The Top 10 Best Selling Korean Albums of 2021


As you may have noticed, a lot of Korean albums have been released (60+ to be exact). Out of those albums we went to see which artists sold the most amount and with what album. So here is a wonderful top 10 with the most sold albums of this year. If you want to see all the Korean albums, click here.

  1. Baekhyun – Bambi

Albums sold: 1.005.467

Who is Baekhyun?

Byun Baekhyun was born on May 6, 1992. He came into SM in 2011, which makes him quite old for a trainee. Luckily for Baekhyun he only was fourth months in the training before SM moved in to the soon-to-debut training group, in which he trained for another seven months together with the others. Later In April, 2012, the group EXO debuted, of which Baekhyun is the main vocalist. Seven years after debut, Baekhyun got his first solo album and he has released a total of four solo albums since then, of which one is Japanese.

The Bambi Album

This Korean album was released on March 30, 2021, just before Baekhyun went to the army. The album is his third mini album (excluding the Japanese album) and has a total of six songs. The name ‘Bambi’ has two meanings – The cute deer we all know from Disney, and night rain in Korean. The album has two versions of which one goes with the cute deer aesthetic while the other one goes with the night rain aesthetic. The latter one has the same aesthetic as the music video.

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The album versions of the album Bambi by Baekhyun. Photo taken from Yesasia

  1. ENHYPEN – Dimension: Dilemma

Albums sold: 1.139.099


ENHYPEN debuted just a year ago, on November 30, 2020. So it is really impressive to see them on this list already. The group exists out of a total of seven members: Sung-Hoon (Born: December 8, 2002), Jungwon (Born: February. 9, 2004), Sunoo (Born: June 24, 2003), Heeseung (Born: October 15, 2001), Jay (Born: April 20, 2002), Jake(Born: November 15, 2002) and Ni-ki (Born: December 9, 2005). ENHYPEN has a total of two albums, which is not so crazy, regarding the fact they only debuted a year ago.

The Dimension: Dilemma Album

Dimension: Dilemma was released on October 12, 2021 and is their very first full album. The name of the album comes back in the music video, where you travel through dimensions via a ball. In the video you can also see the members struggle to decide which path they should follow. The album itself has three different versions, with each a different aesthetic, which also kind of gives of the different dimension feeling.

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The album versions of Dimension:Dilemma by ENHYPEN. Photo taken from HYBE Labels

  1. Stray Kids – Noeasy

Albums sold: 1.272.822

Who is Stray Kids?

The group trained together since 2017, but they officially debuted on March 25, 2018 with an album. Stray Kids has a total of seven members:  Hyunjin (Born: March 20, 2000), Felix (Born: September 15, 2000), Bang Chan (Born: October 3, 1997), Lee Know (Born: October 25, 1998), Han (Born: September 14, 2000), Jeongin (Born: February 8, 2001), Changbin (Born: August 11, 1999) and Seungmin (Born: September 22, 2000). At first the group existed out of eight members, but Woojin left the group because of some scandals and personal circumstances. Stray Kids have two full albums, tow compilation albums, one reissue, eight EP’s and eighteen singles.

The Noeasy album

The album was released on August 23, 2021, making it the second full album Stray Kids has released. The title of the Korean album is a play on the word ‘Noisy’, because the members want to leave a loud impact on the world with their music. The album has a total of two versions (limited version excluded). The main colours are black and then for one version bright green and for the other bright purple. Giving it like the ‘light in the dark because of the noise’ aesthetic.

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The album versions of Noeasy by Stray Kids. Photo taken from Music Plaza

  1. NCT Dream – hello future

Albums sold: 1.276.645

Who is NCT Dream?

NCT Dream debuted on August 25, 2016 with the single ‘Chewing Gum’. They were. The third NCT group to debut, before NCT 127 and NCT U debuted. This means that two members of NCT Dream debuted before the other members. At first NCT Dream was the under 20 squad, but SM changed this after last year. NCT Dream has a total of seven members: Mark (Born: August 2, 1999), Jaemin (Born: August 13, 2000), Jeno (Born: April 23, 2000), Renjun (Born: March 23, 2000), Haechan (Born: June 6, 2000), Chenle (Born: November 22, 2001) and Jisung (Born: February 5, 2002).NCT Dream has five EP’s and one full album.

The Hello Future album

The Hello Future album is the repackage of the Hot Sauce album and was released on June 28, 2021. The main idea for this album is growth, growth for the world and for every individual, constructing and hoping for a brighter future. The album has two versions, both have a hippie kind of vibe to them mixed with a warm and welcoming aesthetic.

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The album versions of Hello Future by NCT Dream. Photo taken from SM Entertainment

6. EXO – Don’t fight the feeling

Albums sold: 1.334.682

Who is EXO?

EXO debuted on April 8, 2012 with a total of 12 members. Three of those members left EXO in 2014 and 2015. Which now makes EXO nine. Out of these nine, one of the members is also in this list as a solo artist, yes Baekhyun (Born: May 6, 1992). The other members are: Kai (Born: January 14, 1994), Chen (Born: September 21, 1992), D.O (Born: January 12, 1993), Chanyeol (Born: November 27, 1992), Sehun (Born: April 12, 1994), Suho (Born: May 22, 1991), Xiumin (Born: March 26, 1990) and Lay (Born: October 7, 1991). EXO has seven full albums, four live albums, 52 music videos, 7 Eps and 28 singles.

The Don’t Fight the Feeling album

The Don’t Fight the Feeling album is considered an extra special album from EXO to EXOL. This Korean album was made just before Baekhyun and Chanyeol went to the army and was released after they were already there. The concept of this album goes together with the whole concept of EXO and their superpowers. The Don’t Fight The Feeling album takes place in spaceships and outer space planets. The album has two all group member versions and then each member also has their own version.

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The album versions of Don’t Fight the Feeling by EXO. Photo taken from Shawolzen (YouTube)

5. Seventeen – your choice

Albums sold: 1.465.781

Who is Seventeen?

Seventeen debuted back in 2015 on May 26 on MBC. The group has a total of thirteen members, who are divided into three sub-units as well: ‘Hip-hop unit’, ‘Vocal Unit’ and ‘Performance Unit’.

The members are: Jeong-Han (Born: October 4, 1995), Mingyu (Born: April 6, 1997), Hoshi (Born: June 16, 1996), Junhui (Born: June 10, 1996), Joshua (Born: December 30, 1995), Wonwoo (Born: July 17, 1996), Woozi (Born: November 22, 1996), DK (Born: February 18, 1997), Vernon (Born: February 18, 1998), Minghao (Born: November 7, 1997), S.COUPS (Born: August 8, 1995), Dino (Born: February 11, 1999) and Seungkwan (Born: January 16, 1998). Seventeen has three full albums, one compilation albums, twelve EPs and thirty-three music videos.

The Your Choice album

The Your Choice album is the eighth EP of Seventeen and was released on June 18, 2021. Seventeen wants to convey their respect for the other’s choice and preferences. The album shows a more mature approach to love. The album has a total of three versions, that goes back to the album name: ‘One Side’ meaning one’s opinion, the ‘Other Side’ meaning the other opinion and ‘Beside’.  The ‘One Side’ version has a vintage look. The ‘Other Side’ has a magazine feel and then the ‘Beside’ version has both of these aesthetics in one album.

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The album versions of Your Choice by Seventeen. Photo taken from Mokketshop

  1. Seventeen – attaca

Albums sold: 1.993.307

The Attaca album

Attaca is the ninth EP of Seventeen and was released on October 22, 2021. Attaca is derived from the Italian term ‘attaccare’, which is a musical direction used at the end of a movement to signify that the next should begin without pause, also known as: attack at once. The album has also three versions, a white one, black and a red one.

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The album versions of Attaca by Seventeen. Photo taken from KpopMart

3. NCT Dream – Hot Sauce

Albums sold: 2.081.267

The Hot Sauce album

The Hot Sauce album is the very first full Korean album of the unit NCT Dream. The album has a total of three version: ‘Boring’. ‘Crazy’ and ‘Chilling’. The insides really correspond with the names of the versions, while also still being connected to the design of the music video.

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The album versions of Hot Sauce by NCT Dream. Photo taken from Gaon Music Chart

  1. NCT 127 – Sticker

Albums Sold: 2.391.193

Who is NCT 127?

NCT 127 was the first sub-unit that doesn’t change, after NCT U (NCT U does change the members), that debuted. They debuted on July 7, 2016. NCT 127 has officially ten members, but one of them (Winwin) hasn’t been in a comeback with NCT 127 for a few years now.

The other members, who were included in this comeback are: Yuta (Born: October 26, 1995), Jaehyun (Born: February 14, 1997), Taeyong (Born: July 1, 1995), Jungwoo (Born: February 19, 1998), Mark (Born: August 2, 1999), Haechan (Born: June 6, 2000), Johnny (Born: February 9, 1995), Doyoung (Born: February 1, 1996) and Taeil (Born: June 14, 1994). As you may have noticed, two of these members are also in the NCT Dream sub-unit. They are therefore three times on this list. NCT 127 has nine studio albums, fourteen EPs, thirty-nine singles and five repackages.

The Sticker album

The Sticker album is the third full album of the group NCT 127 and it was released only a few months ago on September 17, 2021. The Korean album has a total of three versions. One of them is very much the aesthetic of the promotion photos, bright green and purple. The other one who is the same size, has photos taken in the night sky of Seoul. And the last one has photos from the music video set. The album aesthetics are therefore very different from one another.

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The album versions of Sticker by NCT127. Photo was taken from Shopee

  1. BTS – Butter

Albums sold: 2.926.756

Who is BTS?

BTS or the Bulletproof Boyscouts or their other English name: Beyond The Scene, debuted on June 12, 2013. Their fandom is one of the biggest in the world right now after gaining exceptional growth In the latest years.

The group has a total of seven members: Jungkook (Born: September 1, 1997), V (Born: December 30, 1995), Jimin (Born: October 13, 1995), Jin (Born: December 4, 1992), Yoongi (Born: March 9, 1993), RM (Born: September 12, 1994) and J-Hope (Born: February 18, 1994). BTS has nine studio albums, six compilation albums, three single albums and one soundtrack album. The group stand for loving yourself and they have made quite some songs with ‘Love yourself’ as the message.

The Butter album

The Butter album was released on May 21, 2021. The album has two different versions: ‘Butter: Peaches’ and ‘Butter: Cream’. The peaches one is more orange while the cream version is yellow.  Both giving a summery but buttery aesthetic.

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The album versions of Butter by BTS. The photo was taken from Kpop Mart.


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