Visit SM Town, On Your Trip to Korea!


Visiting Korea Soon? Visit SM Town! If you are dying to see were some famous idols practice, then SM Town is the perfect destination for you! There are fun activities to experience in SM Town. I hope you are ready to have the time of your life!

1st Generation SM Town Artists

You finally made it to Korea, now it is time to visit SM Town! Then, it is right that you have knowledge of all of the artists that walked (and are still walking) through these halls. First, we have H.O.T. This iconic boy band was formed by SM Entertainment in 1996, and disbanded in 2001. However, they had a reunion in 2018! The group consists of five members. They were among the first idols to be apart of the Korean Wave in Asia. Want to check them out? Listen to their super famous song Candy and get ready to dance along. In other words, you will be a fan of H.O.T in no time!SM Town artist H.O.T

Second, we have six member boy band, Shinhwa. This group was formed in 1998. All members completed their military service, and after a four year hiatus, they were the first group to make a comeback and continue performing after completing their service!  Shinhwa is the longest running boy band in the history of Kpop. In conclusion, they are pretty legendary!SM Town Artist Shinhwa

Third, we have solo female artist, BoA. She made her debut back in 2000, and is coined as the “Queen of Kpop.” BoA has released a total of 19 studio albums! In conclusion, she really is a queen.SM Town Artist BoA

Fourth, we have TVXQ. This group made their debut in 2003. They began as a five member group, but after a hiatus, they are now a duo. TVXQ became popular with all of their albums charting in Korea. In conclusion, their music is one for the books!SM Town Artist TVXQ

2nd Generation Artists

Fifth, is Girls Generation, also known as SNSD. Girls Generation is a nine member girl group formed in 2007. Girls Generation are famous for their upbeat and catchy singles! Most importantly, they are in second place for the most wins on music shows. In conclusion, Girls Generation are an iconic part of Kpop history! SM Town Artist Girls Generation

Sixth, is Super Junior, or SuJu. They are a 13 member (currently 9) boy group that made their debut in 2005. Super Junior has an extreme amount of music awards! As a result, they are extremely legendary. In conclusion, Super Junior has an immense number of bops that you should be listening to right now!

SM Town Artist Super Junior

Next, we have SHINee, also known as, the “Princes of Kpop”. They were formed back in 2008, and are truly iconic. They are known for their unique dance moves and outfits. SHINee has immense vocal talent, and it is showcased at their concerts. In other words, listening to SHINee’s music is good for the soul!SM Town Artist SHINee

Eighth, we have f(x), a five member girl group. They made their debut in 2009. f(x) started to receive attention from outside of Korea, and then started to perform at festivals in the USA. Their music is full of electric beats that make you want to jump out of your seat. In conclusion, f(x) are a fun group to listen to!SM Town Artist f(x)

3rd Generation Artists

Next, we have EXO. They are a nine (currently 8) member boy group that made their debut in 2012. EXO has a huge fan base in Korea and internationally. They are in first place with the most wins for music shows. In conclusion, EXO are definitely a band that anyone would love to listen to at any time!

SM Town Artist EXO

Tenth, there is five member girl group, Red Velvet. They made their debut in 2014. They are known for their unique style of clothing, and music video concepts. In other words, they have their own way flair, and it is exciting to watch. In conclusion, Red Velvet are very talented and have fun bops!SM Town Artist Red Velvet

Lastly, we have NCT, a group of 21 members. NCT consists of three different sub-units. The first unit, NCT U made their debut in April 2016. Secondly, NCT 127 made their debut in July 2016. Thirdly, NCT Dream made their debut in August 2016. Each group has their own music style and presence. The sub-units are extremely successful. In conclusion, any NCT unit is a unit that I want to listen to!

SM Town Artist NCT

Items on display

  • Firstly, make your way through SM Town halls and check out the Hall of Fame. The walls have trophies from Super Junior, SHINee, Girls Generation, and more SM idols.

Hall of Fame

  • Secondly, check out music video outfits from the artists debut singles, and from videos throughout their career.

Music Video Outfits

Music Video Outfits

Music Video Outfits

  • Thirdly, go backstage and pretend like you are an idol yourself. You will find make-up sets and other cool props!

Make-up sets

  • Next, there is a huge room with walls covered in dates and photos. Each wall has a timeline of SM groups. Get to know all the details about your fave artists.


  • Fifth, enter this room full of all of SM artists’ album artworks.

SM Town album artwork

  • Sixth, put your hand next your favorite idols and compare the size. Their signatures are located on their hand print from when they visited the museum.

SM Town hand prints

  • Lastly, skim your way through this huge wall of posters at SM’s gallery.

SM Town gallery

Things to do in SM Town

  • Firstly, are you feeling like an idol? Pretend to produce a song in a real recording studio.

SM Town produce song

  • Secondly, want to participate in a real Kpop experience? Then take a dance class in one of the dance studios.

SM Town dance studio

  • Next, want to get an up close experience with your favorite idols? Take interactive photos with the artists.

SM Town interactive photos

  • Fourth, make your way to the SM store and buy some merchandise.

SM Town store

SM Town store

  • Fifth, eat in the cafe and order desserts and drinks based off of your idols songs.

SM Town cafe

  • Next, watch unreleased movies in the huge movie theater.

SM Town theater

SM Town theater

  • Lastly, participate in compatibility tests with your favorite artists (blood type and astrological).SM Town hand matching

In conclusion, if you are visiting Korea soon, visit SM Town. If you want to read more articles like this, then go to! If you are interested in YG cafe, check out the video below!

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