Korean Beauty Trends in 2021 to Know

Korean beauty trends

Along with Korean dramas, K-pop, and Korean fashion, Korean beauty has also become famous worldwide. Korean beauty trends such as using snail mucus, bee venom, or glass skin has prosper the world beauty market for many years. So, let’s check out what Korean beauty trends in 2021 are:

Korean Beauty Trends in 2021: Plant-Based

Mugwort Leaves

Perhaps you must be wondering why Mugwort leaves can be used for skin beauty? How it became a Korean beauty trend in 2021? So, let us tell you, it has been used for generations and is popular among Korean people. It contains glucose, tannins, malic acid, azulene, cadinene and vitamins B and C. These ingredients are anti-inflammatory. It also helps in preventing acne and inhibit the production of dead cells. With these functions, Mugwort will give you beautiful, smooth, bright skin. It will also cleanse your body from the inside. 

Therefore, we recommend you to use Mugwort essence to smooth and moisturize your skin.


Now coming to one of the most important Korean beauty trend in 2021- Hanbang. This Korean beauty has been crucial part of Korea and you must add it in your list. ‘Hanbang’ means herbal medicinal ingredients in Korea. Its ingredients brings calmness to your body, treat illness, soothes irritated skin. It also improves its health and texture. It includes fermented extracts, lotus root, honeysuckle extracts, mushrooms, Rehmannia, licorice root and green tea.

Hanbang ingredients contains anti-bacterial, anti-redness and anti-ageing properties.


Korean Beauty Trends in 2021: Oils

Carrot Seed Oil

Now let us bring useful and beneficial ingredients to you. Korean beauty influencers have used Carrot Seed Oil for many years. This essential oil is extracted from the seed of the Daucus carota plant. Vitamin A in carrot seed oil is an excellent antioxidant. Benefits of this oil includes anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-fungal properties. In other words, it is an “ideal medicine” for anyone who wants beautiful and glowing skin. It has become one of the popular Korean beauty trends in 2021.

You can directly buy original carrot seed oil from Amazon.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea Buckthorn is an orange-yellow fruit and is very nutritious. The oils extracted from this plant’s fruit or seeds are either yellow or orange. It has been included in many skincare products.

It contains antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins A, C, and E to prevent anti-aging. Neutralizes free radicals, rebuilds damaged skin cells and fight the main signs of aging.

Sea buckthorn oil is not only rich in three essential types of omega (3, 6, and 9) but also contains the extremely rare omega -7. These fatty acids serve as the foundations for healthy skin, hair and nails. They nourish and heal the body from the inside. They also boost the digestive system by maintaining glowing skin. Many cosmetic brands have added this oil to their products. It promises to become a bright star in the anti-aging cosmetic industry. This is why it has been included in Korean beauty trends list of 2021.

Here are some products that contain sea buckthorn oil in their ingredients:


Korean Beauty Trends in 2021: Skincare

Korean people have always believed that “your skin reflects your state of mind”. So, this year, we will see a trend towards products that strengthens the body’s immunity and health, including ingredients such as mushrooms and de-toxifying herbs. In addition, Ceramides will be sought again by Korean beauty followers.

Korean Beauty Trends in 2021: Simple and Clean Products

More brands are developing products that do not contain chemical or artificial substances. K-beauty brands are developing more products with effective plant-based ingredients. Consumers are also more aware of what they apply to their skin and choose the safest products. They have become more conscious in choosing their products. That is why they have been added in Korean Beauty trends list.

Here are recommended clean beauty products:

Korean Beauty Trends in 2021: Slugging

Social media calls “slugging” as one of the Korean beauty trends in 2021. So it means, it is worth giving a try.

Slugging is a skincare trend from K-Beauty that involves applying a layer of oil or Vaseline to your face. It hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

K-Beauty is the birthplace and development of beauty trends in favor of flawless skin. Therefore, it’s not surprising that K-Beauty again creates a new fever with Vaseline in 2021. Above all, it is to “transform” the dry and curled skin peeling due to the cold weather into soft and stretchy.


Vaseline creates a “waterproof” feature that prevents the drainage of water through the epidermis. As a result, making your skin plump. You can apply a thin layer over certain areas on your skin to avoid blurring and unnecessary acne. In addition, you can also learn from Korean women how to use Vaseline as an effective highlighting product. The shine effect of Vaseline is more natural unlike powdered products. It makes your skin healthier and smoother. Therefore, it makes its mark in Korean beauty trends in 2021.

Which of these Korean Beauty Trends from 2021 are your favorite?

While reading through our list of trends for this year, did you find any that piqued your interest? If you’d like to do a little bit more reading into Korean beauty or anything else with the Korean culture, you can watch the video below or read through our blogs on our Blog Page!

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