Top 10 Amazing Attractions in Jeju Island One Shouldn’t Miss

Top 10 Amazing Attractions in Jeju Island One Shouldn’t Miss

Jeju Island is the largest island in South Korea, located in the Jeju Province. This island has amazing views of nature, heritage sites, museums and other entertaining sites. If you are a solo traveler or want to have a family trip, then Jeju Island should not be missed.

Quickest way to get to Jeju Island is via Airplane to Jeju International Airport. It will take an hour if you take a flight from Seoul. On the other hand it will take less than an hour from southern coastal city of Busan. You can also check out amazing hotels to live in Jeju Island Jeju Island hotels. Want to know where to travel in Jeju Island, so here are the top 10 amazing attractions in Jeju Island:

Top 10 amazing attractions in Jeju: Waterfalls

1. Jeongbang Waterfall in Jeju Island

Top 10 amazing attractions in Jeju

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Jeongbang waterfall is the only waterfall in Asia that directly falls into the ocean. It is one of the most magnificent spots and above all one of the best places to visit especially with your family and friends. Jeongbang waterfall is not only famous for its sight-seeing but also for sunbathing. Undoubtedly, becoming most famous waterfall in South Korea. As a result it is one of the top 10 amazing attractions in Jeju Island.

How to travel to Jeongbang waterfall? :

By Bus: 521, 600, 651, 652 are the nearest stops to the waterfall. Then you have to walk for 5 minutes to reach the waterfall. You can also take line 181 bus from Jeju City to Jeongbang waterfall and will take approx. 29 minutes to reach.

By rented car: Travelling by rented cars are much easier and faster, unlike public transport that can be a bit slow.

On the other hand, there are tours that makes it easier for you to travel around. Klook has a great tour for this area.


Summer: 7:30 am to 19:00 pm and Winter: 7:30 am to 17:30 pm

Price: For Adults: 2,000 won and for Children: W1,000 won

You can also check here, if you want to know where to stay on Jeju Island.

2. Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

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Cheonjiyeon means sky connected with land and it is one of the major tourist attractions on Jeju island. There is also a fairytale regarding this waterfall. According to this tale there were seven fairies who served the King of Heaven who descended to Earth and took bath in this waterfall. Therefore, it is also known as ‘God’s Pond’. Swimming and soaking are not allowed because recently this waterfall is being considered as ‘Natural Monument’. Cheonjiyeon waterfall is also one of the top three famous waterfalls in Jeju Island along with Jeongbang.

How to travel to Cheonjiyeon Waterfall? :

By Taxi: Take taxi from Jeju city and you will reach in 38 minutes.

By Bus: Another best way to travel to Cheonjiyeon waterfalls is to take a bus from line 181 which takes 43 minutes. There are bus services operated by Jeju Island buses that departs from Jeju City Hall.

By car: You can also travel via car, it will take approximately 38 minutes to reach from Jeju city to Cheonjiyeon falls.

Timings: From 07:00 am to 23:00 pm (last entry: 22:10 pm)

Price: For Adults: 2,000 won and for Children: W1,000 won

Top 10 amazing attractions in Jeju: Parks

3. Hallasan National Park in Jeju Island

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ParkImage Source:

Hallasan National Park is located on the southernmost part of Korean peninsula. It is part of the South Korea’s highest mountain Hallasan Mountain. In 1970, it was selected as the 9th National Park. It is also designated by UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site. Surprisingly there are over 1800 kinds of plants and 4000 animal species, this is the reason this place is a treasure for nature lovers. Therefore, it is considered as one of the top 10 amazing attractions in Jeju Island.

How to travel to Hallasan National Park? :

By Bus: From Jeju City you can take line 181 bus for Hallasan National Park which will approx. 23 minutes to reach.

By train: You can also travel by train from Seoul and takes 3 hours 48 minutes.

Most importantly don’t forget that pandemic has not ended yet, during your travel take necessarily precautions.

Travel Tips during Covid Pandemic:

  1. Wear masks.
  2. Social distancing to be maintained of about 2 meters.
  3. Observe Covid 19 rules.

Timings: 12:00 pm to 16:00 pm

Preferred timings: 12:00 pm to 13:00 pm

Price or entrance fees:

Groups of 3: 3,000 won

Grouping of 9: 4,500 won

Groups of more than 10: 6,000 won

4. Jeju Stone Park

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Jeju stone park is an ecological park with rock displays and some brilliant Jeju’s myth and spirit’s inspiration. Outdoor stone sculptures and culture village are also one of the main attractions of this park.

How to travel to Jeju stone park:

By Bus: Take Bus No. 100 from Jeju International Airport to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal. Then from bus terminal take a bus bound for Namjo-ro and get down at Jeju stone park bus stop.

Timings: 09:00 am to 18:00 pm

First Monday of every month are closed.

Length of tour: Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes (50 minutes per course)

Prices/Fees: Individual adults: 5,000 won

Individual teenagers (13-18): 3,500 won

Group Adults: 4,000 won

Group Teenagers: 2,800 won

5. Hallim Park in Jeju Island

ParkImage Source: english.visitkorea

Hallim Park is one of the best tourist spots on Jeju Island. It was established in early 1970’s on barren land with importing and planting assorted subtropical plants. It has variety of gardens that can be enjoyed in all the seasons. In addition, people can also explore amusement park and folk village that is enjoyable for both adults and children. That is why it is one of the top 10 amazing attractions in Jeju Island.

How to travel to Hallim Park:

By Bus: Take 102 express bus from Jeju International Airport to Hallim transfer station. Then take 202 blue bus to Hallim Park Stop. Total time in this journey is 90 minutes.

By rented car: Through rented car take the road Ilju-Doro and continue toward Hallim. Then still continue toward Hyeopjae at Hyeopjae-sa-geo-ri and will arrive at the park. The journey time will take about 50 minutes.

Price/Entrance fees: Adults: 12,000 won

Teenagers: 8,000 won

Children: 7,000 won

Senior citizens: 10,000 won


March to August: 08:00 am to 17:30 pm

September to October: 08:00 am to 17:00 pm

November to February: 09:00 am to 16:30 pm

Top 10 amazing attractions in Jeju: Museums

6. Jeju Teddy Bear Museum

Top 10 amazing attractions in JejuImage Source:

Teddy Bear Museum was opened in 2001. Teddy bears are something which children adores. This museum is one of the best place for children and even adults to visit. It also contains two galleries and a museum cafe.

How to travel to Teddy Bear Museum:

By Bus: Take Airport Limousine Bus from Jeju-do International Airport. Then get off at Yeomiji Botanical Garden Bus stop in Jungmun Resort. Walk for approx. 5 minutes and you will reach.

By Taxi: Quickest way you can travel to museum by taking taxi from Jeju City. It will take 36 minutes to reach.

Timings: Weekdays/Weekends: 09:00 am to 19:00 pm (ticketing 18:00 pm)

Summer: 09:00 am to 22:00 pm (ticketing 21:00 pm)

Price/Charges: Adult: 10,000 won

Teenagers: 9,000 won

Children: 8,000 won

Senior citizens: 8,000 won

Disabled: 8,000 won

7. Osulloc Tea Museum in Jeju Island

MuseumImage Source:

Osulloc Tea museum is the first tea museum in Korea. It aims to familiarize with Korean tea history and its tradition. It was also chosen as one of the top 10 museums in the world by designboom (online magazine). They especially praised the museum for its architecture, art and design. Therefore, it is one of the top 10 amazing attractions in Jeju Island.

How to travel?

By Bus: Take bus no. 150-1/255 from Jeju International Airport and will reach Provincial government building. After that you will reach Halla Hospital, then Donggwang Transfer center and then get off at Osulloc Museum.

By Taxi: If you don’t want to have a long journey, instead of bus take a taxi from Jeju International Airport to Osulloc Museum. It will take approximately 40-50 minutes.

Timings: From 09:00 am to 18:00 pm (open all year around)

Another important detail is that Museum can be closed due to harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall.

Price/Fees: Free/No charges

8. Jeju National Museum

Top 10 amazing attractions in JejuImage Source:

MuseumImage Source:

Jeju National Museum is a museum that is located in Jeju, South Korea. This museum focuses on the history, archeology, culture and art of Jeju. Undeniably becoming one of the most popular museums in Korea. It is also a great place for people to gain more knowledge. For instance, students who are pursuing graduation or higher studies in history and archeology should visit this place.

How to travel to museum?

Take 101 line Bus from Jeju Bus terminal and will reach Donggwangyang. Then take a taxi to Jeju National Museum.

Timings: Mondays are closed

Tuesday to Friday: 09:00 am to 18:00 pm

Weekends and Public holidays: 10:00 am to 19:00 pm

Saturdays (March to October): 10:00 am to 21:00 pm

Last Wednesday of every month: 10:00 am to 21:00 pm

Price/Charges: Free

Top 10 amazing attractions in Jeju: Beaches

9. Hyeopjae Beach in Jeju Island

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Hyeopjae Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches you will watch. Clear water and white sands mingled with broken shells are undoubtedly beautiful to look at. It offers a mesmerizing view of low tides with Biyangdo Island in front. Traveling together with family and friends will make it even more fun. As a result, this beach is one of the top 10 amazing attractions in Jeju Island.

How to travel?

By bus: Take Bus line no.102 from Jeju city to Hyeopjae Beach and will take 46 minutes to reach.

By taxi: Quickest way to travel is via taxi from Jeju city to the beach. It will take 31 minutes to reach.

Timings: Anytime. Tourists can also visit the beach during the night-time.

You can also check hotels near Hamdeok Beach 

10. Hamdeok Beach

Top 10 amazing attractions in JejuImage Source: koreabyme

Last but not the least- Hamdeok Beach. It is also known as Hamdeok Seoubong Beach due to the volcanic cone nearby. It is also famous for its mesmerizing sceneries- tall palm trees, emerald blue water and white sand. The sandbar is a fascinating feature of this beach. At night it vanishes and in the next morning it reappears magically. Consequently becoming one of the top three beaches of Jeju Island. In addition you can also enjoy water sports such as waterskiing, rent motorboats and go sea-fishing. Together with family and friends will make it more memorable. As a result, it is considered as one of the top attractions in Jeju Island.

How to travel?

By Bus: Take Bus 101, 325 or 326 from Jeju International Airport to Hamdeok Beach stop and it will take approximately 50 minutes to reach.

By Taxi: Traveling via taxi will take approximately 45 minutes and cost around 20,000 won.

Timings: The beach opens at 10:00 am and closes between 19:00 pm to 21:00 pm.

You can visit any season, but the swimming season is usually from July to August.

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Conclusion- Top 10 amazing attractions in Jeju Island

So, these are the top 10 attractions in Jeju Island one shouldn’t miss. Jeju Island is the top island destination in South Korea. People have overall experienced good time by visiting these places. Most importantly make sure to check the timings of these places before you travel. During this pandemic, make sure to take proper precautions while traveling.

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