10 Exciting Webtoon to K-Drama Adaptations of 2022 to Anticipate


If you’ve got a love for Webtoons and a love for Korean dramas then you’re in luck! With the success of Webtoon to K-drama adaptations in 2020 and 2021, there are even more adaptations expected to be made this upcoming year.

From the action-packed and fast-paced Webtoons to the soft and romantic ones, the Webtoon to K-drama adaptations of 2022 won’t disappoint. Along with the rest of the K-dramas coming out in 2022, these ten are a must to check out! If you’re curious about which adaptations came out in 2021, feel free to check out this article about them—there are plenty of amazing ones there that you either didn’t know were based on Webtoons or new ones that you can enjoy!

Webtoon to K-Drama Adaptations of 2022: Romance / Drama

Starting off strong, these four Webtoon to K-drama adaptations of 2022 will capture your heart and make you fall in love with the characters (as they inevitably fall in love with each other, of course). After the success of adaptations True Beauty and Imitation, there were bound to be more romance/drama Webtoon to K-drama adaptations. These four will not only make your heart race with each passing episode, but they’ll bring you an unexplainable warmth that other genres can’t replicate.

A Business Proposal (Release: Feb. 21 – Mar. 15)

Kicking off our list, we have the upcoming Webtoon to K-drama adaptation A Business Proposal.

Based on the webtoon 사내 맞선 (The Office Blind Date) by Hae-hwa that was originally published on Kakao from August 2017 until November 2018. It’s available in Korean on the Kakao website here and in English on Tapas here.

With twelve total episodes, the upcoming Webtoon to K-drama adaptation of A Business Proposal is set to follow main characters Shin Ha-ri and Kang Tae-mu. Tae-mu is the CEO of a company founded by his grandfather. When his grandfather keeps setting him up on blind dates, Tae-mu decides to marry the next one just to make them stop. That just happens to be Ha-ri… who’s actually pretending to be someone else. And did we mention that Ha-ri works for Tae-mu?

With a lot of quirky moments and an interesting plot, this Webtoon to K-drama adaptation is bound to keep you entertained. Its release is scheduled to start at the end of February, so make sure to keep an eye out for it! It’ll be released on Netflix for everyone to watch.

Until then, check out the trailer for it here:

Cast Members

The two main leads of this show include:

Ahn Hyo-seop (who’s acted in dramas such as My Father is Strange [2017], Dr. Romantic 2 [2020], and Lovers of the Red Sky [2021]);

And Kim Se-jeong (I Wanna Hear Your Song [2019] and The Uncanny Counter [2020/2021]).

See You in My 19th Life (Release: 2022?)

The next Webtoon to K-drama adaptation of 2022 on our list is See You in My 19th Life, a drama that will combine romance with the fascinating ability to remember your past lives.

The Webtoon for this K-drama, 이번 생도 부탁해 (See You in My 19th Life), first came out on Naver Webtoons in June of 2020 and it is still ongoing today. Despite its recent release and continued plot, this Webtoon has gained a lot of attention (enough that it’s due for a K-drama adaptation). You can read the Korean version on the Naver Webtoons website here and the English version on the Webtoons website/app here.

Unfortunately, we don’t have too much information about the upcoming K-drama for this Webtoon. What we do know, though, is that it will follow the same kind of plot—the main character, Ban Ji-eum, is cut short during her eighteenth life and wishes to find the people from that life in her nineteenth life as well. Of course, it’s never that easy. There’s predicted to be about twelve episodes for this drama, but there’s no actual date saying when they’ll drop. Similarly, we don’t know where this drama will be available to watch—there’s been no mention of Netflix or Viki as of yet.

Cast Members

Along with the little information that we’ve received about this particular Webtoon to K-drama adaptation, there’s only been one actual actress confirmed for this show. And this is Shin Hye-sun (Five Enough [2016], Thirty But Seventeen [2018], and Mr. Queen [2020]).

Cherry Blossoms After Winter (Release: Feb. 24 – Mar. 18)

To keep the lovey-dovey romance going, our next Webtoon to K-drama adaptation is Cherry Blossoms After Winter, a boy-love drama that will melt your heart (like the snow after winter… that was a bad pun, sorry).

Based on the Webtoon 겨울 지나 벚꽃 (Cherry Blossoms After Winter), this K-drama is expected to bring in a ton of viewers. The Webtoon was first started back in 2017 by Bam-woo and published on Mr. Blue. There are over 140 total episodes for this Webtoon, but there’s said to be another season coming at some point in the future. You can find the Korean version on the Mr. Blue website here and the English version on the Tappytoon website here.

Like the other boy-love K-dramas on Viki, Cherry Blossoms After Winter will only be eight episodes. It will follow both Hae-bom and Tae-sung as they grow up together (living together because of Hae-bom’s situation, but not actually family) and as they figure out their feelings for one another. The first episode for this Webtoon to K-drama adaption will drop on February 24th, so make sure to head over to Viki and save it to your list soon.

Cast Members

The two main leads of this drama include:

Trot idol group SUPERFIVE’s member Ok Jin-wook (Be My Dream Family [2021]);

And YG Kplus’ fashion model Kang Hui (Dream Change Laundromat [2017], Ending Again [2020], and Life of Jung, Lee, Ro, and Woon [2021]).

The Sound of Magic (Release: 2022?)

The last of the romance/drama Webtoon to K-drama adaptations of 2022 on our list is The Sound of Magic, a K-drama that’s been expected for quite some time now. If you read through our blog about 2021 Webtoon to K-drama adaptations, then this one should sound familiar to you!

The Korean Webtoon 안나라수마나라 (Annarasumanara) was first released on Naver Webtoon back in 2010. In 2014, this Webtoon was translated into English and released on the Webtoon website/app. There are less than ten parts to this Webtoon, but it has captured the attention of thousands of readers.

The Webtoon to K-drama adaptation was originally mentioned to be released in 2021, but the date was never fully announced and there has yet to be anything more than a plot and main cast. However, just recently, Netflix announced that filming has finished for this drama so we might be able to expect it sometime soon!

This drama will follow Yoon Ah-yi, a strong character who’s been supporting her and her sister by taking on part-time jobs and busying herself with her studies. When Ah-yi wishes to grow up faster, so she can better support her sister, a magician changes her life completely.

Cast Members

The main cast for The Sound of Magic are quite familiar faces if you’ve kept up on K-dramas over the past few years. They include:

Ji Chang-wook (Melting Me Softly [2019] and Lovestruck in the City [2020]);

Choi Sung-eun (Start-Up [2019] and Beyond Evil [2021]);

And, of course, Hwang In-yeop (The Tale of Nokdu [2019], 18 Again [2020], and True Beauty [2020/2021]).

Webtoon to K-Drama Adaptations of 2022: Horror / Thriller

The next major genre for Webtoon to K-drama adaptations of 2022 is the horror and thriller genres. These genres, if you don’t know, are the next most popular genres besides romance. Everyone absolutely loves a good scary story and one that’ll keep us on the edge of our seats. These four horror/thriller Webtoon to K-drama adaptations of 2022 are sure to have you holding your breath with each new episode release.

All of Us are Dead (Release: Jan. 28)

This first horror Webtoon to K-drama adaptation has actually already started releasing on Netflix this past week. If you love high-stake dramas and zombies, then you’ve probably already got this one on your list to watch.

Written by Joo Dong-geun, the Korean Webtoon, 지금 우리 학교는 (Now at Our School), was first published on Naver Webtoons back in 2009. It follows the lead characters who are trapped in their school when it becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak. You can read the Korean version on Naver Webtoon here or the English version on the Webtoon website/app here.

The Webtoon to K-drama adaptation for All of Us Are Dead is said to have twelve total episodes, each ranging at the one-hour mark. They began releasing on January 28th, just a few days ago. A new episode will air on Netflix every Friday.

Watch the trailer for this highly action-packed and blood-pumping drama here:

Cast Members

In such high energy and emotional dramas such as this, the show really needs to have impactful actors and actresses. The main cast for this drama will definitely pull you into this story more. They include:

Park Ji-hoo (Beautiful World [2019] and Little Women [2022]);

Yoon Chan-young (Mama [2014], Everything and Nothing [2019], and Nobody Knows [2020]);

Jo Yi-hyun (Hospital Playlist [2020/2021], How to Buy a Friend [2020], and School of 2021 [2021]);

Park Solomon (The Guardians [2017], Sweet Revenge [2017], and Lookism [2019]);

And, lastly, Yoo In-soo (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon [2017], Love Alarm [2019], and At a Distance, Spring is Green [2021]).

Island (Release: First Half of 2022?)

Much like The Sound of Magic, this particular Webtoon to K-drama has been a long time coming. Island was first mentioned to be released in 2021, but without a proper release date or notice, it’s been pushed back until now.

Based on the Korean Webtoon 아일랜드 (Island) written by Yoon In-wan and illustrated by Yang Kyung-il, there has been a lot of hype for this upcoming Webtoon to K-drama adaptation. The Webtoon was first published in 2016. You can find the Korean version on the Naver Webtoon website (Part 1 and Part 2). Unfortunately, there’s not an official English-translated version to read.

Though there still isn’t too much information about this Webtoon to K-drama adaptation, what we do know is the plot. This drama will follow the story of a woman who moves to Jeju Island to become a teacher. However, she doesn’t know that the island is a place where evil just roams free. This twenty-episode drama will follow the group of characters banning together to get through it all.

For now, this drama is said to air on tvN during the first half of 2022, no word on whether it will also be on Netflix or Viki so we will just have to wait for more information.

Cast Members

The predicted cast as of right now include:

Kim Nam-gil (Queen Seon Duk [2009], Live Up to Your Name [2017], and The Fiery Priest [2019]);

Lee Da-hee (The Beauty Inside [2018], Search: WWW [2019], and L.U.C.A.: The Beginning [2021]);

Cha Eun-woo (My ID is Gangnam Beauty [2018] and True Beauty [2020]);

And Sung Joon (Can We Get Married? [2021], Hyde, Jekyll, Me [2015], and The Magic [2021]).

Black Knight / Delivery Knight (Release: 2022?)

The next horror/thriller on our list of Webtoon to K-drama adaptations of 2022 is Black Knight (or Delivery Knight).

This Webtoon to K-drama adaptation is based on the Webtoon 택배기사 (Delivery Knight) by Lee Yoon-kyun. This webtoon was first released on Toomics in 2016—it finished in 2019. You can find the Korean version on Toomics here and you can find the English version also on Toomics here.

Set in the future, this drama follows the story of a delivery person—called a knight—who meets a boy that wants to become a knight. In a world like this, where citizens hardly go out and rely heavily on the delivery services, it’s no wonder that crazy things start to happen.

It’s been confirmed by Netflix that production is underway for the drama, so we should be able to expect it soon! Though there’s no actual date yet, many say it will be released in 2022. Keep an eye out for more information!

Cast Members

The cast members for Dark Knight include:

Kim Woo-bin (School 2013 [2012/2013], The Heirs [2013], and Uncontrollably Fond [2016]);

Esom (Because This Is My First Life [2017] and Taxi Driver [2021]);

And Kang Yoo-seok (Melting Me Softly [2019], Once Again [2020], and Start-Up [2020]).

Dak Gang Jeong / Sweet and Sour Chicken (Release: 2022?)

The last horror/thriller on our Webtoon to k-drama adaptations of 2022 list is a bit different than what you might have expected.

Published originally in 2019 on Naver Webtoon, Dak Gang Jeong by Park Ji-dok is a thrilling sci-fi Webtoon dipped in the sweetest sauce. It may seem like an entertaining and funny Webtoon on the surface level, but it’s said to hold more thrilling elements as it goes on. You can find the Korean version on Naver Webtoon here. Sadly, there’s no official English version at this moment.

The Webtoon to K-drama adaptation really doesn’t have much information out at this moment. But since it’s following the Webtoon, we do have a pretty good idea what it will be about: the main character accidentally gets turned into a piece of fried chicken. Her father and an intern work to turn her human again, but stumble into a darker secret.

Other than that, there’s no saying when this drama will pop up or where to watch it. We’ll just need to be patient as the year goes on.

Cast Members

As of right now, the only cast member said to be confirmed is Cha Eun-woo (My ID is Gangnam Beauty [2018] and True Beauty [2020]). Though many sources have also said that it’s still up in the air. Who wouldn’t love another show with Cha Eun-woo, though?

Webtoon to K-drama Adaptations of 2022: Fantasy / Mystery

The last category on our Webtoon to K-drama adaptations of 2022 list is the fantasy and mystery genre. Though these can sometimes overlap with the horror and thriller category, these have a bit more fantastical elements to them.

Tomorrow (Release: March 2022)

Tomorrow is one of the more highly anticipated Webtoon to K-drama adaptations of 2022.

With hundreds of parts, the original Korean Webtoon 내일 (Tomorrow) by Ra-ma was published on Naver Webtoon starting in 2017. Over the years—and continuously, as the Webtoon itself isn’t over yet—it has gained a ton of followers all excited for the next step. You can read the Korean version on the Naver Webtoon website here. Like the past couple, this unfortunately does not have an official English version.

Set to start its release in March on Netflix, this Webtoon to K-drama adaptation will follow the struggling Choi Joon-woong who’s trying his best to get a job. Even though he seems like the perfect guy, he keeps getting rejected at his interviews. Eventually, he runs into a couple of angels of death. From there, things start to change for Joon-woong. It will be a total of sixteen episodes.

You can watch the trailer for this drama here:

Cast Members

The main cast for this drama includes:

Kim Hee-sun (Angry Mom [2015], The Lady in Dignity [2017], and Alice [2020]);

Ro-woon (Extraordinary You [2019], She Would Never Know [2021], and The King’s Affection [2021]);

Lee Soo-hyuk (Born Again [2020], Handmade Love [2020], and Doom at Your Service [2021]);

And, lastly, Yun Ji-on (Dear My Room [2018], Sweet Home [2020], and You Are My Spring [2021]).

Again My Life (Release: First Half of 2022)

Our final Webtoon to K-drama adaptation on our list is Again My Life, a looping drama that will leave you wanting answers the further it goes on.

This Webtoon was first published on Kakao in 2016 by Lee Hae-nal. While the K-drama won’t cover the entirety of the Webtoon, this one is still ongoing (it currently has over 140 parts). There doesn’t seem to be an official English version of this Webtoon, so if you’d like to read it you can find the Korean version on Kakao here.

Scheduled to come out during the first half of 2022, Again My Life is an action-packed Webtoon to K-drama adaptation that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. It follows Kim Hee-woo, a prosecutor who’s investigating the corruption of a politician when he gets killed. But, the next day, he wakes up as if he hadn’t died.

This drama will be released by SBS and available on ViuTV with a total of sixteen episodes. You can watch the trailer for it here:

Cast Members

The cast members for this Webtoon to K-drama adaptation include:

Lee Joon-gi (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [2016], Lawless Lawyer [2018], and Hotel del Luna [2019]);

Lee Kyung-young (Misaeng: Incomplete Life [2014], Room No. 9 [2018], and Vincenzo [2021]);

And, lastly, Kim Ji-eun (The Best Moment to Quit Your Job [2017], I Have Three Boyfriends [2019], and The Veil [2021]).

Which Webtoon to K-drama adaptations of 2022 will you watch?

Though this list isn’t too terribly long, there’s a good number of K-dramas worth watching during this upcoming year. Did any of these pique your interest?

If you want to find more K-dramas coming out in 2022, you can check out this blog we wrote about thirteen other K-dramas to expect. And keep an eye out on our Drama Category, we’re going to be posting more and more content about dramas you won’t want to miss!

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