Actor Choi Jin Hyuk – 5 Reasons to Admire Him

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk – 5 Reasons to Admire Him

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk is one of the popular South Korean actors and born on February 09, 1986 in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province in South Korea. His original name is Kim Tae-Ho and he launched his acting career after he won the grand prize in Survival Star Audition 2006, KBS reality talent show. But later on he began using ‘Choi Jin Hyuk’ as his stage name in 2010 before his drama ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl’ aired. It was his first drama in which he played one of the main characters.

Currently he is one of the most good looking and popular actors in South Korea. Actor’s evolution in Korean industry is praiseworthy and admirable. Here are 5 reasons to admire actor Choi Jin Hyuk:

1. Journey from Struggler to Main Hero- Actor Choi Jin Hyuk

Debut in 2006 Survival Star Auditions

5 reasons why he is admired

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Choi Jin Hyuk back in 2006 took part in the KBS reality talent show ‘Survival Star Auditions’ and he won the first prize. After this reality show he got casted as supporting and special characters in many dramas. Within this period he saw many hardships and struggles. But, he eventually came out of it and became one of the popular actors.

Supporting Roles

Before he bagged main roles, he played many supporting roles. It’s Okay, Daddy’s girl was his first drama where he played one of the main characters. ‘I Need Romance’, ‘Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog’, ‘Gu Family Book’ and ‘The Heirs’ are dramas in which he played supporting characters and gained attention for his performances. His character in Gu Family Book was his breakthrough role and his performance was so well received that viewers demanded his re-entry in the series second time. He was supposed to do two episodes cameo but his role got extended to 10 episodes.

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Main roles of Actor Choi Jin Hyuk

He started getting main roles after 2014. His first main male role in drama was in ‘Emergency Couple’ opposite Song Ji-hyo that came out in 2014. This drama had pretty good ratings. After this, he appeared in thriller and legal drama ‘Pride and Prejudice’ that came out in 2014. Choi Jin Hyuk played the role of an intelligent and genius prosecutor who solves easy to difficult cases.

Then made his return in crime thriller drama ‘Tunnel’ in 2017. He played the role of a successful detective in 1986.  After this he appeared in Romantic thriller drama ‘Devilish Joy’ also called as ‘Devilish Charm’ in 2018. It is a strange but beautiful love story between a doctor who suffers from ‘Cinderella Memory Disorder’ and an actress.

Then he appeared in ‘The Last Empress’. Choi Jin Hyuk played the role of a royal bodyguard who enters the palace to seek revenge after his mother’s death. In 2019, his next drama was ‘Justice’. He played the role of a successful lawyer who only helps richest clients. Then in 2020 he appeared in high-octane action science fiction drama ‘Rugal’. Played the role of a police officer whose life takes a turn when his wife gets murdered and he is blinded by a criminal organization.

After this he was casted inZombie Detective’ in 2020 as a zombie who has forgotten his original identity and sets out to find it. It became one of the popular dramas due to its amazing comedy and thrilling storyline. Then he appeared in historical comedy drama ‘Mr. Queen’. Played the role of a chef who works in Blue House but after an incident he finds himself in body of a Queen Cheorin of Joseon Era, thus his soul time travels to past.

2. Choosing Different Roles- Actor Choi Jin Hyuk

 Evolution of his filmography

His evolution from being a struggler to now one of the popular actors is praiseworthy. Not only that, but also how he evolved himself in choosing roles. If you look at his earlier roles before 2014 were mostly usual characters or regular guy type, except his role in ‘Gu Family Book’ and ‘The Heirs’

He started choosing different roles after 2014 when he started getting main lead roles. Played and playing variety of roles- Intelligent prosecutor, detective who time travels into the future, a doctor who suffers from ‘Cinderella Memory Disorder’, Palace royal bodyguard and Rich lawyer.

Role in Rugal

Choi Jin Hyuk played the role of a detective whose life changes when a criminal organisation kills his wife and takes his eyes off. He is given artificial eyes by a special force organisation. This is also the first time a Korean drama has explored genre based on biotechnology.

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Roles in Zombie Detective and Mr. Queen

But then he surprised everyone when he played role of a zombie, no one thought that he would ever play this role. It was a new challenge for him to do this character amazingly. Then he chose a unique character where his character gets time travels into the past and gets stuck in the body of a Queen of Joseon Period. Not only chooses unique, but also layered characters.

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3. Gets into the Skin of the Character- Actor Choi Jin Hyuk

He is one of those actors who don’t leave a stone to get into the character. Choi Jin Hyuk just doesn’t act but also lives in the character he plays.

Role in The Last Empress

For his role as a royal bodyguard in The Last Empress, he had built his body and muscles to look exactly like a bodyguard. He even had to perform various dangerous stunts by himself, due to this he got wounded. Choi Jin Hyuk had to go under surgery and got 30 stitches above his right eye.

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Role in Zombie Detective

In order to actually act out as a zombie in the drama Zombie Detective he had actually put and chewed raw tripe and chicken in his mouth. It was his first time experience but unpleasant one. This was a first time where Choi Jin Hyuk had explored this genre.

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4. He is a Singer too- Actor Choi Jin Hyuk

Besides from being an amazing actor, he is also a good singer. Choi Jin Hyuk came to Seoul to become a singer, but destiny had some other plans. He became one of the popular actors of South Korea. But he still sang OST of his dramas and also performed in events.

His OST in dramas

He sang ‘Enough to Die’ from It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl, ‘Inverted Love’ from Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog, ‘Best Wishes To You’ from Gu Family Book, ‘Don’t look back’ from The Heirs, ‘Scent of a flower’ from Emergency Couple and ‘The Love I Tried To Forget’ from Devilish Charms.


Choi Jin Hyuk sang songs of his dramas in many events.

He didn’t sing any OST in Zombie Detective, but sang one of their song in an event. If you want to check out his singing ability, here is the video:

5. His Impressive Personality- Actor Choi Jin Hyuk

Choi Jin Hyuk’s impressive personality is one of the reasons why he is one of the admirable actors of South Korea. People along with his acting and singing also praise for his impressive personality. Therefore he is one of the most good looking and charming actors in South Korea.

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In 2019, he was among the official nominees for the 100 Most Handsome faces by TC Candler.

Korean award shows have given him several awards and made him nominee several times. He was awarded Best New Actor and Outstanding Supporting actor for Gu Family Book, New Star Award for The Heirs, Excellence award, actor in a special project drama for Pride and Prejudice, Top excellence award, actor for The Last Empress, Nominated several times for Justice and won Best challenge award for Zombie Detective.

His on-screen and off-screen chemistry with his co-actresses

Another reason to admire actor Choi Jin Hyuk is, because of his chemistry with his co-actresses, be it onscreen or off-screen. Many critics and fans praises him for his on-screen and off-screen chemistry with his co-actresses. In fact he looks amazing with every actresses.

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Holds Fan Meeting

He is an actor who loves his fan so much and likes to hold fan meetings so that he can show his true side. In one event held at COEX Atrium in SM town in 2019, he didn’t hesitate to answer some personal questions asked by his fans. Choi Jin Hyuk also humbly played games with his fans and then hugged them after conversations.

He held another fan meeting in Taiwan in 2019. Greeted fans with proper gesture and then apologized that he was meeting them after four years.

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Conclusion- 5 reasons to admire him

To summarize, Choi Jin Hyuk has become an all-rounded actor. A charismatic actor that pulls out his roles easily and especially nowadays doing unique characters. He has special ability to draw audience’s attention on him. From doing light hearted romantic roles to playing unconventional mysterious characters he has nailed all types. Therefore, he is one of the admirable actors of South Korea.

He is currently appearing in ‘My Ugly Duckling’ or ‘My Little Old Boy’ a reality program that focuses on the lives of celebrities.

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