BTS Cooking and Their 6 Interesting Roles in the Kitchen

BTS Cooking and Their 6 Interesting Roles in the Kitchen

Throughout these past eight years, BTS has filmed many reality shows. This includes shows like Bon Voyage (with four seasons now), Run BTS! (which has 141 episodes currently), and In The Soop. In each of these shows, BTS took care of things themselves. That is to say, BTS did things other than performing and working on their music—this includes things like cooking, cleaning, etc. After so many years of seeing BTS cooking throughout these shows, we can recognize that there’s a bit of a pattern with who does what. As a fun post during BTS Week here at KWorld Now, we’ll be going through the different roles BTS have while cooking.

BTS Cooking: the Preppers

While the main stars of the show will always be the people who actually cook, the preppers are just as important. These are the ones who set everything up. This means they prepare which utensils/pots to use, they get the food ready, or they collect all of the ingredients.

Out of the seven members of BTS, you’ll find two members doing this the most. J-hope and Jungkook.

Though j-hope and Jungkook aren’t exactly bad cooks, they’re definitely not ones to make every meal. Instead, they’re usually the ones helping get things ready. Jungkook especially has named himself Suga’s little helper in the kitchen.

In their recent reality show, In The Soop, j-hope is the most involved with helping those cooking. In episode three of the show, from the moment they start lunch j-hope is standing nearby to give a helping hand. When Suga asks for certain ingredients, j-hope does his best to find them. He is also the member who does a lot of different things while BTS is cooking, meaning he takes on a lot of different tasks to help.

j-hope and suga making food

Suga and j-hope from Run BTS! Ep. 20

Honorable Mention

When he wants to, Jimin also helps get things ready for the cooks. Usually, this includes him fetching things when they ask or just being a moral support for those who’re cooking.

However, as opposed to j-hope and Jungkook, Jimin isn’t known as one of the better cooks. In Run BTS! episode 57 and 58, Jimin and V were paired together for a cooking task. While Jimin can follow directions rather well, he spends most of the episode collecting various ingredients and cooking one part of the dish. You can watch these episodes on V-Live here: episode 57 and episode 58.

Jimin run episode 58

Screenshot from Run BTS! Ep. 58

BTS Cooking: the Cooks

One of the most important roles in the kitchen is the cook. From BTS’ first reality show, Bon Voyage Season 1 (which took place in 2016), to their most recent show, In The Soop (2020), there were always two members who made the meals.

Jin and Suga.

These two members have been named the designated cooks of BTS. This mainly comes from their proficient cooking skills. Both Jin and Suga can cook a wide range of meals and they often don’t need recipes to do so.

However, BTS like to test their skills in a multitude of ways. Firstly, in Run BTS! episodes 102 and 103, they create a challenge. The members who are good at cooking must direct those who are not good at cooking (via a walkie-talkie). The shows are full of endless laughter and confusion—and frustration from Suga and Jin. It’s a hilarious truth on how good BTS are at cooking by themselves. You can watch these episodes on Weverse here: episode 102 and episode 103.

Suga from run episode 103

Screenshot from Run BTS! Ep. 103

In another Run BTS! episode, episode 123, the roles are reversed. The members who are not good at cooking must direct Suga and Jin via a walkie-talkie. Most of the episode is spent with Jin and Suga guessing at the dishes and trying to make something edible with the little information they receive. You can watch this episode here on Weverse, too.

Honorable Mentions

As they’re the other two members who know how to cook somewhat, j-hope and Jungkook are a couple of honorable mentions.

As we talked about in our “Favorite BTS Foods” blog, Jungkook is the resident ramen cooker of BTS. He has his own method that he’s perfected over the years. And he also likes to try new things, meaning he likes to help cook various meals. Further, in In The Soop episode five when Jin decided to make sushi for dinner, Jungkook volunteered to help fillet the fish.

Like I mentioned in the last section, j-hope kind of does whatever they need him to. If he just has to help prepare the food, he does that. If they need help cooking things, he does that as well. This is why he’s an honorable mention.

BTS Cooking: the Tasters

The best role to have in the kitchen, especially when BTS are cooking, is the taster role. This role, though not entirely necessary, is important enough that a few members have slipped into it. Mainly, though, this is because they tend to get hungry while the food is being made.

Jungkook is usually the member who tastes the food the most. As the maknae—the youngest member—of the group, Jin and Suga can’t help but allow him to taste the food. This is also because he likes to eat… oftentimes, the members are telling Jungkook to stop eating for a little bit while they talk.

Jungkook trying food in run ep. 36

Screenshot from Run BTS! Ep. 36

Jimin is also a usual taster of the group. While the rest of BTS is cooking, Jimin tends to join the group for moments at a time. He slips into the kitchen to steal a bite here and there and then leaves once he’s gotten what he wanted.

Lastly, because he’s one of the main cooks of the group, Jin is a frequent taster, too. However, Jin also has a deep love for food. He’s often going live on V-Live with his show “Eat Jin” where he talks to the fans and eat.

BTS Cooking: the Plater

Throughout ARMY, there is only one member who could be called a plater. Since the squirrel bowl incident—which I will mention in a second—member V has been in charge of the plating when it comes to BTS cooking.

In Run BTS! episode 20, BTS had their first cooking challenge. For this challenge, the members broke into two teams and made meals from the set of ingredients on the table in front of them.

From the very beginning of the episode, the members were joking about Taehyung just sitting by and watching. And not to make fun of him, but because they all knew he wasn’t the best cook. So, for this episode, V was in charge of making the sauce.

To bring a little pizzazz, V put his final product in a bowl with a ceramic squirrel. It was truly a memorable moment from Run BTS! as the members have never let V forget it. You can watch this episode on V-Live here.

V Squirrel Bowl run episode 20

Screenshot from Run BTS! Ep. 20

BTS Cooking: the Clean-Up Crew

As a nice division of roles in the kitchen, when certain members cook others will clean up. Unless tasked with cleaning dishes as a penalty, of course. Since Suga and Jin are the main cooks of the group, they are usually never in charge of the clean-up after it.

On the other hand, since members RM, Jimin, and V are not in charge of the food-making, they’re usually the three you’ll see cleaning up. RM usually collects all of the trash together and Jimin helps organize the dishes. V has deemed himself the main dish washer.

In Bon Voyage Season 4, episode four, BTS cooks their own dinner. Even though Jimin offers to help clean the dishes with V, V cleans them all by himself (not without Jimin trying to take over, of course, but V didn’t stop).

Honorable Mention

At this point, we should probably just call j-hope the all-rounder. Because, yes, he also helps clean up. Even after he’s helped cook, j-hope likes to clean up afterward.

However, unlike the other clean-up crew, j-hope is usually cleaning up spaces while BTS is cooking. Typically j-hope is the one to pick up stray trash or move dirty dishes to the sink so that the cooks can work in a clean area. This way, he can be nearby if the cooks need help with anything else.

BTS Cooking: the Comic Reliefs

Each member of BTS know how to have a fun time while cooking, but some members truly help by making the others laugh. This is where RM shines the most.

bts cooking rm jin j-hope

Screenshot from Run BTS! Ep. 36

Unfortunately for RM, he doesn’t have a lot of cooking skills. But this only adds to his charms. RM is famously known for accidentally trying to cut an onion with the knife upside down, for trying to use a knife without taking the cover off of it, and for dunking his hands into hot water. You can see this last one in Run BTS! episode 36.

If you go to Run BTS! episode 20 again, you’ll find our other comic relief. Jungkook. In this episode, Jungkook decided to make glazed sweet potatoes. While they turned out really well, they brought a few laughs with it.

Once Jungkook got the potatoes onto a plate, they practically glued themselves in place with the glaze. To make the other members laugh, Jungkook makes a show of flipping the plate around. The potatoes never moved. You can watch this episode here on V-Live.

BTS cooking jungkook glazed sweet potatoes run bts episode 20

Screenshot from Run BTS Ep. 20

ARMY, did you know BTS’ roles in the kitchen?

Overall, if you’ve seen all of the times BTS has cooked for themselves (without the pressure of a competition), it’s pretty easy to see the roles each member has fit into.

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