the World One Day at a Time


If you’ve read our blogs about comedy Webtoons or romantic Webtoons but are still looking for new ones to read, then you’ve come to the right place! For those who enjoy reading intense battles, chaotically amazing plots, and multi-layered characters, action Webtoons might be the genre for you. Though action Webtoons are often mixed with the fantasy genre, you’ll never be short of an exciting plot or intense scenes throughout.

Action Webtoons to Binge Read:

1. Tower of God (2010 – Present)

The first action Webtoon on our list is Tower of God. Mixed with the fantasy genre, Tower of God is one of the most popular action Webtoons on our entire list.

Tower of God Action Webtoons

Cover for the Korean Version

In the Webtoon, it follows the story of a boy named Twenty-fifth Bam and his close friend Rachel. Both of them lived beneath a tower for many years together. One day, Rachel enters the tower, leaving Bam devastated. When he himself enters the tower, he fights through whatever comes his way as he tries to find Rachel again. Of course, he not only battles enemies but finds allies along the way to help him through the tower.

Tower of God Action Webtoon Cover

Cover for the English Version

This fantasy/action Webtoon is still ongoing; it was first published in June 2010 and has three seasons so far. The writer of this Webtoon is SIU. You can find the Korean version on the Naver Webtoon website here and the English version on the Line Webtoon website/app here.

Reader Response and Popularity

Out of the other five actions Webtoons we mention on the list, this is by far the most popular one. On the Korean version, there’s 99,999+ hearts for this Webtoon and each episode has over an 8.0 rating (some even range over 9.0). On the English version, this action Webtoon has a 9.86 rating and 2.9 million followers.

Because of the explosive response to Tower of God, the Webtoon was actually made into an anime series. First aired in 2020, this anime has thirteen episodes. It’s available to watch on Crunchyroll here.

2. Eleceed (2018 – Present)

The next Webtoon on our action Webtoons list is also another popular one. In particular, the author and artist of this Webtoon have a couple fantastic Webtoons each which has basically set this Webtoon up for success, too.

Eleceed Image

Cover for the Korean Version

This action Webtoon follows the story of Jiwoo—a kind-hearted young man—who holds the powers of lighting fast reflexes of a cat and secretly makes the world a better place. Kayden—a secret agent on the run—is a character who found himself stuck in the body of a cat. Together, the two fight forces that allow evil to run the world and perhaps each other.

Eleceed cover

Cover for the English Version

Like Tower of God, Eleceed is still ongoing. The series first began coming out in October 2018; there’s a total of 164 chapters as of November 23rd. The Korean version has all 165 chapters released, whereas the English version only has 137 chapters out.

Reader Response and Popularity

Though this action Webtoon is widely popular, it seems to have more popularity in Korean. It also has 99,999+ hearts on Naver Webtoon and maintains above a 9.7 rating for each chapter. For the English version, it has 9.95 rating and 1 million followers.

Many have loved this Webtoon because of the captivating plot, the fantastic artistry, and the impeccable action scenes. This is one action Webtoon you’ll want to keep tabs on to see the end of.

3. Girls of the Wild’s (2011)

As one of the older Webtoon’s on this list, Girls of the Wild’s has held its own quite well for the past ten years.

Girls of the Wild's Korean Action Webtoon

Cover of the Korean Version

This short, action Webtoon details the challenge character Song Jaegu experiences when he’s accepted into the previously all-girls high school known as Wild’s High School. He’s the first and only male student in the school and he must learn how to survive. Wild’s High is a notoriously famous school for training girls in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). So, not only will Jaegu be learning how to survive the physicality of  the school, but he’ll also be fighting against his own hardships that come with women.

Girls of the Wild's Cover

Cover for the English Version

Girls of the Wild’s is only one season, containing ten chapters in the Korean version and fourteen in the English version. The Korean version was released from August 2011 until October of that same year, whereas the English version wasn’t released until 2014.

Reader Response and Popularity

Despite the fact that this Webtoon came out ten years ago, it’s still one of the highly loved action Webtoons on this list. With the fascinating plot, the impactful action scenes, and the short length, people often drifted to reading this Webtoon.

Today, this Webtoon is still highly loved. On Naver Webtoon, the Korean version has the usual 99,999+ hearts and holds above a 9.85 star rating for each chapter. For the English version, it has a 9.57 rating and over 800,000 followers.

In 2018, Girls of the Wild’s was adapted into a Chinese TV show called Sweet Combat. This series was also highly enjoyed by fans of the Webtoon.

4. Gosu (2015 – 2021)

Following the martial arts theme of the last action Webtoon, Gosu is the complete package when it comes action Webtoons.

Gosu Cover

Cover for the Korean Version

Gosu is the story of a young man—Gang Yong—who takes on the challenge to avenge those who wronged his late mentor. He uses the martial art techniques taught to him from his master to battle his way against those who betrayed them. Along the way, things get a bit complicated.

Gosu cover

Cover for the English Version

This Webtoon was first released in early September 2015 on Naver Webtoon. Unfortunately, it appears that most of the Korean version has been removed from the website. The English version, though, is available on the Webtoon website and app. There’s 145 episodes thus far. Some sources say that this story is still incomplete (possibly for the Korean version) and will not be finished. However, the English version is labeled complete on the Webtoon site.

Reader Response and Popularity

Being such a powerhouse action Webtoon, Gosu had a similar response to the other action Webtoons we’ve already mentioned. With the fifteen available chapters on the Korea version, each chapter has above a 9.97 rating. For the English version, it holds a 9.85 rating with over 700,000 followers.

The last episode for the Webtoon was uploaded June 2021, so if it truly is completed it was completed relatively recently. Fans of the Webtoon continue to sing praises for Gosu, praising the overall plot and intricate action scenes.

5. Peerless Dad (2017 – Present)

Continuing the martial art-dedicated action Webtoons, the next one we have on our list is Peerless Dad (also known as Father, Unrivaled).

Peerless Dad Korean Action Webtoon Cover

Cover for the Korean Version

This ongoing Webtoon trails the story of Noh Gajang, a father who’s just trying to raise his three children. He’s got a respect for the martial arts, but works as a guard against amateur fighters to return home safely for his children. However, a cult starts stealing children from the city one day. Gajang takes it upon himself to step up and protect his children.

Peerless Dad or Father Unrivaled Cover

Cover from the English Version

The Korean version of this Webtoon is available on Kakao (Daum) Webtoon with 195 episodes so far. It was first released October 2017. The English version was first released on Tapas in February of 2021. Currently, it only has 95 episodes.

Reader Response and Popularity

This Webtoon is relatively popular within the action genre. However, it’s still relatively new to the English-speaking crowd, so the numbers aren’t as large as the others. On Kakao, this Webtoon has 2.7 billion views and over 150 million likes. On Tapas, the English version has 750.3 thousand views, 19.3 thousand subscribers, and 88.1 thousand likes.

The popularity of this Webtoon comes from the well-thought-out plot and the character stories throughout. Many people have fallen in love with the love the father has for his children and the way he does anything for them.

6. The Boxer (2019 – Present)

The last on our list of action Webtoons is The Boxer. This is definitely the most recently started Webtoons on this list, but one that’s already gained quite a bit of attention.

The Boxer Korean Action Webtoon Cover

Cover for the Korean Version

The Boxer is a popular action Webtoon that follows the life of several different professional boxers. The main character of the story is Yu, someone who has an extreme talent for boxing. As he’s scouted, trained, and slowly raising his way up the ladder, we get to see how the boxing world reacts to his superb talents.

The Boxer English version cover

Cover for the English Version

The Korean version of this Webtoon was first released in December of 2019 on Naver Webtoon. It currently has 94 episodes. The English version wasn’t released until a half a year after the original, starting it’s release in May of 2020 on the Webtoon website and app. It’s only two episodes behind, though, with 92 total episodes out currently.

Reader Response and Popularity

On the scale of popularity, The Boxer is pretty high. The Korean version has the usual 99,999+ likes on it, but it also holds a 9.8+ rating for each chapter. Similarly, the English version has a 9.85 rating with 1.2 million followers.

Truly, The Boxer is one of the highly praised action Webtoons on our list; it’s definitely worth checking out!

Which Action Webtoons will You be Reading?

Did any of the action Webtoons on this list spark your interest? If they haven’t, check out more action webtoons in the video below!

You can also check out our general Webtoon Category for more. If you’re looking for a specific genre, feel free to check out our blogs about Comedy Webtoons, Romantic Webtoons, and even Webtoons that were adapted into K-dramas during 2021!

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