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korean streetwear

Korean streetwear is just the tip of the fashion iceberg. Streetwear has been a growing fashion trend since the 1990s. From California surf culture to the New York City hip-hop style. Streetwear contains elements from punk, sportswear, and international styles. Los Angeles is the birthplace of streetwear. The surf and skate culture of this sunny U.S. state allowed for a new wave of fashion. Built on comfort and movement. The hip-hop scene of New York City in the late 1970s to early 1980s took that comfortable fashion and gave it a new life.

N.W.A by Genevan Heathen

In today’s world, modern streetwear has taken its place in Haute Couture. To clarify, streetwear influences runways and celebrities alike. What does this mean in Korean?

What is Korean Streetwear?

Korea has elevated streetwear. To clarify, Korea’s worldwide influence has given streetwear a raised status in fashion. Korean streetwear mostly consists of high-impact logos, often seen as the highlight of the outfit. Korea also concentrates on irony in streetwear. The streetwear scene in Korea has also elevated from clothing to accessories as well. For example, bags and statement pieces like sunglasses or bucket hats add a more streetwear-like appearance. The designs were built on style combinations.

In recent years, the style has grown tremendously. This increase is partly due to the popularity among K-pop stars and international celebrities like Rihanna.

Streetwear rules the Seoul fashion scene. You can commonly see “rebellion” pieces. These articles have rebellious messages monogrammed or printed across the fabric as a statement. Varsity style clothing, or sportswear, is also a fashionable streetwear look in Korea. Color pops also rule the Korean streetwear fashion style. The modern techniques and invasive fabrics of Korean streetwear are why Korea sets the new standard for streetwear.

But what makes truly Korean streetwear so remarkable?

    • A sense of humor.
    • Rebellious messages meant to mock pop culture.



In relation to traditional 1900s clothing in Korea, Korean streetwear is on a different level. The use of rebellion, irony, and risk-taking pushes the industry forward. Therefore, it shows Korea’s fashion is shifting away from outdated traditions. Instead of focusing on luck and longevity, Korean streetwear promotes individualism and expression.

MISCHIEF – A Korean Streetwear Brand

Talking about rebellion? Then we must talk about MISCHIEF streetwear. MISCHIEF singlehandedly created a revolution in Korean streetwear. This brand was the first to highlight streetwear for women. To clarify, MISCHIEF makes hip hop “golden era” inspired designs. Jieun Seo and Jiyoon Jun are the South Korean designers that reimagined the streetwear industry with their brand creating clothes available for female streetwear lovers worldwide.

Korean Streetwear

MISCHIEF 2020 Collection

Their most recent collection is “SEOUL SINCE2010.” This is MISCHIEF’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection. It is for the warmer seasons ahead of us. This collection is a special one to highlight when talking about streetwear. Especially when talking about where it came from and where it is today in South Korea. “SEOUL SINCE2010” is a celebration of the brand’s 10th anniversary. It pays respect to MISCHIEF’s roots.

Korean StreetwearKorean Streetwear Korean StreetwearKorean Streetwear

The collection has an impressive lineup. There are classic staples. Including simple T-shirts and flared pants. However, you can also find outdoor wear such as jackets. Also, accessories like bucket hats. Most items feature the brand’s signature rose graphic. MISCHIEF finishes off for the Spring/Summer collection with striped or sheer long-sleeved tees. My favorite aspect of the group is the matching suit sets. Some suit sets even feature a chain accessory.

Rubber Soul wearing MISCHIEF

Rubber Soul wearing MISCHIEF

Many famous singers showcase MISCHIEF clothing. Singers Somi and Heize are often seen wearing this brand. Girl group Rubber Soul also had a MISCHIEF photoshoot.

Heize wearing MISCHIEF

Heize wearing MISCHIEF

Somi wearing MISCHIEF

Somi wearing MISCHIEF

ADER Error’s Streetwear Brand

Streetwear is king in Seoul, South Korea. Founded in 2014, ADER Error is a unisex brand. To clarify, They are known for vibrant colors and oversized fits. They combine the past and the future of streetwear. This style ADER Error its unique designs.

ADER Error has also just dropped their Spring/Summer 2020 collection. This collection features a variety of denim fit pants like the Galaxy set. Also, the accessory game is strong in this collection. My personal favorite is the black Campa Cross bag. Baggy hoodies, track pants, and oversized beanies. These are some of ADER Error’s most popular pieces.

Renowned Korean group BTS is known to wear ADER Error often. To clarify, you can see them wear this brand for official photoshoots. Also, they feature it casually at the airport.


V (BTS) wearing ADER Error

V (BTS) wearing ADER Error

J-Hope (BTS) wearing ADER Error

J-Hope (BTS) wearing ADER Error

Jimin (BTS) wearing ADER Error

Jin (BTS) wearing ADER Error

Jin (BTS) wearing ADER Error

ADER Error has collaborated with other labels. The best sales are those with Puma and the ones with G-SHOCK. Overall, ADER Error is the definition of edgy casual wear. They are known as the eccentric Korean streetwear brand.

Korean Streetwear, Jungkook (BTS) wearing ADER Error

Jungkook (BTS) wearing PUMA x ADER Error

Streetwear and You

In short, streetwear has been in the fashion industry for decades. There is no stopping this industry. The blend of past and future guarantees new designs. New trends and influences. However, an important thing about streetwear is attitude. To clarify, you can’t rock the street culture look if you aren’t confident. Therefore, keep your head up high and rock your style! Streetwear is for everyone, and Korean streetwear promotes individualism! Therefore, use streetwear to express yourself!


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