BigBang’s Comeback in 2022: Explosive And Yet Dubious-Looking

BigBang Members

BigBang’s Comeback

The ‘Kings’ are preparing their comeback. And it’s not about BTS, but instead about BigBang. This name probably does not mean much to some people. However, it is one of the pioneer groups of K-pop. It paved the way for all the others who followed, including, obviously, BTS. BigBang was the first group to have millions of fans around the world. The Bangtan Boys now have much more but have benefited from media exposure that K-pop groups did not enjoy during the BigBang era.

“Flower Road”, the band’s last song, was released on March 13, 2018. It served as a goodbye song as the members went to complete their mandatory military service.

After a four-year hiatus, the group is coming back to a music industry that has completely changed and evolved. They rely on their long and brilliant résumé to make their return historic, worthwhile.

A Successful and Commendable Career

BigBang is a South Korean boy band formed in 2006 by YG Entertainment. The group initially consisted of six members: G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung, Seungri, and SO-1. The group having to count only five members, SO-1 being the most withdrawn of the six young men, was forced to leave the group before their official debut.

Their talents are manifold: singing, rapping, dancing, beatboxing, writing, and composing songs. In its beginnings, BigBang was a group of Hip-Hop/R&B but little by little their musical style expanded. They have become well known all around the world.

BigBang is also known for its unique clothing style. They have therefore become fashion icons, which many companies were snapping up to promote their products.

From 2006 to 2018, BigBang has released numerous albums, all of which have been very successful and have won them several prestigious awards. They have become one of the most popular bands in South Korea.

Before the release of their first studio album, three first single albums were released within a few months. The first one, simply named “BigBang First Single”, contains, among others, “This Love” (a cover of the group Maroon5) entirely written by G-Dragon. This single album entered the top 10 and sold around 55,000 copies.

The second single, called “BigBang is VIP”, was released a month after the first and sold 39,000 copies. By the way, BigBang fandom name is ‘VIP’.

Their third single album, “BigBang 03”, followed the path of the two previous opuses and sold 32,000 copies.

Between May and July 2007, BigBang made its first tour in Korea. The members gave concerts in five major Korean cities: Incheon, Daegu, Changwon, Jeonju, and Busan.

In August 2007, the group produced their first EP “Always”. BigBang gradually takes control of its music: G-Dragon writes and composes a few songs from the oeuvre. The EP is well received by critics and fans, especially the song “Lies”. It even became BigBang’s first hit, ranking number one on “SBS Inkigayo”, “MBC Music Core”, “KBS Music Bank,” and “Mnet Countdown.” It retained, kept its first place in the charts for several weeks. The project was so successful that the group received several awards at the end of 2007, including the “Best Male Group” and “Song of the Year” from MKMF 2007.

In 2008, BIGBANG won the prestigious Daesang at the 17th Seoul Music Awards.

The group’s second mini-album “Hot Issue” was released a few months later and met with similar success to the previous one. That, thanks to the song “Last Farewell” which, like “Lies” previously, allows the group to win the Song of the Month (December) in the Cyworld Digital Music Award against strong opponents like the Wonder Girls or F.T. Island.

“Last Farewell” will also remain number 1 on the charts for several weeks.

In August 2008, a third EP was released in Korea: “Stand Up”. It was created with the help of Daishi Dance and No Brain. As in previous albums, G-Dragon writes and composes the songs of the album with the exception of “A Good Man”, whose author is none other than T.O.P. The EP sold 120,000 copies. The songs all held strong positions in the Top 20 charts for six weeks: “Day by Day” will be number one, “Heaven” second, “Oh My Friend” ninth, “A Good Man” twelfth, and “Lady” sixteenth, making a total of five songs in the Top 20 for the group.

Subsequently, on February 24, 2011, BigBang made its big comeback, after two years and three months of absence in Korea. They released another EP, “Tonight”, containing 6 tracks. The mini-album was a huge success and BigBang took first place on all the charts and won on all the major music shows (Inkigayo, Show! Music Core, Music Bank, M! Countdown. Through this project, BigBang shows another side of the group and proves how the group has changed.

It was finally in February 2012, after the YG Family concert in Japan, that BigBang’s new mini-album “Alive” was released. It contains tracks with different styles ranging from classic hip hop with “Bad Boy” to more modern electro-pop like “Fantastic Baby”.

In April 2015, the label announced that after 3 years of absence, the group would return with a full album titled “Made”, finally released on December 13, 2016.

BigBang’s Comeback With Members’ Tarnished Image


In August 2009, Daesung was the victim of a terrible road accident that forced him to give up his professional activities for a period of eight weeks.

Daesung was again the victim of another road accident on May 31, 2011, at around 1 am. The biker was already lying on the ground, victim of a previous accident. Daesung did not see him and rolled over him. The biker unfortunately died and after a month of investigation, Daesung is charged with manslaughter and speeding. At that moment, all the ‘VIPs’ were worried that Daesung would go to jail and BigBang be disbanded.

On August 31, fans are told that Daesung was cleared of all charges regarding the accident and that he would take the remaining months of the year to rest and do community work in a church. Meanwhile, the members were working on solo projects.


Following a new scandal, this time in 2011, involving G-Dragon and marijuana, YG Entertainment announced that all BigBang activities planned in Japan that year would be suspended until further notice.

In 2011, despite the group’s troubles over the course of the year, BigBang was nominated for the MTV EMA Awards in the “Best International Group” category, pitting them against Britney Spears and three other groups. Thanks to thousands of fan votes, BigBang won the “Worldwide Act” award.


In 2017, because of weed, T.O.P was sentenced to a 10-month jail term with a probation of two years and was ordered to pay compensation. He did some public service work at Yongsan Ward Office.

Seungri (The Most Important Case in BigBang’s Comeback)

In September 2014, Seungri was the victim of a car accident, which forced him to be hospitalized for several weeks after a liver injury. His condition having improved, he was able to leave the hospital on October 18 and participate in the concerts of BigBang for the YG Family tour. A reporter claimed Seungri was drunk driving but the artist ended up winning that case.

In 2019, Seungri left the group and the music industry after facing a series of criminal and legal investigations earlier that year. In 2021, he was sentenced by a military court to three years in prison for pimping and charges related to a sex and drug scandal, authorities said. He was found guilty of illegal dealings in betting in luxurious Las Vegas casinos and of using prostitutes for people willing to invest in his nightclub Burning Sun (in Seoul). The singer was also ordered to pay 1.15 billion won for the damages incurred.

BigBang’s Comeback is scheduled to be in the spring, but with a handicap, disadvantage. They will no longer be 5, but 3 full-time. Seungri is facing a prison sentence. T.O.P left YG Entertainment but decided to participate in BigBang’s activities whenever he can. If BigBang wants to regain its leadership position, it will be up to them to take up the challenge.

Until the spring, don’t miss any news related to the world of K-pop, here!


BigBang’s Comeback is finally here.



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