Shaun and Yuna To Release A Mind-Blowing Collaboration Titled “So Right” (2022)

Shaun and Yuna

“So Right” will be released on February 24.


Shaun and Yuna’s Long-Awaited Single

Shaun and Yuna

©Unbound Entertainment Group & Records

Pop artist Yuna and Korean DJ Shaun are teaming up to create a new single together. Yuna is the songwriter thus in charge of the lyrics, while Shaun focused on producing the track. This collaboration promises to be another gem with these two renowned artists joining hands for the creative process.

Shaun and Yuna sparked excitement when they teased their upcoming musical collaboration late last year. Now, the wait is over as Unbound Entertainment Group announces that the artists’ single will be available on February 24, at 6 p.m. KST.

Shaun is probably best known outside of Korea for his chart-topping hit “Way Back Home”. The DJ, singer, and producer actively shares his work on his official YouTube channel where you can now listen to the new 2021 releases of “Luni-Solar” and “Dream”.



Yuna is a singer-songwriter bringing pop to her fans around the world. She has released four international studio albums and collaborated with several notable artists in the United States. Her most successful songs are “Lullabies” and “Crush” which have amassed over 7 million and 98 million views respectively on YouTube. Be sure to check out Yuna’s Spotify and YouTube channel to fall in love with her work.



Over the last few years, Shaun has densely portrayed his inner voice through sensuous beats and deep sounds completed with snares, finger snaps, and kicks. Yuna’s soft vocals on top of the alluring guitar sounds have drawn a lot of listeners at once. With the combination of these two artists’ talents, ‘So Right’ will, for sure, be a hit. Shaun and Yuna’s music have that je ne sais quoi that the MZ generation can identify with.

As it is a work that blends each other’s strengths, fans’ expectations are high owing to the musical synergy that Shaun and Yuna will create together.

“So Right” will address love and how close we all are to it, how inevitable it is. Without love, life would not exist. The feeling of love is above all based on the expectation of a ‘meeting’. The individual cannot live in isolation. If they are not in an ‘exchange’, they would die very quickly. Human beings build themselves in a co-construction.

A Bridge Between Cultures

The underlying reasons for the existence of this love-centric song are apparent not only in the song itself but also in the ‘why’ of this project.

Yuna is a Malaysian singer-songwriter represented by the symbol of ‘Hijabster’, a compound word of hijab and hipster. She goes beyond the traditional Muslim image of women and actively expresses their modern image, and she is actively supported by young people. Her collaboration with Shaun (Korean) is multiculturalism at its peak and will help advance both of them’s perspectives, views, opinions, cultures around the world. This interculturality is exactly what Unbound Entertainment hopes to achieve. Through a love song, that message is believed to be heard by a global audience.

To sum up, through this song, Shaun and Yuna will have to be able to make themselves understood and to make their culture understood, via words and sounds. They will rely on their fans to spread their message. Fortunately, they already have a strong fanbase that gives them unquestionable support and considerable visibility.

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Shaun and Yuna’s “So Right” will hopefully be an earworm that will be on repeat on various playlists.

“So Right” will be released on streaming platforms on:

Korea – 2/24/22 Thursday at 6 PM KST
US – 2/24/22 Thursday at 1 AM PST
US – 2/24/22 Thursday at 4 AM EST

Shaun and Yuna So right

©Unbound Entertainment Group & Records

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