May Kpop Comebacks and Debuts!

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May’s Kpop debuts and comebacks are everything you have been waiting for! Good thing I have a list of every single group, some debuting and some returning, who released amazing songs and performances for everyone to enjoy! Some have already taken home some wins, while the others are still competing.

Kpop artists who made solo debuts in May

First on this list of May’s Kpop comebacks is Jongup. Jongup is from Kpop group B.A.P. He made his solo debut on May 7th with a track called “Headache.” Jongup has recently been signed to a new entertainment company, and has been working on his solo debut for a while. His new single is very laid back, enticing, and poppy! Make sure to show his new single and album, also titled “Headache,” some love!

Moon Jongup Headache Debut

Second, we have a new artist named Natty. She debuted on May 7th with a single called,”Nineteen.” She is apart of Swing Entertainment. Back in 2015, she was on Mnet’s survival/reality show SIXTEEN. If you are looking for a catchy, feel good song that you can dance too, then Natty’s new single is for you! In other words, check out Natty’s new single and your ears will be blessed!

Natty Nineteen Debut

Third, we have Sujeong a member from of the Lovelyz, making her solo debut. She made her debut on May 20th with a song called,”Tiger Eyes.” This single has a thrilling beat, is very different from other songs, and has a very nice flair to it. Sujeong not only released a single, but also a full album also titled, “Tiger Eyes.” In other words, listen to Sujeong’s single and album all day, everyday.

Sujeong Tiger Eyes Debut

Lastly, we have Kim Wooseok who made his solo debut on May 25th. Wooseok is a member of UP10TION. He released a single titled, “Red Moon,” and an album called, “1ST DESIRE [GREED].” His single is exhilarating, has a great beat drop, and overall very fun to listen to. In other words, listening to his new single and album will make your ears very happy!Kim Wooseok Red Moon Debut

May’s Kpop debuts for groups

First, a group named woo!ah! with the title of their song also being,”woo!ah!” The group has six members, and they are under NV Entertainment. They made their debut on May 15, 2020. Their single is super catchy, fun, and full of bass. In conclusion, make sure to listen to their single and album called EXCLAMATION!

woo!ah! May Kpop debut

Second, we have a five member girl group called REDSQUARE (also known as RSQ). They made their debut on May 19th with a single called,”ColorFull.” The single is super fun and exciting! They are under About Entertainment. Be sure to check out their first mini album titled “PREQUEL.”


Lastly, we have SECRET NUMBER. They are a five member girl group that made their debut on May 19th. Their single is titled,”Who Dis?” The song is very funky and unique. That is to say, the lyrics will be stuck in your head all day! In conclusion, support SECRET NUMBER.


 Kpop comebacks for male solo acts in May

Ken from popular Kpop group, VIXX, made his comeback with his song, “Just for a Moment.” His first mini album, “Greeting,” was released on May 20th. The single is a beautiful ballad that really showcases Ken’s lovely vocals. In conclusion, listen to this song so Ken can soothe your mind with his voice.Ken may kpop comeback

Second, we have the talented Baekhyun from EXO making his comeback with his song, “Candy.” The song is sweet, spicy, and everything in between. Baekhyun made his comeback on May 25th. He released his second EP titled “Delight.” In other words, nothing is as sweet as Baekhyun!Baekhyun May Kpop Comeback

Third, Park Jihoon made his comeback with his song, “Wing.” This exciting bop was released on May 26th. His single is the perfect song to blast on a hot summer day! If the single is not enough, listen to his mini-album, “The W.” In conclusion, Park Jihoon will have you ready for the summer with his electrifying new music!Park Jihoon May Kpop Comeback

May’s Kpop comebacks for female solo acts

First, we have the extremely talented Taeyeon who made her comeback on May 4th. Her single is called, “Happy.” Listening to this song will leave you…HAPPY. It makes me want to dance around my room like I am in a movie. In other words, check out the song and become happy!Taeyeon May Kpop Comeback

Second, the fabulous IU made her comeback with a song named, “eight.” Her new single features BTS member, SUGA. As a result, the song is extremely lively and youthful. IU made her comeback on May 8th. Make sure to give her new single a listen or two or three or more!IU May Kpop Comeback

Third, Yubin, a former member of Wonder Girls, made her comeback with a song named, “Me Time.” She released this song on May 21st. “Me Time” is a super cool and catchy song to make your own dance too.Yubin May Kpop Comeback

Fourth, we have a comeback from Minzy. She is a former 2NE1 member! She made her comeback on May 24th with a beautiful song called, “Lovely.” The single is very enchanting and up-lifting. The lyrics are very sentimental and kind. In other words, show her new single a lot of love because it is indeed lovely.

Minzy May Kpop Comeback

Lastly, MAMAMOO member, Moonbyul, made a comeback with her song, “Absence.” The song has a lot of emotion and is very fragile. You can listen to her new song on her album called, “門OON.” Her vocals sound fantastic. In other words, get ready to get in your feels while listening to her new album!

Moonbyul May Kpop Comeback

Kpop comebacks for girl groups in May

First, we have Fanatics who made a comeback with a song titled, “Vavi Girl.” The comeback was on May 4th. They also released an EP called, “PLUS TWO.” The rookie group gave us an upbeat and thrilling song with “Vavi Girl.” In other words, stream their new song all day!Fanatics May Comeback

Second, we have powerful girl group BVNDIT. They made their comeback on May 13th with, “Jungle.” The single has electrifying beats and drops. Their second EP with title track “Jungle,” is called “Carnival.” In other words, all the songs make you feel like you are on a ride!BVNDIT May Comeback

Lastly, we have a girl duo named KEEMBO. This duo have released an incredible single named, “Scandalous,” on May 27th. The song is full of great rhythm and wonderful vocals. In other words, listen to this song and you will not be disappointed!KEEMBO May Comeback

May’s Kpop comebacks for boy groups

First, we have ASTRO who came back with a mighty and intense single named, “Knock.” You can really feel the emotion behind the idols words in this song. Along with “Knock,” they released their 7th mini album titled, “Gateway.” In conclusion, you will be knocking on doors all day while listening to this song!ASTRO May Comeback

Second, NU’EST made their comeback with a song called, “I’m In Trouble.” The song has extremely good vibes! The come back was on May 11th. Along with the single, they released their 8th mini album titled, “The Nocturne.” I might get in trouble for listening to this song too many times, oops! NU'EST May Comeback

Third, K-band DAY6, made a comeback with “Zombie.” They also released their album, “The Book of Us: The Demon,” on May 11th. The title song is a very laid back song and is very comforting to listen to. In conclusion, get a pair of headphones on, lay down in bed, and turn into a zombie with DAY6.DAY6 May Comeback

Fourth, UNVS made a comeback with “Give You Up.” They released their album, “Soundtracks for the Lost and Broken: Give You Up,” on May 15th. The single has EDM beats and is extremely fun to listen to. In other words, I will definitely not give up on this song!UNVS May Comeback

Fifth, TXT made a comeback on May 18th with “Can’t You See Me.” They released an album called, “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY.” The title song is extremely captivating. The lyrics are very mature and meaningful. In conclusion, TXT will lure you in with their lyrics and unique flair.TXT May Comeback

More Kpop comebacks for boy groups in May

First, we have NCT 127 who made a comeback on May 19th. Their title song, “Punch,” follows the vibe of their last single, “Kick It.” The song is incorporated with distinctive sounds and it is very addicting. NCT 127 do an amazing job of creating captivating songs!NCT 127 Comeback

Second, OnlyOneOf made a comeback on May 21st with their song, “angel.” The single was produced by popular artist GRAY. The song is calming and puts a huge smile on my face. If you want someone to call you angel on repeat, then listen to this song!

OnlyOneOf May Comeback

Third, rookie group DKB released a song called, “Still.” The song and second mini album “LOVE,” came out on May 25th. The single is something I want to listen to on a rainy, sunny, or snowy day. In conclusion, I want to stay still and listen to this song ALL the time!DKB May Comeback

Fourth, MONSTA X made their explosive comeback with “FANTASIA.” On May 26th, they release their album “FANTASIA X.” The song makes me feel like I am running through a jungle with intense beats and EDM vibes. In other words, MONSTA X make me feel like I am living in a fantasy, and I love it!

MONSTA X May Comeback

Last on our list of May’s Kpop comebacks is ONEWE. This group made a comeback on May 26th with “End of Spring.” They also released their first full length album titled, “ONE.” The single is full of diverse, EDM like, beats and has a country flair. In conclusion, I will be listening to this song until the end of spring.ONEWE May Comeback

May comeback winners so far

  1. Astro – 1 win @ Show Champion
  2. Baekhyun – 1 win @ Show Champion
  3. IU ft. SUGA – 3 wins @ Inkigayo (Triple Crown)
  4. NU’EST – 4 wins @ Show Champion, M! Countdown, Music Bank, and MBS Show! Music Core
  5. TXT – 2 wins @ Show Champion and The Show
  6. NCT 127 – 3 wins @ Show Music Core, Music Bank, and M! Countdown
  7. MONSTA X – 1 win @ The Show

The voting is still continuing and more wins could be given out to these artists!

In conclusion, after looking at this list of talented artists, it is evident that May was full of spectacular songs and stages. Keep your eyes out on these artists to see if they take home any more wins! All in all, May’s Kpop comebacks are definitely one for the books. To read more blogs like this, go to!


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