Going to Korea? Plan with a Bucket List


If you are finally going to Korea, you need to experience the best parts of this beautiful country. To plan accordingly, you will need a bucket list.

You see, creating a bucket list ahead of time can help you have a better experience because you will have a list of reminders of the places you want to visit the most.

Fortunately, Korea has many amazing places and festivals, so every day will be a different experience.

Cafe Bucket List

If you are not aware, Koreans love cafes. With this said, there are many cafes with different themes.

And if you do not see at least one cafe on your trip, you can miss a great opportunity for a great time or a photoshoot.

Best of all, if you are someone you enjoy eye-pleasing desserts or aesthetically pleasing rooms, you will enjoy these cafes.

Going cafes is best when you can to take a chill day, and enjoy the view.

Here are some cafes for your bucket list:

  • Do you like sheep? Then, this cafe is for you. When going to Thanks Nature Cafe, expect the place to have many sheep decorations, as well as live sheep! Best of all, you can interact with the sheep. This cafe is close to Hogik University, in Hongdae, Seoul. Also, this place has a variety of desserts and drinks ranging from ₩5,000 to ₩13,000 ($4 to $11). Is it a perfect place to take children.
  • Ddong Cafe also known as poop cafe can be a peculiar experience. Especially when you have poop (not literal) all over the cafe. This place is Instagramming worthy. Located in Seoul, this place is family, couples, friends, and kid-friendly.
  • Looking for a photo sesh, Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe is the place to go. Now, this Hongdae cafe is more for teens and adults. It is also close to Hongik University. Like in name, this place is all pink. No matter where you sit, you can get take great pictures. Best of all, it has a pool in the center of the cafe.

Bucket list for Spring

During March through May, Korea is transitioning from winter to summer so it will be chilly.

Temperatures drop after sunset. For that reason, it is best to dress lightly, all while carrying a sweater, hat, and scarf.

  • Seoul Forest Park is the place to go during the spring. During this time of year, the Cherry Blossom trees are in bloom. It is a great opportunity for a picnic with friends, family, and partners. Now, this forest has five attractions, and all are free. Also, if you want to pet and feed a deer this is the opportunity. Deer food cost ₩1000.
  • Jeju Canola Flower Festival is usually for four days and it starts at the beginning of April. Now, to get Jeju Island you will have to go on a plane ticket or a ferry. However, it does take 2 to 4 hours on the ferry. Although you will spend on transportation, the Canola festival is free.
  • The springtime in Korea is all about flowers. So there is no surprise, that Korea has a rose festival; Gokseong Rose Festival. This festival is south of Korea and you can get there by taking an Intercity Bus to Gokseong. Also, there is an admission fee of ₩2,000 to ₩3,000 per person.

Bucket list for Summer

Despite Korea being the hottest during the summer, it is also the wettest. Korea’s summers are from June to August.

So if you do not mind humidity, you can still have a great time in Korea. During this time, it is best to dress lightly. Do not forget to bring hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and water with you.

  • Undoubtedly Naksan Beach is very beautiful. Especially for the summer, this place can be a day alone on the beach or a day with family and friends. This is best for a picnic and sunsets watching. Again, this place is free.
  • Due to the weather, Halla Mountain is a great place to explore with friends. This is more of an all-day event. Differing from other locations, this place is best for hiking. Although you will have to get there through ferry or plane, everything else is free. This is more of an all-day event, so do not forget to pack up lunch.
  • With much luck, Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival is a free admission activity. This starts around early July in Gungnamji (West of Korea). And, this festival is a friend and family friend. To get to this festival, take an Intercity Bus from Nambu Bus Terminal in Seoul, and it usually takes 2 hours.

Buck List for Autumn

As for September to November, expect the humidity to decrease as well as the temperature. Although early September might be hot, that will change quickly after the first week.

Best of all, the colors of trees and mountains will start changing before your eyes. So, do not forget to wear jackets, scarfs, and mittens.

  • Since the color of leaves is changing during this time, please go to Asan Gingko Tree Road. You will not regret it. This place is all yellow and orange during this time of year. As a result of the leaves falling, the sidewalk looks like a yellow bed of flowers. This place is perfect for a nice stroll with a love-one or friend.
  • For the fireworks lovers, Seoul International Fireworks Festival happens at the ending of September and early October. This is a free event, so it will get pact and fast. The best option for this is to arrive at Yeouido Hangang Park, in Seoul as early as 4 p.m. and save spots for you and your family. Now, traveling through the subway is much easier, and wear long sleeves to protect yourself from bug bites. Also, bring food and soju for enjoyment!
  • During this season, Naejangsan National Park is mouth dropping. The scenery looks like a wallpaper for your computer. For nature lovers, you will have a blast at this park. The lake, trees, temples make it seem like something out of the movies. There is a free shuttle bus in the park, but the admission fee is ₩1,000. In the park, you can explore the Naejangsa Temple, The lanterns, Uhwajeong Pavilion, and Sinsun Waterfall and Uhwajeong Pavilion.

Bucket List for Winter

As for winter in Korea, do expect to wear more than usual. Winter starts in December and ends in February.

Word of advice, check the temperature every day. The northern side of Korea is colder than the southern side.

Also, there is a weather pattern in Korea known as sam han sa on, which is three cold days and four warmer days on repeat for the rest of the winter.

  • For all those tea lovers, you are in for a surprise. Boseong Tea Plantation Light Festival starts from late November to early January. The festival is best at night. The admission fee is ₩3,000 per person, but if you are in a group, it is ₩2,000 per person, and children under 7 are free. This festival is for all ages.
  • Onyang Hot Spring Hotel is best done with friends. At age 1,300 year, it is the oldest hot spring in Korea. Depending on the website you book it, each night costs about $60 to $80. This is for a relaxing and bonding experience.
  • Do you want to see Christmas at it’s finest? Busan Christmas Tree Festival is a free annual festival with lights, concerts, food, and a giant tree. This event is for all ages and is best at night.   You can get to the location by bus.

Which part of Korea would you like to visit?

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