10 Charming Kdrama Couples That Dated in Real Life

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10 Kdrama Couples That Dated in Real Life

The quiet charms of office life, with its intriguing blend of camaraderie and mutual esteem that sometimes evolves into flirtation or romance, are far from new. It’s quite normal that people spending time and effort almost every day develop feelings for each other. That’s not really how it works when it comes to actors. When co-stars fall in love on set, it automatically becomes a huge thing. Numerous celebrities became enamored of their co-workers and decided to embark on a relationship. The same situation takes place in the K-dramas where couples fall in love in real life.

K-dramas are known for being romantic, cheesy, and dreamlike. Therefore, seeing some couples that end up dating in real life should be anything but unthinkable. Some characters went from portraying some real-life-inspired love stories on TV to actually starting their own hence inviting everyone to believe true love still exists.

Kdrama Couples That Are No Longer Together

Kdrama Couple – Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young

When City Hunter aired in 2011, it was revealed that the co-stars Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young were dating. When announcing the stars’ relationship, their respective agencies carefully admitted the two “got to know each other better during filming and decided to move on after the show ended.” Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young broke up a year later due to their busy schedules.

Kdrama Couple – Nam Joo-hyuk and Lee Sung-kyung

Model and actor Nam Joo Hyuk and model and actress Lee Sung Kyung fell in love while filming Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo and continued the relationship after the show ended. They had been friends since their modeling days, but the feelings gradually turned into something more real. Unfortunately for fans of this real and dramatic couple, they separated in August 2017 after a very short relationship of 4 months.

Kdrama Couple – Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo

Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Song Hye Kyo was a match made on screen during the smash hit Descendants of the Sun. After rumors started swirling about them dating during their trip to Bali, the couple released a surprise wedding announcement! The two, affectionately dubbed the Song-Song couple by fans, got married following a surprise wedding announcement in October 2017. Their marriage only lasted 1 year and 10 months before getting divorced in June 2019.

Kdrama Couple – Ahn Jae-hyun and Koo Hye-sun

Ahn Jae-Hyun and Goo Hye-Sun met on the set of Blood, which aired in 2015. The show made sure that being a vampire was contracted by a virus and not by a bite, which differed from the usual clichés of vampires.

Other than that, the two main characters tied the knot in 2016. Sadly, they finalized their divorce in 2020. The split caused fans to be confused. No one could tell what happened exactly. Things got out of hand. Private conversations were revealed and cheating accusations were made.

It seems like it is all water under the bridge, at least based on Goo Hye-Sun’s statement: ‘I have already forgiven everything. I’m positive that all of the things I went through were to help me grow as a person. Please encourage the person who stayed with me during his new chapter. The past is the past. Even though I wasn’t able to, please embrace him, even through his mistakes.

Kdrama Couples That Are Still Going Strong

Kdrama Couple – Ji Sung and Lee Bo-young

Actor Ji Sung and actress Lee Bo Young only started dating four years after they met on the set of Save the Last Dance for Me in 2004. However, the wait was worth it, as the two got married in 2013 and gave birth to a beautiful daughter in 2015 and a son in 2019.

Kdrama Couple – Ki Tae-young and Eugene

The co-stars, actor Ki Tae Young and idol-turned-actress Eugene, began dating in real life after starring in the series Creating Destiny together in 2009. The couple got married in July 2011 and had a daughter in 2015. The family of three received massive fan love with their appearance in The Return of Superman. The couple, since then, welcomed a second daughter.

Kdrama Couple – Lee Chun-hee and Jeon Hye-jin

Actor Lee Chun Hee and actress Jeon Hye Jin proved that, in some cases, age doesn’t matter. Even though there is a difference of nine years, the co-stars of the drama Smile, You started dating in 2009 and got married while expecting a child in 2011. Since then, they have remained one of the strongest couples in the K-drama world. In an interview, Lee Chun Hee explained during the filming of the drama that he and his wife were not interested in each other due to the age difference. He confessed to falling instantly in love with the actress, however, when she drove around in a Volkswagen Golf GTI which has always been his dream car!

Kdrama Couple – Yeon Jung-hoon and Han Ga-in

Actor Yeon Jung Hoon and actress Han Ga In have been together for a long time. They started dating around 2003 when they met on the set of Yellow Handkerchief. Then they got married in 2005 and have not left each other since. Happily married for 17 years, the couple had their first child in 2016.

Kdrama Couple – Ryu Soo-young and Park Ha-sun

Actor Ryu Soo Young and actress Park Ha Sun became a real-life couple after co-starring in Two Weeks which premiered in 2013. In 2015, their relationship was revealed to the public. The couple married in January 2017 and gave birth to a beautiful daughter in August of the same year.

Kdrama Couple – Hyun-Bin and Son Ye-Jin

A year ago, it was revealed that Son Ye Jin was in a relationship with Hyun Bin, alongside whom she starred in 2020’s Crash Landing on You. In February, the public also learned that the couple was getting married, and it has not been dragged on since the wedding took place on March 31.

Clearly, they go very well together. Fans were rooting for them. But frankly, it was too obvious that they had a relationship just based on their eyes: the look of two people in love. They couldn’t deny it any longer.




Love is stronger than acting. That’s why actors also succumb to their partners and end up declaring their love in broad daylight. Kdrama couples like any other stars also fall for their partners and do not hesitate to show it.

It goes without saying we’ll keep on seeing Kdrama couples date in real life. So, why don’t you make predictions, why don’t you tell us what couples will end up together in the upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022?

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