5 Trendy Korean Fashion Styles that Stand Out Above the Rest


Though South Korea is known for K-pop and K-dramas the most, many have started turning their heads at the fashion trends coming from the ever-changing country. Not only has South Korea spearheaded some of the most popular fashion trends, but they also carry their own unique styles that most countries can’t replicate.

If you’re into fashion, here are a few of the most popular Korean fashion styles you’ll find.

5 Korean Fashion Styles You Will LOVE!

Firstly, we should probably explain what we mean by a fashion style in this blog.

Trends come and go, especially in South Korea’s fast-paced lifestyle. Specific fads stick longer than others. Whether it’s a particular color, style of top, or an entire outfit making its way to the top of trendy fashion, there are plenty of fashion styles you can spot in South Korea.

But the fashion styles in this blog will encompass the entire outfit. They will be complete looks that have been incorporated into daily fashion rather than just one item of clothing that has gained popularity.

1. Streetwear

Probably the most popular fashion style you will see in South Korea is streetwear.

Heavily incorporated with younger generations and idols, streetwear fashion is exactly what you think it is. Casual clothes you can wear just about anywhere. However, there is a finer art to Korean streetwear fashion than you might expect.

To begin with, streetwear has been notably associated with the hip-hop genre or the “cooler” side of idols. When performing a song with heavier beats and more raps, idols will adorn a complete streetwear look, including oversized t-shirts with notable brand logos (such as Supreme, Nike, or Adidas), sweatpants or non-formfitting pants (including cargo pants), chunky shoes, and eccentric patterns/colors.

Streetwear in Korea also takes on a boxier element, a direct result of the oversized items of clothing. A few other popular items you will find in the streetwear style includes hoodies, beanies, bucket hats, fanny packs, and more. While some of these outfits might look a bit chaotic, there’s no denying that they simply work.

Out of the other Korean fashion styles on this blog, streetwear is definitely the most popular.

2. Athleisure (or Sportswear)

The next style on our Korean fashion styles list is athleisure, also known as sportswear.

Much like streetwear, athleisure clothing tends to be on the side of comfort. This particular fashion trend combines clothing that you would wear to work out or to just lounge around the house in. This includes favorites such as sweatpants, leggings, tennis shoes, sports t-shirts, hoodies, and other related styles.

As more athletic-wear brands started incorporating clothing that could be worn in and out of the gym, the fashion style took off in South Korea. Many tend to combine athleisure with streetwear since the main idea of both of these Korean fashion styles is comfort.

Popular brands for athleisure include powerhouse names such as Nike, PUMA, Adidas, Champion, FILA, and more. As brands integrated more clothing, K-pop idols and groups started collaborating with those brands. For instance, BTS and PUMA used to have combined collections of clothing. More recently, BTS were global brand ambassadors for FILA.

As athleisure starts making its way to the top trendy Korean fashion styles, there is no doubt that we will continue to see idols and actors embracing the comfortable style.

3. Minimalist Clothing

Quite uniquely, the next trend on our Korean fashion styles list can be included with any other style you can think of. Minimalist clothing is the trend of wearing a singular color or fabric for your entire outfit.

Now, don’t get the wrong impression of the minimalist style; there are still some do’s and do not do’s with this style. For instance, don’t wear loud or expressive patterns. You want to wear something a bit more mellow—softer colors, less chaotic patterns, and easy to find wherever you go.

A typical minimalist-styled outfit would include a plain black t-shirt, black pants, and black shoes. If you wear accessories, they will also have to match the all-black aesthetic. You can also find outfits wearing all white, beige, and other muted colors.

Many also consider minimalist style to incorporate clothing without major designs. So wearing a simple t-shirt, blue jeans, and shoes could be considered minimalistic. What matters most is that you wear the bare minimum in terms of style.

4. Two-Piece Sets

In recent years, South Korea’s fashion styles have evolved to include more matching outfits. Not just matching colors or patterns, but complete outfits that were sold as one set. Especially in women’s fashion, the two-piece set has started taking over.

The most well-known two-piece sets are typically a top and bottom (usually skirts or shorts) that match. This means they are the same fabric, color, design, etc. Sets are generally made to be one entity.

More recently, two-piece sets in Korea have started exploring other matching pairs. This includes sets with a shirt and matching cardigan, a dress with an oversized sweater, and more. Two-piece sets have made their way to the top of popular Korean fashion styles in the past couple of years and they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Many love two-piece sets because of how simple they make fashion. Not only do you not have to worry as much about finding something that would go together with that specific skirt or that specific top, but they don’t require as much extra work to make them gorgeous. Two-piece sets are a popular fashion statement and don’t require any extra effort to make work.

Two-Piece Set Korean Women Fashion

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5. Oversized Clothing

The final style on our Korean fashion styles list is the well-known and well-loved trend of oversized clothing.

You most likely already got the hint from all of the other Korean fashion styles on this list, but oversized clothes are in for Korean fashion. Not just oversized shirts, but also oversized hoodies, large jackets, baggy pants, chunky shoes, fluffy hats, and so much more. If it’s oversized, then it’s definitely worth wearing.

The trend with oversized clothes has especially hit in South Korea—where many have taken to wearing chunky shoes (shoes with especially large soles) and oversized sweatshirts. Another popular way to utilize oversized clothes is with jackets. If you wear a more form-fitting outfit, it’s easy to pair it with an oversized coat (especially a trench coat).

Other popular ways to utilize oversized items of clothing include a skirt with an oversized sweater, a more form-fitting top with wide-leg pants, an oversized button-up shirt left open above a t-shirt, and so many more. The possibilities are endless when mix-matching with the oversized style.

Which of these Korean fashion styles do you love?

Overall, Korean fashion has a lot of areas to explore. From the ever-trendy streetwear to something a bit more minimalistic, you will never run out of Korean fashion styles to try.

If you would like to explore more things related to Korean fashion, feel free to check out our Fashion Category. We have explored various fashion-related things from couple fashion to fashion styles for various seasons.

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