Past BTS Festa Events and What to Expect in 2021

BTS Family Portrait Pic from 2021 Festa

It’s that time again ARMY: it’s Festa season for BTS! We’ve entered the beginning of June, so it’s time to ready our ARMY Bombs and tissues because BTS is another year older! If you don’t know, Festa is an event BTS have every year to celebrate their debut anniversary. Typically, Festa lasts about ten days. The group shares a wide range of content throughout these days—including photos, choreography videos, songs, and profiles created by the members themselves.

Through it all, though, it’s a time for ARMY and BTS to celebrate the growth of the group since their debut. This is why we get a lot of similar content throughout each BTS Festa—like family portraits, anniversary commemorative photos, and reflective profiles from the members. The 2021 Festa is no different. But let’s take a glance through the past BTS Festas and see how much the boys have grown.

BTS Festa 2014 – the First Anniversary

BTS Festa 2014 Group Pic

Image from BTS’ Facebook

As it was their first anniversary, this Festa set the stage for those after it. On June 3, 2014, BTS kicked off their first Festa with an Anniversary Photo Album and the Special BTS Magazine <Bang.Talk>.

First Anniversary Group Photo

Image from BTS’ Facebook

As the days counted down to their debut date, they released one or two things a day. Ranging from family photos with all of the members to more magazine sections. A few of the more unique content from the 2014 Festa includes an adaptation of the song “So 4 More,” a special choreography video for another adapted song “Adult Child,” and yet another choreography video for the adapted song “Beautiful.”


Besides these videos and songs, the boys also released a series of funny photos on their fancafe. You can check them out directly on fancafe here. But if you don’t have a fancafe profile or if you haven’t leveled up to a regular member, you can look through this ARMY-made blog where they shared them.

One of the last things that drop for the 2014 BTS Festa is the hour-ish-long video of the members talking. This video includes the members talking about various things from the past year, about their goals for the future, messages to each other, and a few laughs along the way.


Lastly, for their actual anniversary date, the members had a meal made by member Jin. A week or so after Festa ended, BTS released a special [EPISODE] on their YouTube channel to show ARMY how they celebrated together. You can watch that video here.

BTS Festa 2015 – the Second Anniversary

The 2015 BTS Festa began with a special cover of “Hug Me” with members V and j-hope.


This cover showed V and j-hope’s passionate vocals and rap from the very beginning of Festa. Following this cover a couple days later, BTS released their Second Anniversary Photo Album.

BTS Second Anniversary Group Photo

Image from BTS’ Facebook

Like the 2014 Festa, the 2015 one also contains a couple different choreography videos. The first, released on June 5, 2015, is their dance practice video of their song “War of Hormone.” And their second one is for “Embarrassed.”


The next few days after this are filled with the general profiles written by the members, a studio version of their song “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 1,” and their annual family pictures. Uniquely, though, the 2015 Festa brought ARMY the dress rehearsal of BTS’ song “Tomorrow” for their Seoul concert during The Red Bullet tour.


Their yearly, hour-long video of the members talking about the past year was released on June 11, 2015. With member Suga taking the lead once again, the members have a great time talking with each other and laughing.


Unfortunately, the ending of this BTS Festa wasn’t as spectacular as planned. The group planned on having their Second Muster event on their anniversary, but it was cancelled and moved to a later date due to the MERS outbreak.

BTS Festa 2016 – the Third Anniversary

Much like the 2015 Festa, the 2016 Festa started with a song. This time, members RM and Jungkook sang their unofficial song “I Know.” RM and Pdogg produced this song. After that, BTS released a special choreography video for “Baepsae (Silver Spoon).”


Following this, they released a few different pictures. Including photos from their photo album and the family pictures they do every year.

BTS Festa 2016 Family Picture

Image from BTS’ Facebook

J-hope released a special choreography video of his own for the 2016 BTS Festa. This dance practice video is only a minute long, but j-hope spends the entire minute-long video dancing his heart out.


A rather unique release from the 2016 Festa is the collection of ten Bangtan Bombs from BTS. These Bangtan Bombs, each roughly a minute long with a couple longer than that, are snippets from the boys’ earlier days—closer to their debut single than the 2016 Festa. You can watch these episodes on their YouTube channel, but I will link each episode with the corresponding number here (ep. 1, ep. 2, ep. 3, ep. 4, ep. 5, ep. 6, ep. 7, ep. 8, ep. 9, and ep. 10).

After this, BTS releases the yearly profiles written by the members and also releases a behind the scenes of a photoshoot. The members then participated in member Jin’s V-Live “Eat Jin,” where he eats food while talking to ARMY.


On the day of their anniversary, BTS release a remix of their song “Epilogue: Young Forever” and a special live performance that was broadcasted on V-Live. This performance, called “Happy BTS Day Party,” showed a different side to BTS as they performed special stages alongside regular songs.

They also released their annual hour-long video talking about the past year:


BTS Festa 2017 – the Fourth Anniversary

The 2017 BTS Festa was by far one of the more unique Festas that BTS has released. This is mainly because they separated this year’s content into steps. They sectioned it “Warming Up,” “Step #1. Stars,” and “Step #2. At Home.” Though we still only got one thing a day, the separate sections brought something unique to Festa.

BTS Group Pic from 2017 Festa

Image from BTS’ Facebook

Warming Up

For the Warming Up section, BTS released a special Opening Ceremony on Twitter. However, this opening ceremony was only a minute and twenty-second audio on Twitter where the members talk about the upcoming Festa. Quite a bit shorter than the songs we’re used to getting during Festa. You can visit the tweet here.

Step #1. Stars

To kick off the second section in the 2017 BTS Festa, the group released a set of pictures that were taken in the past year.

BTS Group Hug from 2017

Image from BTS’ Facebook

After that, members Jungkook and Jimin released a cover of Charlie Puth’s song “We Don’t Talk Anymore Pt. 2” (Part 2 because Jungkook had covered this song before). Further, BTS released a special stage cam from a concert during their Wings Tour and their updated profiles.

Lastly, to finish off this section of the 2017 Festa, BTS released two special choreography stages. One for their song “Not Today” and one for their song “I Like It pt. 2.”

Step #2. At Home

Starting the last section of this Festa is probably one of my favorite songs that’s come from a Festa. Members RM and V wrote and composed the song “4 O’Clock.” The song itself is a soothing tune, soft and the kind of song you’d play late into the night to fall asleep. You can listen to this song on SoundCloud here.

Like the past Festas, BTS released their fourth-anniversary family portraits and their self-written profiles.

BTS Festa 2017 Family Portrait Picture

Image from BTS’ Facebook

This time, the hour-long talking video about BTS’ past year is nearly an hour and a half. Once again, Suga leads the discussion and the members talk about their future hopes and dreams.


To bring an end to the entirety of the 2017 BTS Festa, BTs have another Home Party much like the one they had in 2016. This one was a lot of fun, though, as the members took turns with different units and performing songs from others. Like Jin and Suga, who switched songs for this performance (Jin performed “Intro: Never Mind” and Suga performed “Awake”). Unfortunately, this show was broadcasted live on V-Live and is only available to watch if you’re subscribed to BTS’ Plus Channel on V-Live.

The last thing BTS gives for the 2017 Festa was from members Suga, Jin, and Jungkook. In 2017, Suga released his first mixtape Agust D under her other stage name Agust D. This mixtape included the song “So Far Away,” which featured singer Suran. For this Festa, Suga, Jin, and Jungkook released a cover of this song. They mixed some other lyrics from BTS songs, but the majority of the song is still its amazing self.

BTS Festa 2018 – the Fifth Anniversary

After the 2017 Festa, most ARMY expected to see similar sections with the 2018 Festa. However, BTS went back to having one content dropped each day without the separate sections.

2017 and 2018 Commemorative Photo from BTS

Image from BTS’ Facebook

The opening ceremony for the 2018 BTS Festa was a remix version of “Spring Day.” Furthermore, this remix, known as the Brit Rock Remix, was performed at the 2017 KBS Song Festival.

After the remix, BTS released their yearly photo collection and Bangtan News. These were short interviews with each member, written on a paper for ARMY to read through.

The first choreography video was the 2018 Golden Disk Awards dance practice. This performance included an intro, “DNA,” and “Not Today.”


As a new feature, the 2018 Festa included an “Interlude Ceremony.” For this, member Jin put out a cover of “가을 우체국 앞에서 (In Front of the Post Office in Autumn)” on SoundCloud.

The day after, BTS released their written profiles and a rehearsal stage of their song “Best of Me.” And, for an energetic day, the rap-line released their new song “Ddaeng (땡).” To this currrent day, “Ddaeng (땡)” is still a favorite among the fandom and the rest of the members. But for good reason… the song is amazing.

As a more relaxed talk with each of the members, BTS had their hour-long talk about the past year in a new location with food and drinks to share.


Finally, to round off the 2018 Festa, BTS released small lists of things that made each member happy. (You can see them here: RM’s list, Jin’s list, Suga’s list, j-hope’s list, Jimin’s list, V’s list, and Jungkook’s list.) And they had a “Prom Party” where they performed various stages and played different games. This stage was available to those who paid for it.

BTS Festa 2019 – the Sixth Anniversary

Above all, the 2019 Festa was probably one of the most simple Festas. In other words, it stuck pretty closely to what we were getting in terms of content every year. It was full of new pictures, songs, and choreography videos.

The first two days, BTS released a couple different picture collections.

2018 and 2019 Group Photo Anniversary Picture from BTS

Image from BTS’ Facebook

On June 4, 2019, they gave us an exclusive self-cam of their song “Anpanman.” The video was energetic and a fun memory for both BTS and ARMY.


The day after this, one of my personal favorite songs by Jin came out. Jin wrote and composed his song “Tonight (이 밤).” Compared to the other songs Jin has sung, this one was special because he had written and composed it himself. And the lyrics are just as comforting as his voice. You can listen to this song on SoundCloud.

A couple days after Jin’s song, BTS released a choreography video for their song “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix).”


After another Bangtan News, a set of interviews with the members, another choreography video for their song “Spring Day,” and the second round of family portraits… they release a remix of Jungkook’s solo song “Euphoria.” This song was released with an adorable video of various Jungkook shots from the members.


To end the 2019 BTS Festa, we receive the members’ self-written profile and their hour-long video. Much like the 2018 Festa, this hour-long video is more relaxed. The members are all dressed warmly, sitting in a room with food and their BT21 character stuffed animals.


BTS Festa 2020 – the Seventh Anniversary

The 2020 Festa is probably one of the most important Festas for BTS and ARMY. This Festa was special because it was their Seventh Anniversary. With seven members and an album released early in 2020 called Map of the Soul: 7, you can tell that the number seven is important to them. Which makes this Festa one of the more important.

The Festa opens with a fun summer version video of their song “Airplane pt. 2” that the members recorded during their 2018 Summer Package.


Next, we get their Seventh Anniversary Family Portrait, a choreography video of “Dionysus,” and another photo collection.

2020 BTS Festa Image Group Picture

Image from BTS’ Facebook

This year, it’s member Jungkook who releases his own original song. He wrote and composed a song called “Still With You.” ARMY fell in love with it at first listen. However, it caused quite the emotion to run throughout the fandom as Jungkook had made the URL link include “thank you army.” You can listen to this song on SoundCloud.

After Jungkook’s song, we get the members’ self-written profiles and another choreography video. This time, the video is a practice video for their 2018 MAMA performance.


Because their album Map of the Soul: 7 included unit songs, the 2020 BTS Festa had individual interviews with each unit. (You can find them here: Respect Unit, Jamais Vu Unit, Friends Unit.)

Another special video from this Festa was their karaoke machine video. For this video, the members took turns singing their songs to win prizes. Certainly, it was energetic, fun, and just as loud as you’d expect it to be.


After an emotional animation of their song “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal,” BTS have their annual hour-long birthday party video. And they’re actually recreating their first-anniversary party in this video.


What to Expect for This Year’s Festa

As you can see, there’s a lot of yearly content that BTS put out for each Festa. So expect a lot of the same things: family portraits, self-written profiles, and choreography videos. However, according to the schedule BTS released, there are a few other things to look out for. Here is a quick video summarizing the past Festa events:


On the schedule, there’s something called “Bicycle”—which could be a song, a video, a random word… it could be anything, really. There’s also a stage clip called “Let Us Shine Once Again.” I’m not sure what this is, but it already sounds emotional.

bts 2021 family portrait festa

Image from BTS’ Facebook

If you’d like to keep up with every new Festa content released, make sure you’re following BTS on Twitter (their member account and their official account) and on YouTube. They’re releasing content every single day, so make sure not to miss a thing!

Lastly, if you’d like to check out what we’ve got planned for BTS Week at KWorld Now, you can check out the schedule we released here. And visit our Blog Page daily for a new post every day this week. Happy birthday BTS and let’s have a great week celebrating together!

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