8 K-Pop Idols with Outstanding Fashion Sense You Can’t Help but Love


The fashion sense of an idol is a hot topic among fans. Not only do fans love to see their idols’ personal styles, but they enjoy seeing their idols express themselves with their clothing. Between airport fashion and their stage outfits, you’ll never run out of fashion-related things in K-pop.

These eight idols have been talked about the most by fans of K-pop—whether it was because of their great fashion sense or because of the idol’s individual passion for clothing. Check them out, maybe you’ll fall in love with their styles, too!

Female Idols with Stunning Fashion Sense

With the various styles and the ever-changing world of fashion, these female idols have shown that they definitely know what looks best. Despite their own personal styles, fans have continuously mentioned how amazing these idols express themselves in fashion.


The first on our list of idols with eye-catching fashion sense is Jennie from BLACKPINK.

Truly, Jennie is a fashion icon. She pulls together outfits that are not only chic and sophisticated, but they’re carefully put together looks and comfortable outfits. With her love of Chanel—and the fact that she was a muse of Chanel starting in 2018—Jennie looks both classy and a bit expensive. But there’s a touch of simplicity and coordination that makes her fashion sense a bit more appealing to fans.

Some of Her Most Popular Looks

One of the classier looks of Jennie’s that has been floating around the internet since she first wore it in 2018, is quite a simple look. In classy blue jeans, a Chanel blouse, nude-color heels, and a classy purse, Jennie brought a refreshing look to the airport.


In 2018, Jennie rocked up to Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week in a blue tweed suit and matching bag. Though she has worn many Chanel looks before, this specific outfit gave her the nickname “Human Chanel.”

This last look Jennie has worn is a bit different than the classy and elegant-looking outfits we’ve seen thus far. Her streetwear outfits are just as perfect as her chic fits. With a simple Supreme shirt tied back, dark green pants, and a Louis Vuitton bag, Jennie takes streetwear to a whole new level.

Sunmi (Wonder Girls)

Sunmi, from the second generation K-pop group Wonder Girls, is the next on our list of idols with amazing fashion sense.

Staying closer to the side of classy, stylish, and simple, Sunmi’s fashion sense is one many can agree with. While she has some outfits that stay on the simpler side of fashion, she’s explored the use of bright colors, mix-matched patterns, and clothes that’ll make you do a double-take. Many will talk about her personal outfits a lot because they can almost see themselves wearing those same outfits—they’re relatable and beautiful.

Some of Her Most Popular Looks

A popular outfit for Sunmi comes from 2020. On the way to the SBS Power FM Cultwo Show, she wore a classy-looking, black denim dress complete with a black belt, a small handbag, and thick-soled boots. This outfit was not only gorgeous on Sunmi, but eye-catching in the sense of fashion.

Another popular look from Sunmi is her blouse and shorts combination. Quite often, you’ll see Sunmi rocking shorts with a long-sleeved top. In 2016, Sunmi wore a classic black, ripped shorts, a light tan blouse, and some dark brown boots.

The last outfit for Sunmi on our list is just as classy and simple-looking as you can get. With a black leather jacket, plain black shirt, blue jeans, and black boots, Sunmi looks amazing.

Joy (Red Velvet)

Next, we have Joy from Red Velvet.

Joy holds a bit of a wildcard fashion sense. She can not only rock styles that stand closer to the classy and elegant look, but she can also pull off edgy and streetstyle outfits. She has a way of combining styles that you might not originally think go together. Yet Joy always seems to make it work. From combining bold patterns to utilizing various fabrics, her fashion sense is hard to match

Some of Her Most Popular Looks

Going a bit viral with this outfit, Joy gained the attention of K-pop fans everywhere when she showed up to Music Bank wearing a simple white/cream-colored cropped tank top, blue jeans, strappy black heels, and a small bag.

With her love of bold colors or bold patterns, Joy stands out because of her fashion alone. In June 2021, Joy posted pictures on her Instagram of this beautifully patterned dress and strappy heels.

This last outfit leans more on the casual fashion side of things. With a simple white bodysuit, a pair of high-waisted pants, and tennis shoes, Joy showcases her cool fashion sense and her ability to rock comfort in style.

Yeji (ITZY)

Finally, to close off our list of female idols with great fashion sense, we have Yeji from ITZY.

Yeji stands out for her impeccable fashion sense in casual outfits. Even when her outfits touch on designer and classy looks, there’s always a sense of comfort with them. Her outfits are usually complete with baggy tops or pants, comfortable shoes, and bags that can hold anything one might need.

Some of Her Most Popular Looks

Yeji’s first outfit on our list is something she wore to the airport in 2019. With a Louis Vuitton t-shirt, blue shorts, a black jean jacket, black boots, and a Louis Vuitton bag, Yeji looks both stylish and comfortable.

This next outfit focuses a lot on the staple piece. Yeji pops in her all-black outfit—complete with black, knee-high boots, black jeans, and a black turtleneck—and denim jacket. Lined with a leopard print fur on the inside, this jacket definitely makes the outfit that much better.

The last outfit for Yeji is a simple, yet classy look she wore on the way to Music Bank in 2019. With a burnt orange/red tank and cream-colored pants, Yeji shows just how classy she can become.

Male Idols with Impeccable Fashion Sense

Like the female idols, these four male idols have been regarded highly by fans for their fashion sense. Not only do they bring their unique style to each outfit, but they truly know how to exemplify each piece and make it their own.

j-hope (BTS)

To kick off the list of male idols with great fashion sense, we have none other than BTS’ j-hope.

j-hope has a fashion sense unlike any other idols in K-pop. With bold colors, popping patterns, and baggy everything, j-hope’s sense of style sits more in the realm of streetwear. He has a way of making bold pieces pop in each of his outfits, but never clash with the other items he’s wearing. Most noticeably, j-hope wears quite a bit of Balenciaga clothing/shoes and denim (usually, he’s seen in jeans; if not, then he’s usually wearing a denim jacket).

Some of His Most Popular Looks

Wearing an all-blue ensemble, j-hope came to the airport in 2018 in a striped shirt, baggy pants, and thick-soled shoes. Of course, the look wouldn’t be complete without his large, see-through bag.

Bold patterns are a must for j-hope’s fashion sense. At the end of 2019, j-hope took to the airport prior to their New Year’s Eve performance in the US wearing a long patterned coat overtop his earthly-toned clothes. The strong pattern surely made him stand out in the crowd.

The last style for j-hope on our list is his more comfortable wear. Since the members of BTS have gotten their Instagram accounts, they’ve shared many more outfit styles with us. j-hope especially has shown off his sweatpants and sweatshirt combos. Most notably, he wore the Nike x Billie Eilish collection.

Hongjoong (ATEEZ)

Next, we have Hongjoong from the group ATEEZ—who has shown what it means to show your own uniqueness through clothing.

Hongjoong Fashion Sense

Image from ATEEZ’ Twitter

Hongjoong, like Joy, has a bit of a wildcard factor to his fashion sense. He wears anything from classy and sharp looking fits to gothic boyfriend looks. He can pull off just about every outfit imaginable. What makes him stand out from others, though, is his reforming. As a personal passion, Hongjoong likes to redesign his outfits. Typically using paint, Hongjoong will “customize” his clothes to make them unique to his style.

Some of His Most Popular Looks

One of the most iconic reformations that Hongjoong has done is his “Now you gonna take me there” jacket from 2020. Hongjoong took a plain black, puffy jack and wrote some of the lyrics from their song “Horizon” on the back of the jacket. It gave the jacket a new edge and a unique sense of style.

Hongjoong ATEEZ Horizon Jacket

Image from ATEEZ’ Twitter

Another highly loved reformed outfit from Hongjoong is the one he wore to the Grammy Museum at the beginning of 2022. With a cropped white jean jacket, Hongjoong drew a flower and wrote “No1LikeMe” on the collar of the jacket. The jacket is layered overtop a white shirt, a pair of blue jeans with a faux plaid shirt sewn to the back, and white sneakers.

The last outfit on our list for Hongjoong truly shows what the idol’s fashion sense is outside of his reforming. Dressed in a grunge-style and relaxed fit, Hongjoong sports some slip-on shoes, blue jeans, and a graphic shirt.

Hongjoong Fashion Sense

Image from ATEEZ’ Twitter


Similar to Hongjoong, THE8 is another idol who uses his fashion sense to show his own colors and uniqueness—he also indulges in the creativity of reforming his clothes.

Like the two male idols already mentioned, THE8’s personal fashion sense dives more into the streetwear style. He pulls together outfits that not many would be able to pull off but somehow look absolutely amazing on him. Bold colors, loud prints, and his own personal touch to a few clothes of his own, it’s a perfect recipe for a fashion king like THE8.

Some of His Most Popular Looks

In 2018, THE8 made quite an impact on SEVENTEEN fans with his outfit choice. With a vibrant print shirt, ripped blue jeans (with a chain attachment), and Converse shoes, this outfit is equal parts sharp and trendy.

Also in 2018, THE8 showed another fashion style. He wears an all-black outfit—black boots, ripped black jeans, and a black turtleneck—underneath a slightly oversized blue button-up. This outfit alone shows THE8’s diverse style.

THE8’s last outfit on our list is actually one he reformed. Like Hongjoong, THE8 enjoys revamping his clothes by drawing/painting on them. So far, he’s painted on numerous outfits of his. The one that stands out the most is the black jumpsuit he took to adding a bit of design to.

Yeonjun (Tomorrow X Together – TXT)

Lastly, but certainly not least, on our list of idols with amazing fashion sense is none other than Yeonjun from TXT.

TXT Yeonjun Fashion Sense

Image from TXT’s Twitter

Yeonjun is known as a fashion king in his own way. With his appearance at the New York Fashion Week show in 2021, the fourth-generation male idol has made his mark in the fashion world. It’s only right that his fashion sense is impeccable. While geared more toward comfort, Yeonjun wears outfits that are on the sharper side. Including layered outfits, sleeveless tops, and powerful staple pieces. He’s also not afraid to break outside of the “norm.”

TXT Yeonjun Outfit

Image from TXT’s Twitter

Some of His Most Popular Looks

Not long after their debut, Yeonjun established his top-tier fashion sense with his amazing airport photos. His black shoes, blue jeans, black turtleneck, and long, black coat look beyond fashionable on him.

Showing off his more formal wear, Yeonjun shared some pictures at the end of 2020 that took fans’ breaths away. The all-black outfit looks sharp on anyone who wears it, but Yeonjun brings out a certain sleek feeling to it that others can’t always replicate.

TXT Yeonjun Outfit

Image from TXT’s Twitter

Though he tends to dress in sharper-looking outfits, he does like wearing quite a bit of streetwear style. One such outfit in this style includes a thick tan vest/jacket, cargo pants, white shoes, and a beanie.

Which idols do you think have excellent fashion sense?

No doubt, each of the idols mentioned above has a highly loved fashion sense by fans. Are there any other idols that you tend to love the fashion of? There are plenty still not mentioned in this post who have been noticed quite a bit for their love of fashion.

If you want to check out any other fashion-related posts, feel free to check out our Fashion Category! We’ve written about couple fashion in Korea, fashion trends, and more. And if you’d like to read about more idols, you can check out our K-Pop Category!

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